Yap Yap

I unable understand the emotion with desis who are gloating over the fact that there are 4 Indians on Forbes Top 10 List of Richie Richs. Well, its defintely an accolade for those individuals but what has it got to do with the national pride. It seems to me that this is becoming the same case as the privately controlled cricket board. While there is a subtle difference between being patriotic to a country’s team and individual country men, I don’t get the yap.

The country has been on a vicious circle path of rich and poor, for who knows how long. And not many have bothered about how the 80-20 rule has been affecting the economy for sometime now.

There are other things, beyond being rich, like giving back. I’m sure Ambani brothers would agree with that sooner or later.

P.S – Here’s a great article, not on getting rich but about giving back.

2 responses to “Yap Yap”

  1. Karthik Sriram Avatar

    This is the typical desi-ness. They will call people like Lakshmi Mittal, who doesn’t care a penny about India/Indians as an INDIAN….. The news channels and the general populace want someone to celebrate, perhaps, forgetting their own pathetic lives in the hullabaloo.



  2. Wii still want wii Avatar
    Wii still want wii

    I agree with Karthik Sriram… always used to hate the fawning over “Indian” people like that governor of Louisiana…

    But in a way, I think the publicity for the Forbes list is good… it at least lets the rest of India dream… dream of making it there… at some point in the past, there was no way to even dream…


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