Ten Questions ?

dasavathaaram kamalhassan

Was it good?
Actually, It was better than good. It wasn’t just right there but this is probably what could be done, given the frantic screenplay.

Watch it, to believe it.

Neat effort. Could have been better given that most of us have watched non-linear screenplays like Crash and Babel, firsthand from Hollywood. Nevertheless, a cool effort. Sujatha’s dramatic touches at various places.

uuuvey !!

Thoda 🙂 It’s a Kamalhassan film.

Favorite Performance ?

In the order of favorites- The CBI officer(amazing slang), Mottai Paati, Annaachi, Fletcher and so on until Avtaar Singh.

Dialogues ?
Brilliant at times, Egotripping at times. Could find traces of Sujatha and Crazy Mohan. I’m sure they have their contribution all over the place.

Worst ?
Kamal’s make-up fetish.

Best ?
Kamal playing the paati’s role with atmost ease, Poovaraagan’s Thirunelveli slang, Fletcher’s perfect American slang, screenplay and overall execution.

Anything else ?
Don’t decide about the movie right after watching it. Sleep over it. With a complex, sometimes confusing and not-to-so-logically exciting screenplay, to make a decision immediately wouldn’t be the right thing to do.

What the heck, let me say it, I liked it !!

34 responses to “Ten Questions ?”

  1. Abhishek Avatar

    ennavo thala seri vidu nee en pidichiriku inu ozhunga elithu na appala counter panrein!but srsly..ennaku avan en innum shaivite vaishnavite pathi izhithaan can somebody explain? wud any man who knows he has a wrld threatenin virus wit him throw it casually in2 the car back seat..y cant he keep it wit himself n take it to the fbi the cell is in the other car neways..assalt a escape airkalam..chumma chinna pula thanamana run n catch movie la 10th character kondu vanthitaan..n paati jumpin over ppls shoulders..n avataar singhs bullet miracles..y bring in a japanese judo expert..therila nee rajni type masala accept pannala ana kamal irukaan sollitu masala accept pannitiya?thala bathil sollu!


  2. Abhishek Avatar

    ennavo thala seri vidu nee en pidichiriku inu ozhunga elithu na appala counter panrein!but srsly..ennaku avan en innum shaivite vaishnavite pathi izhithaan can somebody explain? wud any man who knows he has a wrld threatenin virus wit him throw it casually in2 the car back seat..y cant he keep it wit himself n take it to the fbi the cell is in the other car neways..assalt a escape airkalam..chumma chinna pula thanamana run n catch movie la 10 characters kondu vanthitaan..n paati jumpin over ppls shoulders..n avataar singhs bullet miracles..y bring in a japanese judo expert..therila nee rajni type masala accept pannala ana kamal irukaan sollitu masala accept pannitiya? n dialogue remba try pannitaan thala..ethume kamedy a thonala.nee padam pakarthu munadi thanni a potaya na?:P seri free un review nee kuditha ana nee explain pannu thala 2 min review for ur fav star doesn sell! full review pls![:D]..n again am tellin etho avan actin thaan highlight a kamikra mari irunthithu..as if we don know he acts seri vidu..na remba polambraen!nee ozhunga explain the movie![:D]


  3. R A J A Avatar

    different style of review……nice n superb


  4. R A J A Avatar

    I liked it because, a review without revealing the story of the movie.


  5. K Sanjay Kumar Avatar
    K Sanjay Kumar

    I haven’t seen this movie and sorry to be in this forum.The one reason I’m here is the program on DASA on Headlines Today.Now, what can I say about Anna M M Veticad!!!She is the worst anchor-slut I have seen on news channel.
    She says “Kamal was versatile(!)…that his recent movies were all masala ventures…”Hold your breath…you haven’t heard things completely.According to her pigeon-brain opinion versatality is what Saif did in Omkara and in many other films.
    I mean a shit can never imagine itself as a fragrant flower.That was something that I could never tolerate…common man actor like Kamal do not happen everytime…he is someone who has already sealed his name in history.Who is Saif in front him? A lowly piece of obnoxious shit…which is of course an understatement.

    PS:Saif was brilliant in Omkara…but to compare his versatality with Kamal…that really disturbed me!!!


