‘Marudhanayagam’ resurfaces ?

marudhanayagam kamalhassan

India Glitz is reporting that someone has unearthed a trailer of Kamal’s dream project Marudhanayagam. And doesn’t that seem like a joke. Yes, because the you tube generation found the trailer, more than a year back and it has been written and talked about in every single cinema blog. Suresh even went one step ahead of scoring a BGM for this muted trailer.

Now, read the joke, again –

When everyone is talking about Kamal Haasan’s upcoming project, someone has unearthed the trailer of Kamal’s dream project ‘Marudanayagam’ and put it in a website that provides free video shows.

The trailer is amazing, to say the least. The two minute video shows what is in store for us if the dream movie of Kamal gets a chance to take off. It shows a thrilling action scene set in the period of British rule in India. Another scene, in which an eagle tries to eat the flesh of the protagonist, is incredible. The scenes have the grandeur that stuns you instantly. The visuals are astonishing.

The film, if you go by the trailer, has the potential to become a real treat to those who love to see the movies with substance. The awesome visuals promise you that the movie would come out as an entertainer with an outstanding content.

Yeah !! right.

8 responses to “‘Marudhanayagam’ resurfaces ?”

  1. Karuna Amarnath Avatar
    Karuna Amarnath

    Hi There 🙂
    I did remember you mentioning – long back in 2004 – when Moonshine and Skytoffee was playing – that you would post if there were more shows of the same 🙂
    Well there is one more happening as part of Basheer’s Centenary year celebration at Museum Theatre on the 26th at 3:15pm. Rajiv Krishnan (director of Moonshine and…) has also put together Sangathi Arinhya! (Have You Heard!) – a play in English, which has 7 of Basheer’s stories put together. Since you liked Moonshine… I would recommend this one as well! It’s playing on the 24th(7:30pm), 25th(3:30 and 7:30pm) and 26th(7:30pm). There is a whole host of other activities as well – http://www.perch.co.in has more info!

    Thanks for supporting art 🙂

    Warm Regards,
    Karuna Amarnath
    for Perch


  2. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Karuna, Thanks for posting the info. I am not in Chennai for the last 3 years and hence I’m not in touch with what been happening at the theatre front.


  3. lazy nerd Avatar

    For your info,
    the trailer with the BGM is a MIDI file found in Sony Ericsson Walkman phones, called ‘thriller’, meant for use in VideoDJ, an app that allows users to score their own “BGM”s editing their mobile videos.

    I laughed when the youtube users went gaga over the “too goood” music.. Haha


  4. lazynerd Avatar

    I am not referring to the one by Suresh. Its a similar one but has this Sony Ericsson BGM



  5. guna Avatar

    luckily marudhanayagam didnt come out and cause the greatest loss to distributors. kamal and his fans (like you) would have overhyped the movie like anything (of course that is usual) and the result would be an unpalpable product (ex: aalavandhan, hey ram, virumandi, anbe sivam, pks, panchathantiram etc, etc).


  6. sathya Avatar

    Hey guna u may not like kamal, u may be the fan of some lunatic rajini or anyone else, but Kamal is always great and u need not judge his films, u and do ur work, otherways we Kamal fans will trace u and hit you, poda veliya paru pannni payale


  7. lazynerd Avatar

    There they go, Guru
    I advise u not to start any topic relating to these two actors
    If you should, please post disable comments posting for the particular post.

    Spam-ku captcha la vekkireenge. Athai vida periya kodumaiyaa ithu irukku. What’s your answer for this, my dear Guru?

    p.s Seekkiram, innum rendu moonu fan post vanthirapokuthu…


  8. yusuf Avatar

    hi frnds,simple kamal the class hero rajini is mass hero.but only thing is no one can imagine an actor in kamals films like nayagan,guna,3ndram pirai,indian,anbe sivam,now10avathaaram these films cant be associated with anybody including rajini its fact.no body will do a film like anbe sivam but he did it thats ulaga nayagan.marudhanayagam will rocks.kamals versatility will not be compensate by anybody so dnt compare kamal with anybody.he is the real hero thats it. universal hero rocks thala ultimate star RULES


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