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Kollywood Car 5

kollywood car 5

Usual Stuff – For starters, guess the movie and the sequence. There is a clue available in every(well, mostly) kollywood car quiz. This is important – If you are planning to guess the answer, don’t open the comments box and spoil the fun yourself. Once you have guessed go straight ahead and comment it without looking for answers.

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25 thoughts on “Kollywood Car 5

  1. Kandukondein Kandukondein

    Ajith meets Tabu in this scene…Am I right Lazy?


  2. My first guess was Chinna Kounder. But Kandukonden makes a lot of sense too. (But, was the car that old? Or, was it an Ambassador?)


  3. Guru…My first thought was ‘Unnal mudiyum thambi’.. Greeny land and a group near by car.. But..U told this is not correct..

    ‘Sakala kaala vallavan ‘?


  4. I feel a sense of satisfaction. It was fianlly this tough. I wouldn’t have even answered this right also. It was a tough one.

    But whoever is the Deivam, Shankar Subramanian got it 100% right. Fabulous.

    From Kandukondain Kandukondain. Ajith is on the sets when Tabu’s car interuppts the shooting. Here’s the actual picture[]. Enjoy !!


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  6. Lazy, I thought this was the easiest of them all and I should have known then. My guess was Chinna gounder. Now, I eat my own thought pie..
    Kandukondein, lazy, kandukondein..


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