  6. Aravind Avatar

    genuine review..The movie lotsa good things and yeah it had some stuff that could have been avoided. but i am not too sure why there is some people (mostly in the blog world)hell bent on bashing kamal.


  7. Kamal Fan Avatar
    Kamal Fan

    Kamal? Was that actually a movie by Kamal? Hmmmm. Kali gaalam muthiyuduthu!


  8. urban iyer Avatar
    urban iyer

    Make-up fetish,and add to it.. his atheistic principles. why does he make it a point to touch it in all his movies? so much of anti-brahmin dialogs.. ah!!:(


  9. urban iyer Avatar
    urban iyer

    Make-up fetish,and add to it.. his atheistic principles. why does he make it a point to touch it in all his movies? so much of anti-brahmin dialogs.. ah!!:(


  10. urban iyer Avatar
    urban iyer

    Make-up fetish,and add to it.. his atheistic principles. he makes it a point to display it in almost all of his movies. 😦 why bring in so much of anti-brahmin sentiments n dialogs? but overall,movie defly worth a watch. kamal sir movie thaane!:)


  11. guna Avatar

    so you liked it and didnt exaactly love it? i agree with your comments overall.

    but screenplay? cmon. that i would say is the single most weakest point of the film. it literally dragged all the other depts. down totally :(. kamal as a writer failed kamal as an actor 😦

    ofcourse it was defnly. better than aalavandhan and mumbai xprs.


  12. LG Avatar

    I feel like sending a letter to Kamal something like this:

    I think its a shame on my part to be an Iyer hereafter.
    After watching ur movie I am planning to convert myself to Iyengar.
    Ur theory that Lord Vishnu is the saviour of the whole Universe is accepted sir.
    Its better for ppl to stop worshipping Ganesha,Shiva,Muruga,Iyappa and all other gods.
    May the whole Hindu community embrace Vaishanvism after watching ur movie.
    But my only question for u is u r an hardcore atheist.
    U don’t believe in any god and believe only in humanism.
    So why should u feel so proud abt ur caste sir????”

    Throughout the movie Mr.KAMAL shows his tamil poetic language skills
    ,Then his American English accent skills, then his interpretation of athesim vs god’s existence,
    I have to say it within quotes bcos not even a Dalit activist will show off this much for his/her caste identity in Tamilnadu.


  13. Abhishek Avatar

    Thala ur review was supposed to be sarcastic rite![:P]


  14. Balaji Avatar

    Hi Lazy,

    Please watch ‘Sophie Scholl – The Last Days'(German Film).

    Amazing movie. If you Love good cinema you will love it.



  15. ananth Avatar

    Realy guru! u liked it??
    I felt really let down badly..it was just a narcist’s delight. a movie by kamal for kamal..infact even make up was not up to his regular mark..no story line what so ever..a shoddy film in all..not expected from Kamal though..
    my verdict in my blog was – Don’t waste time..it shud come in TV soon.. see it then.-ananth


  16. Nirmal Avatar

    I expected LG will review this time “Navarathri” like he did for Thalapathi….


  17. Craze Maze Avatar

    I loved the movie!!! But as always it could have been better (and then it would have been a sure flop in TN)…

    Best things

    1) The first 20 mins!!! Brilliant picturization. Got everyone gripped.

    2) No duets (expected Mukhunthaa to be a duet song and good that it was not).

    3) The language delivery of each character – When Bush says the cliched dialogue “Gentlemen, we have a problem!!” and the way he was made fun of (“If it is complex do not explain” and the NaCl stuff)

    4) Excellent performance by Kamal (esp. Nayudu and Annachi characters/slangs)

    5) Chaos Theory


    1) Should have been only 4 or 5 characters. Some of them with the makeup – I felt like tearing it off as it was too obivous(Fletcher, Paati and the tall guy esp). Proves that Kamal Hassan is a great performer who thinks he is more than a great performer.

    2) Felt like it was ghilli all over again with the chases. Too much time spent on chasing

    3) Did not know what to do in the second half. Too many mistakes in the screenplay.

    4) Kamal has tried a bit of Crazy Mohan and Sujatha here and there. I am not sure whether they were really involved but in any case it did not work out well. Especially that Socks joke – horrible given the situation.

    5) Asin – yeah she is good but it is boring to see the same good again and again.

