Savadichuduvaen !!

Chithiram Pesuthadi

Savadichuduvaen. He repeats and repeats and repeats that one would think the protagonist’s characterization is a mock by the director. It may not be. Though the story works at various levels, the movie as a whole fails to impress. Chithiram Pesuthadi is full of good ideas that are badly executed. Like Azhagiya Theeye, it’s very earnest but thats it. Nothing more.

And what’s with re-releasing of this movie ? Oscar Ravichandran probably wants to be potrayed as the savior of tamil cinema. Looks like the very very mediocre ghaana, Vaala Meenukkum is a massive hit back in Tamil Nadu as one could see several people dancing to it during the success meet.

Sunil aka Narain could have played a role in a Adoor Gopalakrishnan’s film but he doesn’t shine too much with his acting skills. Sometimes his facial expressions are more pronounced and confuse the heck out of a viewer. It’s even more funny that Rediff’s Shobha Warrier calls him as Tamil cinema’s next big thing. She could take some time-off before she writes S J Surya is the next Kamal Hassan of Kollywood. Couple of duets were truly mesmerizing and the theme music reminds me of a Mani Ratnam film. Though being an inspired theme, it aligns to the ‘once-more’ category.

Myshkin, the director has some neat ideas but due to various reasons, he wasn’t able to pull them all together. The editing was pathetic. To cut a shot a the right frame is an exercise in style. One particular scene happens in the living room of the heroine’s house. There are 5-6 people sitting in that room talking indistinctly. Once they complete talking, the camera slowly pans around the room. As everyone moves away from the scene, the camera cuts to a close-up of the blind woman, pauses for a couple of seconds and then the shot is cut. If you could visualise this scene, you would expect that there is a something related to the blind woman and hence we see a close-up of her. Me too. But unfortunately, nothing happens after that. Was that extra shot present to confuse the viewer or was it an editing loophole ?. There are also rapid editing cuts. I assume the director uses this to increase the pace of the screenplay. Good idea but bad execution.

Maybe with this success Myskhin come up with a better script and make some dabbu to rope a better team, next time around.

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  1. Chenthil Avatar

    Mediocre Gaana? You are wrong there lazy, very wrong. Can’t comment about the review as I haven’t seen the movie, but this song is almost sort of a daily fix with all channels blaring it.


  2. Zero Avatar

    There were too many unsteady cam shots too; in fact, the “unsteadiness” was switched on and off at arbit places (without any correlation with the scene), if you had noticed.
    The hero has acted in “4 the people” (got it from your rediff link) too. That kinda explains it. One would tend to term the heroine’s performance as commendable because the hero’s was so darn bad.


  3. B a l a j i Avatar

    Agree with u. Me too felt that the film was not worth the hype it has got.

    this gaana is mediocre… i think all the credits of making this song a hit goes to Sun music…they were telecasting it twice every half an hour…


  4. GK Avatar

    I agree with you on the Ghaana song.. I’m not sure how such a song can be rated no.1 by all channels.. The song more or less sounds like a ‘urainadai’ vasanam..


  5. Uma Avatar

    Seeing the same guy standing holding microphone here as well, did make me smile 🙂


  6. RaajK Avatar

    //It’s even more funny that Rediff’s Shobha Warrier calls him as the Tamil cinema’s next big thing.//

    LG, Haven’t you noticed this…

    //Narain was an unknown in Tamil, but he is a well known name in Malayalam //

    That apparently is the crux.

    One more thing, haven’t you ever noticed one SREEDHAR PILLAI’s columns on The Hindu? He seems to be a Malayalee too and I am still unable to understand his desperation and frustration at Tamil Cinema!

    Take the last 2 years of whatever he has written in The Hindu, I am damn sure that you will find a maximum of 2 articles mentioning positively about the whole industry. (If I remember, it was about Chandramukhi and a recent one about Censor board that appear to be unbiased)

    I am not against criticism. But his writings operate under two laws:

    1. Every word written shall scare the “independent producers” to actually not to make a Tamil movie, hinting that it is not profitable.

    2. Glorify anything/anyone which/who is either
    i) not related to Tamil film industry OR
    ii) Malayalees are involved in.

    Take the “four frames” columns for example, you will find section(2) in all the 3 columns with the fourth column featuring either Section 2(ii) OR a doomsday prediction OR admonishment.

