Borudi Nee Mohini


Just like Santhosh Subramaniam, I haven’t seen the original Telugu version. But I couldn’t believe that Selvaraghavan can get so damn boring with his screenplays.

The first half of YNM literally begs for a good screenplay writer. It just drags and drags and starts to sleep midway. The second half of this family-romance is where they teach audience the proven effective ways of kaalai kadan.

The trio, Dhanush, Karthik Kumar and Nayan are boring thanks to their bad characterization and pathetic dialogues. Udit Narayan’s rendering of Yengeyo Paartha Nyabhagam and Nenjai Kasakki is sprinkled with bad Tamil pronunciation, though the songs are very tuneful.

The only good thing about the movie is that is starts very naturally and ends in a similar fashion. Everything in-between is a huge heap of mess. Tamil Cinema still awaits a realistic portrayal of a software engineer’s life.

7 responses to “Borudi Nee Mohini”

  1. ila Avatar

    This is too much, honestly tell me, you didnt like Nayan’s SIS role? other than that nothing in this movie, I agree


  2. Ashwini Avatar

    Love the title! pretty apt!


  3. manju Avatar

    Watched Kuruvi yesterday. One of the most horrible movies I have watched recently. Its going to be a huge flop. I guess, YNM is a much better movie than Kuruvi.


  4. Abhishek Avatar

    Yup Kuruvi is worshtu!first day first show n i was thinkin y am i here..vijay n ajit are losin it..surya is in a situation where he can become number 1..vikram also losin it..hmm dhanush goin up few notches wit pollathavan but goin down in ynm..hmm n then simbu shld stick to singin..[:D] there is nothin good comin outta tamil cinema for now..dasa music is suckin…so movie expectations konjam lowered..hope at least i will like some movie this year! Till then lollu sabha rocks coz it makes better fun of the movie n is a gr8r pleasure to watch than the movies themselves!


  5. Directhit Avatar

    I liked this movie esp coz of Raghuvaran scenes which were a bit overwhelming


  6. Bharat Avatar

    I loved and enjoyed it


  7. Sridhar visvanath Avatar

    Only good scene:
    (danush happyily… )Enga Paati sethutaanga
    (changes tone seriously…) illa enga paati sethutaanga…


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