    But as you said, some of my friends who felt it was horrible ->after watching it the second time said that it was great. Seems like they have edited half an hour of Kamal-Asin scenes in Tamil Nadu now.


  18. InnocentBlood Avatar

    I have not seen the movie yet and I hope to do so sometime this week. Just wanted to say I’m amazed as to just how ready folks are to simply rip this movie apart :p

    I mean, was it really THAT bad? 🙂

    Should I just go back to watching Sivaji for the umpteenth time then? 😉


  19. kannan Avatar

    Grow up guys..I am sure all those negative reviews are from mental fans and by the way the gentleman who is up against Iyengars..Grow kid, which world are you in?


  20. Lazy Geek Avatar


    Most of the online community didn’t seem to like Dasvatharam and I understand why. I’m sure its worth a second time watch to catch the missed gems. Watch it and let’s discuss more.

    And no, the review was not sarcastic. If it appeared to be one, I didn’t communicate it correctly.


  21. Lazy Geek Avatar

    //Kamal? Was that actually a movie by Kamal?//

    KamalFan, I don’t think Kamal has the obligation to do every film like Virumandi. Or does he ?

    Raja/Arvind, Thanks.

    //why does he make it a point to touch it in all his movies? so much of anti-brahmin dialogs//

    urbaniyer, I don’t think this movie is about gods or non-gods.

    Balaji, Thanks for the pointer to ‘Sophie Scholl – The Last Days’. Will watch it.


  22. Lazy Geek Avatar
    Lazy Geek

    //Realy guru! u liked it??//

    Ananth, Actually I more than liked it. And I’m worried that there are more than enough -ve reviews from people who didnt try to understand the movie.

    //I expected LG will review this time “Navarathri” like he did for Thalapathi….//

    Nirmal, Haa haa. Sure thing. Why not. Lets do it in kirukkal.

    Crazemaze, Thanks for the review.

    Innocentblood, No. it wasn’t that bad. It was actually good. Go and watch it.


  23. Guru Avatar

    Hi LG,

    I totally second your review! I infact restrained myself in reading Dasa reviews, especially yours, before watching the movie, which I just did half hour before!

    Kudos to the whole team for undertaking such a big risk of making a movie laden with controversies right from religion to casteism to bio-weapons!

    As I see it, this movie is a tribute from Kamal to his favourites in the industry and himself. The body-language, dialogue delivery and mannerisms scream out loud veteran Balayya. That makes the character even more pleasing! The Asin-Kamal debate sequences have been attempted in typical Crazy Mohan style, but it doesn’t quite give the momentum it is supposed, to the screenplay! In all the other sequences, where Kamal tries to bring a rationality, be it science, religion or society, we can only see Sujatha in the dialogues.

    Would have liked it better had Asin been a little less noisier and Fletcher a little more menacing!!!


  24. Gowri Shankar Avatar

    Well, you liked the movie alright, but this post doesnt seem to resemble a ‘review’ to me. This movie just didnot live upto its own expectations created by itself in the first twenty minutes. Lot of people are disappointed…

    Hail Kamal, not the movie!


  25. Guru Avatar


    The voice of Kaifulla was haunting me for sometime. Just realized that its the one Kamal uses in Guru as the Iyengar electrician, Govindan!



  26. HK Avatar

    This is a forwarded message –


    Too many doubts about correlation of the movie, Chaos theory and Butterfly Effect have come into Picture….!!!

    The movie clearly states about Chaos Theory and Butterfly Effect [Kamal says it in his Speech in the Movie ]

    The concept of “CHAOS THEORY” and “BUTTERFLY EFFECT”, by itself is a complex concept, which mainly highlights the happening of huge unimaginable things because of least probable things…!!!!

    Dasa although deals with these concept, but does not necessarily confuse anyone with it,,,, As i said earlier, its mainly “YOU”… that plays a factor in how the movie gets along with “YOU”.

    You have got to be Case 1 or Case 2 as i have said earlier in this entry,,, No use being Half Baked…..!!!!