    How easy to write about Tamil Cinema for Tamil audience in a Tamil Nadu’s respected newspaper!!!


  7. Deepak Avatar

    lazy, heroine pathi oru vaartha kooda sollaliye?
    the female in this pic looks pretty..who’s she?


  8. Bench Periyasamy Avatar

    Total disappointment – not the movie but lazygeek’s comments about this movie.

    I would suggest one to watch the movie first and then read his comments immediately. That is what I did, incidentally.

    Comments like yours make me to think that people don’t appreciate the movies themselves but the ‘folks’ who are involved with the movies (Shankar , Kamal, Sujata, Rahman etc).

    I myself adore kamal and sujatha a lot. But that doesn’t mean that you got to have a ‘kuthirai chenam’ to look at other folks and movies.

    We (my wife and myself) liked this movie so much that we were talking about almost each and every scene of the movie for about couple of hours, after watching the movie. Yea, it happens with movies like Boys too… ! 🙂 ( I still can remember viewer’s reaction after the end of the movie Boys, in bay area.!)

    I’m not saying Chithiram Pesuthadi is the movie of the year or millennium but its definitely one of the good movies in the recent past.

    I normally check the movie reviews in before I try them out. Check what R.S. Andhanan of tamilcinema has to say about Chithiram Pesuthadi ( and Boys ( and check what lazygeek has to say about them.

    here are some snippets from lazygeek’s Boy’s review:

    “… Boys is a movie with no false pretensions, no intended puns and a no-nonsense movie…

    Writer Sujatha’s down-to-earth dialogues from the core of the movie…

    ..Coming back to the controversies created by the HYPOCRITIC media

    ..just for the honesty of filmmaking, I support BOYS. Do you ?

    And here is a snippet from’s on ‘Boys’:

    “ஏகப்பட்ட செலவு செய்து இமயத்தின் உச்சிக்கு போயிருக்கிறார்கள். அங்கு போய் கொடி நாட்டுவார்கள் என்று பார்த்தால்… டாய்லெட் போய்விட்டு வந்திருக்கிறார்கள்! வேறன்ன சொல்ல…!”

    Agreed, it is individual’s perspective. But reading you for a while …..

    anywhooooooo…! 🙂

    Well done, Myshkin and the team.


  9. guest Avatar

    hehee..heroine is a malayalee..Her name is Bhavana!


  10. Karthikeyan Avatar

    As u said, Narain is not a good character..not able to execute right expressions on his face..


  11. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Can’t comment about the review as I haven’t seen the movie, but this song is almost sort of a daily fix with all channels blaring it.

    Chenthil, I don’t that alone does make it a good ghaana. and if you could read the post again, it acknowledges the hit of this song. having been a crazy listener to ghaana in mid 90s, i’ve to say this ghaana is a very mediocre. there were two people who sang ghaana albums from puliyanthoppu. original and straight from the pettais.

    this shows people are missing deva too much who was making only mediocre ghaanas. atleast there were ghaanas around when deva was there.

    now that this guys has some good publicity, i hope he starts doing a good job.


  12. Lazy Geek Avatar

    //There were too many unsteady cam shots too; in fact, the “unsteadiness” was switched on and off at arbit places (without any correlation with the scene), if you had noticed.//

    Sri, Agreed. i did notice that. when narain starts walking towards anaachi, the handy cam is really unsteady cam.


  13. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Raaj K, Good observations. i am not sure about sridhar pillai because i haven’t read him in that view point but shobha seems to go a little overboard in this case.


  14. Lazy Geek Avatar

    //lazy, heroine pathi oru vaartha kooda sollaliye?
    the female in this pic looks pretty..who’s she?//

    deepak, as someone mentioned she is bhavana from kerala. has a done a fairly good job and she is glittering among other bad actors.


  15. Lazy Geek Avatar

    bench periyasamy, as you have said opinion varies. good you liked it, good i didn’t like it. what else to say 🙂


  16. bart Avatar

    Lazy, I agree with you.. At best this movie could be termed ‘Ok’ – not an inch more than that. I see almost all reviews somehow over-positively biased towards the movie and that averaga gaana (deva, in many a lacklustre movies has come with better gaaanas). The director’s different presentation could be seen in a few songs and sequences but that doesn’t make up for the very old story with a new knot!


