10 thoughts on “Making of Adiye Kolluthey – Vaaranam Aayiram

  1. how come nearly everysong from this movie is in Youtube months before the movie is even finished? hemmm…

  2. Hello,

    This is not a comment abt ur post, but I wud like to contact u for some other details. i am a regular reader of ur posts and also i have a blog of my own. I wish to move them to my website. I need help on that. Since i couldn’t find ur contact details, i had to use this space. sorry!!

    thanks in advance


  3. I’m hating this song after I found that it was copied from an English rock band song.

    I found the link on youtube and HJ proves his plagiarism again.

    And what’s with HJ promoting his songs the Sivaji way?

  4. Sujay, Yep, saw some of this six pack pictures photos. Let’s see how this shows up in the film.

    GP, the internet is a great levelling field but having these songs much before the movie release isn’t all that good.

    Gowris shankar, Please email me on how I can be of help to set up your blog. I can sure help.

    Laxynerd, same question. which song was this copied from. I’m already humming this. quite likeable number.

  5. Hi
    The song is AC/DC Love Bomb
    you can hear it here

    the similarity starts from 00:17
    and it is the guitar solo that is strikingly similar
    together with the tempo,beats and rhythm
    and the style of singing

  6. and if you see the statistics of the clip,
    you would see that most of the views come from Tamil links, pinpointing this issue

  7. Loved the electric guitaring throughout the song and its done with a lot of attitude! Thanks Guru… Just caught up with the trailor too.

    The guitar loop vaguely reminds me of the Gentleman Theme when Arjun robs and runs top of the train in the very first scene in Gentleman.

    I hope Gautam doesn’t disappoint me this time. Meanwhile any news on Marmayogi?? Lots of rumours about AR producing the movie… And Mani’s next that has Vikam and Pritviraj apart from Aishwarya and Abhishek who will act in the Hindi version???

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