    To just brief about these Concepts,

    Q: What is Chaotic System ?
    A: Basically a chaotic system is one wherein long term predictions are impossible.Like for example,if I push a car, I know that it is going to move and it will continue to do so if I go on pushing it on and on.However,in a chaotic system,this situation cannot be predicted over a long period of time.
    Weather for example is a chaotic system.No matter how good your instruments are,you simply cannot predict the weather with 100% accuracy over a long term basis and forecast it.

    Q: What is the Butterfly Effect ?
    A: It is the most important component of a chaotic system.Basically,small perturbations results in amplifications which completely destroys the original nature of the system and makes prediction impossible.
    If a butterfly flaps its wings in Africa,it could result in a cyclone in USA.(Mark the word COULD).A highly dumbed down explanation of the butterfly effect is in the film Anniyan,where Vikram’s sister dies because a liquor shop owner sells liquor on a dry day.

    Q: OK, how does Dasa incorporate it ?
    A: In essence,Dasa talks about 8 characters who are inconsequential as such,but are integrated in a larger picture.Without Bush,the plane would have been called back.Without Shinghen, Govind would be dead.Without the tsunami,the world would have been destroyed.Even Krishnaveni Patti plays a very important role.If she had not put the vial in the idol,maybe Govind would have recovered it then and there and a powerful weapon would have been unleashed.The very fact that it went into the idol meant that it was being accelerated to its destiny.Without Kaifulla Khan, Govind would have never escaped;the list simply goes on.

    Q:OK,so does the film talk about theism or atheism?
    A:Neither.It talks about how humans drive the destiny of the world.

    The movie does Show ” A Butterfly ” flying accross the screen after the Tsunami Attcck, clearly indicating that the Tsunami is an Outcome of ” The Butterfly effect “.


    I said that the butterfly COULD cause a hurricane.That’s a huge probability. Would be a negligible probability. NOT a huge one. if that were true, we would have cyclones on an hourly basis as butterflies keep flitting all over Africa and u don’t have so many cyclones to account for a HUGE probability.
    Chaos,relativity and quantum mechanics are so damn weird that you will think I am talking metaphysics and pseudoscience.

    Like for example,according to quantum mechanics,there is a finite probability that you will fall right through a solid chair.And it is a PROBABILITY.
    Even 10 to the power -26 is finite 🙂 .

    But yes, Quantum Mechanics does allow for weird situations.


    Guys check this link for a clear and complete explanation


    In the above links u can see that butterfly’s wings might create tiny changes in the atmosphere that may ultimately alter the path of a tornado or delay, accelerate or even prevent the occurrence of a tornado in a certain location..

    So in dasavatharam that idol thrown into sea in 12th century is the cause for tsunami…. so everything is interlinked .The wiki entry also says that chaos could play an important role in plate techtonics. Which means even the 12th century incident is connected.

    The 1st scene is perfectly connected to the climax, remember what Kamal says in the 1st scene, that he will not say “Om Nama Shivaya” , but Asin tells him to chant it , but still Kamal refuses , ( in this kamal in his story tries to tell that ) Nambi believes in his god more than anything, but Asin feels “Its ok if we change the god or chant other god’s name, its life thats most important.” Now if u see the climax its JUST OPPOSITE…. Kamal doesn’t believe in god much and values lives of people the most…. but Asin deeply believes in god and that too this dialogue comes when both Asin and Kamal’s hand is on the god which came from the sea , and it also means that they are getting united from the place they departed hundreds of years back ( Kamal and Asin).The connection between the 1st scene and the climax in the movie shows the generation circle combined with supernatural powers of GOD and destiny…..!!!

    If you watch it closely u can also find another actor who has done double action other than Asin and Kamal.
    Asin’s father Sahasranamam [12th Century], in the beginning he says to Nambi “Panchatchira manthirathai sollitu vaango mappillai” and at the End [After tsunami] he says “Avar enna jathiyo inga vaanga paati “.
    Another Eg. of Chaos Theory and circle of life.




    Nambi explanation

    Okay, this is slightly outside the chaotic system driving the film as a whole.From what I could gather he says that this story is about ideologies like God,the madness surrounding such ideologies and decides to tell the story of the Shaivite-Vaishnavite conflict to show how people go crazy in the name of God as an example.

    As a loose end,it gets tied up in the end,when the Ranganathar idol is thrown out of the sea due to the tsunami which highlights the cyclic nature of life.Actually the Nambi character highlights both Chaos and Karma which I explained.That is the brilliance of this film,there is so much to see and understand.