  17. Sreekrishnan Avatar

    Hey ,
    agreed the movie is not a great attempt … I wanted to say that it did not deserve so much hype as it has now, nor does it deserve the critiscism it recieved like this …

    I would say among the first-time-director-movie .. this surely stands on top.

    A simple story executed in a simple fashion.

    FYI- Mishkin told madhan abt the camera …. He used Flat-crane/track-stable camera for heroine to say her life is stable and she is settled !
    They used hand cam to have some small shakes to say that its an unstable life when you are a Henchman !
    I guess thats a good idea ! …although if u see properly
    He – unsteady environment(shown by camera shakes)-is steady by heart
    She- In a steady environment (Shown by tracked camera) is unsteady by heart …

    When it somes to the story its damn simple and
    nothing new …

    with a new cast and crew i guess this an above normal performace !
    Much Much Much better than the experienced p.vasu-perarasu-sivakasi-thirupachi-paramasivan etc etc !

    Probably second movie will be much better ! …

    Of course you need to think the budget. He has got a story that fits his budget and exploited it well !


  18. jaiganesh Avatar

    Yaenpaa LG!!
    Ungaalu (Ratna mani) dubba dance aaididuchunaa, varra ellaa nalla directors workayum un reviewlaye oru kai paathuruve pola irukke!!! Myshkin is not heralded as the next Ratna mani. So you can breathe easy buddy. However his work in Chithiram Pesudhadi has gained a universal appeal(Of course a few Ratna Mani fans here and there). Any story told with enough conviction will hit the target audience and it is the sincerity that counts and not the number of foreign films you are “inspired” by. Study in sharp contrast is Vishnuvardhan’s “Pattiyal” which is a rehash of a korean movie. Probably Vishnu misunderstood the term “following the master”.


  19. Kali Avatar

    I think you watched this movie in a bad mood. The movie is a simple story but expressed and executed powerfully. Let me tell my observations.

    – The camera shots are explained by Myshkin in Mathan’s thiraip parvai.

    – The characters are psychologically etched. I’ll give few points.

    – Hero bows always his head always because of the complex he got. Also he walks fast to come out of a crime scene or location.

    – Heroine’s father appears always in clean white clothes for external appearance also he cleans in most of the frames [ cleaning the internal impurity ] – told in Thirap parvai.

    – Heroine’s father utter a dialog in the beginning scenes which looks like an advice to his daughter but not.. “Namma pala samayam enga porom edhuku poromnu yaarkum theryama irukaradhu nalladhu chaarumaa “.

    – One of the friends always eats in all the frames or sleeps [ literally ]. Even in the initial hospital scene the character concentrates on the fruits basket, takes an apple and just munches.

    – The stammering henchman Gaja always stammers except in the climax where he hesitates to stab the hero. The reason is stammering doesn’t happen when they speak emotionally from the heart.

    – Dialog delivery and body language of all characters are excellent – especially Annachi and hero.

    – The ultimate constraint is the budget. Excelling within the boundaries is somewhat great.

    – Mathan asked a question “How the hero knocks the opponent in just a single blow or kick ?” Of course he might have known this and asked on behalf of the common man. Hero mainly hits the opponent on the nose or some other important places.

    – The good things are no graphics, No foreign shoot songs, no comedy track etc.,

    – Gana ulaganathan’s manju dialog – Director’s explanation is the flow of screenplay cannot be ABCDE.. but can be like ABCDEF f1 f2 G..

    – All the technical areas and music are done simple and neat.

    I too agree that there may be flaws

    – blind woman’s reactions sometimes.
    – why hero’s sister character goes through Thomas’s place on Sunday
    – Annachi’s son sudden fall in love with heroine

    But the percentage of good things takes over the flaws if any. The director is praised by all the big guys in the industry. KBalachander has invited the director and praised his movie. The list is followed by Bhagyaraj, Bala, Vikram, Thangar, etc.,

    My request is not to discourage any new ventures bluntly.


  20. kaka Avatar

    if tell gana ulaganathan’s song is mediocre,then there is something wrong with you. it proves
    you are not close to tamilnadu.people don’t listen or watch anyting because of the “buzz”factor.the popularity
    of the song shows that it is being played 10 to 15 times a don’t need ur reviews.don’t misled


  21. parthi Avatar

    very nice


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