Above all the email wishes

Above all the email wishes on a birthday, the two-liner e-mail in a telegraphic format, completely typed in CAPITALS, was the most precious. It was undersigned, APPA, AMMA. 21-03-06 AT 15HRS.

17 thoughts on “Above all the email wishes

  1. I have a question.

    Did you want to talk about your parents’ mail or did you want your readers to wish you on your birthday ? I have a very strong urge to conclude its the latter. Ashokamitran would have most likely termed this as violence.

    Anyways, belated birthday wishes. You need not reply to this reply – if you would think, I am glad.


  2. Thanks Guys for the belated wishes.

    Hemanth, Have replied to you through your email provided. essentially this is what i said there. basically if you think it was for publicity, this could have been written on my b’day itself.

    someone who knows the birthday already wished me on the ashokamithran post on 21st. many others also wished. so this is not the first time its open to public here.


  3. writing a blog has its own pains. one such is to answer such comments. there’s nothing wrong about the comment but just that is gives a new dimension to the post and spoiling the experience.

    next time when i think about writing such posts, this would spontaneously pop-up and stop that thought.


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