    Another explanation(and this is slightly far fetched— as explained earlier) is that Govind is in fact the reincaranation of Nambi. As Nambi he couldn’t protect God and died in the name of God.In order to fulfill his Karma,he is reincarnated as Govind Ramasamy who ultimately saves the world from destruction.The idol in the end somewhat hints to this theory; his story began with the idol and it ends with the idol.
    As far as the connection with Nambi character and events in 12th Century goes…
    The connection is based on the “Butterfly effect “.

    When Govind and Andal goes to the bury the idol in the sands, Andal will stumble on a particular stone couple of times…This is the same stone as the one from 12th Century hen Kothai rips her Thaali and flings it at Kulothunga Chozan…it will end up hanging on the stone. So, the implied message here is Andal is Kothai reborn in the 21s century.
    During the encounter with Santhana Bharathi in the sand quarry, it is repeat of the incident from 12th century. Instead of Kulothunga Chozhan, it is the Sand Mafia which tries to inflict damage on the land.
    This movie is a brilliant juxtaposition of independent characters whose paths cross, if only briefly, which is stunning example of Chaos Theory.

    The idol that is drowned in the sea along with Rangarajan in 12th century by Chozha king results in a fault being developed at the bottom of the ocean and creates tremors more than 800 years later. These tremors result in the Tsunami. This again is a classic case of Butterfly Effect wherein a seemingly inconcsequential event (the drowing of the idol) saves Tamil Nadu from being wiped out off the face of the earth.

    But actually kamal has not left anything for our imagination… Explanation struck the right chord, Kamal does tell to Asin in a dialogue that idol which gets sunken back then gets struck between the tectonic plates under the sea and causes tsunami…
    Many people missed this dialogue i guess. Kamal’s accent was so very perfect Tamil, that many people missed it…. Being perfect Is a Problem by Itself !!! 🙂

    Although the explanation is a least possible theory, that is what “Chaos Theory” And “Butterfly Effect” are all about.
    Its not just the statue that caused the tsunami, but it just started a large chain of effects which kept multiplying exponentially and finally lead to it after 800 years….!!
    Why just say this concept is perfectly illogical… it is possible… thats what i have been explaining all the while !!!

    The story line is that things going wrong are made to be right which involves many people and countries knowingly or unknowingly.


    -Bush, Manmohan Singh, Govindh, Fletcher, Balaram Naidu, Mallika Sherawath.


    -Nambi’s drowning to death with the heavy statue causes simple changes to the seabed that causes a devastating tsunami 800 years later [Acc. to Chaos theor it is possible…. although it is least probable… It is possible.. so nothing TOTALLY WRONG About it ]
    -Poovaragan(actually saved kamal unknowingly—when poovaragan enters kamal and asin were caught by those manal kollayargal.There poovaragan distracts the gang helping kamal to escape),
    – Avatar Singh(gave way to Fletcher to escape in the airport unknowingly),
    – Japanese(saved govind from fletcher,he knows he is saving but he doesnt know about the play and was there only for revenge),
    – Kallifulla and family(saved govind unknowingly)……..
    -Vincent is a dalit leader of a lower caste( the so called ) but saved an Iyengar Girl ……and at the end becomes the son of the Iyengar Paati !!
    – If Shingen Narahashi’s sister was not killed, Fletcher could have killed govind and used the virus for wrong purpose..

    This is based on Chaos Theory..!!!!!

    It is marvellous that THALAIVAR Kamal has used such a device in Abhoorva Saghodhararghal, way back in 1989. To kill Delhi Ganesh, for those of you who do not remember… yet another Eg. of Chaos Theory And butterfly Effect !

    The plot concept of Dasavadhaaram is logically explained by a machine used by Him in His own screenplay back then too, before 20 Years!! Be it a coincidence, or He possibly had that in mind as an inspiration, it amazes me!!


