Silk Screen Film Festival 2006

silk screen

Srini Raghvan, one of the organisers of Silk Screen Festival informs about Asian American Film Festival (called Silk Screen) happening in Pittsburg, two weeks from now. He also adds, celebrating diversity and multi-cultural appreciation through film, the festival will be a week-long event that will showcase over 30 films, filmmakers and actors with origins in India, Japan, China etc. A variety of special events are being planned including a gala Opening Night reception, workshops and panel discussions with prominent Asian filmmakers, actors and producers.

Looking at the film listing, desi film buffs have something interesting to watch. If you are in and around Pittsburg, do take a spin.

3 responses to “Silk Screen Film Festival 2006”

  1. Shivam Worshiper Avatar

    Shivam likes silk… Perhaps you can visit his shrine, and comment with more info? Shivam will forgive.


  2. Hirak Avatar

    Thanks for the info. I have to be in Pittsburgh for a boring conference on the opening weekend and this makes the trip worthwhile. Great!


  3. Charles Avatar

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