Kollywood Car 6

kollywood car 5

This one should be the most easiest one. Will have another one for tomorrow.

Usual Stuff – For starters, guess the movie and the sequence. There is a clue available in every(well, mostly) kollywood car quiz. This is important – If you are planning to guess the answer, don’t open the comments box and spoil the fun yourself. Once you have guessed go straight ahead and comment it without looking for answers. All Kollywood Cars.

19 thoughts on “Kollywood Car 6

  1. yaanaikkum adi sarrukum! (sorry for the thanadakam but i gen. ace off these tamil cine quizzes!)
    enakku THERIYALA 😦


  2. I think this is the climax scene from Kadhala Kadhala when Nagesh makes a special appearance…


  3. kaasi theatreanda vanthukunukkuren…nee police keelicnu poneenu vei….BANGA BANG DISHOOM



  4. Proves again the theory there are many cinephiles that what one can comrehend. Great job JV Cruz. It was Kakkha Kakkha, the first encounter.

    Phantam infact gave away the dialogues too. Cool job !!


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