  27. InnocentBlood Avatar

    i managed to see it tonight and i loved it 🙂 for those of us in singapore, anybody tried watching it at the new cathay cinema @ downtown pasir ris? i watched it at the crappy ‘ol yishun cinema but i’ll be watching it again next week at the new cathay cinema.

    yeah i had such a good time that i simply have to see this again :p


  28. raj Avatar

    idol muzhuginadhu tamizh nattu coast-la dhaane? Appo indonesia-la eppadi tsunami originate aachu? Adhavadhu, 2004 Decemebr 26th-nu real-life touch koduthadhunaala kekaareen. Chumma, imaginary date-la imaginary tsunami-na indha kelvi ketkama irukkalam. But Dec 26th 2004 vandha tsunami indonesia-la erpatta fault-nala dhaane vandhadhu? Govindarajar inge nagapatnathula paduthundu ange fault erpaduthittara?

    Okay, idhellam chumanachum kekaradhukku dhaan. Konjam pseudo-scientific-a kamal fans-lam buruda vudaradhu chinna pullai thanama irukku – verum imagination appadina othukkalam. Chumma scientific, intellectual-nu buruda vudatheenga pa.
    nanaum kamla dhaan. ungaloda pseudo-scientific explanation illamaleye adhu nalla script dhaan. Edhukku indha dubakoor science explanation?


  29. manoj Avatar

    hi lazy,

    i really like your viewpoints in everything and enjoy reading ur blog. now that the movie is a flop in the BO, can you write a post on what went wrong? it would be interesting to read ur analysis


  30. VV Avatar


    Who the F&$% said the movie is a flop in the BO. FYI, it is still housefull in most of the halls it was released. Just bcoz the media doesn’t hype it like a mental / illaya mental film doesn’t mean that the movie is flop in the BO.

    raj, It is very much possible according to chaos theory… If you say Kamal erred in his logic, then it is like u questioning the whole concept of chaos theory..

    But I am still always surprised when ppl do not appreciate the good efforts put by someone to take the movie world into a different paradigm.. The same ppl who dissect this movie frame by frame to find fault with this, would sit like lame ducks in front of Mental / Shankar movies… What a shame…

    P.S: I was amazed by this ad in Kalaingar TV that Kuruvi is a sooper hit…


  31. VV Avatar

    BTW this slipped out,

    “Kamal Hassan’s big budget extravaganza Dasavatharam rules the Chennai box-office. From 17 screens in the city it has netted a record 95.5 lakhs in three days, a new record”

    “The tickets for Dasavatharam, which hits the screens on June 13, have been booked for the first twenty days, according to the theatre sources. This is the trend in Chennai and similar reports are coming from almost all the areas.”

    “K.S. Ravikumar’s Dasavatharam, starring the master actor Kamal Haasan, has become the talk of the town. The news from overseas centers is also encouraging. If the trend continues for a few more days, Oscar Ravichandran would get back his huge investment (around 70 crores!) within a month. His plan to release the film on his own has certainly paid off. ”

    Much more available in media… Please get ur records straight b4 u post


  32. raj Avatar

    vv, idhu epdipa. Chaos-theoryngara perula ella logic ottaiyum adaikka muyarchithal, enga thalaivar captain minsarathukke shock kuduthadhu kooda oputhukittu dhaan aganum 🙂

    Naan kettadhu, Dec 26 2004 tsunami govindarajar silai nagapttina kadarkarai orama erpaduthina fault-nalaya? Apdina tsunami india-la aarambichu west Asia dhaan poyirakkanum. Illaina oru velai indiala aarambichi indonesia poyirukum. Indonesia-la arambichu india varadhu. Purinjidha. This is illogical even if you accept the chaos theory explanation – even if you buy that a 1000kg(max) statue can create a faultline on earth’s crust. Andha assumption pannina kooda, inge nagapattanithala ukkarnhdundu, indonesia-la fault erpaduthinaarunna -then everything that happens in Captain movies is perfectly logical.
    Idhai thaan naanga pseudo-scientific explanations of dheevira thenka(ma)lai-nu solluvom.


  33. Guru Avatar


    Watched it for the second time tonight. Liked it even better! Second time sure helps you notice the nuances, as you’ve got the storyline. Its hard to believe ppl call this a flop!!

    Good luck Aascar….


  34. ash Avatar

    2 words… DASAVATHARAM ROXXX!!!
    i have already watched it thrice and am plannin 2 do so 7 more timesss…
    so tell you what as long as hard core kamal fanzz like me live, KAMAL is always a success…


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