Open Office 2.0


Just upgraded from Open Office 1.1 to ver 2.0. Worth the upgrade.

BTW, if you didn’t know, you can actually create PDFs from any document, spreadsheet or presentation using Open Office, for free.

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  1. Mahesh S Avatar

    well, i used to be a big fan of Open Office while working at Sun.. but once I moved back to my University where all the machines were using MS Office, i found it hard to transfer documents from Word to Open office as there were formatting issues.. not sure if MS Office is to be blamed or Open Office but it just made my life miserable and I had to give in and switch back to MS Office.. well, your post if making me consider using Open Office again as I am a big fan of open source softwares that are free … 🙂


  2. rubic_cube Avatar

    🙂 Got a big recco for this. I used OO_1.1. Gotta try this out… For PDFs, I am using PDFWriter from SourceForge. It is as neat.


  3. aNTi Avatar

    Lazy: Have to agree with Mahesh. I had the same problem with formatting. So, I moved back to MS Word..


  4. randramble Avatar

    There are hardly any conversion / formatting problems now. Think about the money you would spend for MS Office you’re actually buying it for personal use…


  5. Mahesh S Avatar

    thats true randramble.. well, if it was just the question of using it on my laptop, then i would definitely go the open office way.. but since most of the documents that i have to work on are generated by other people using Word, it was annoying for me to reformat the document.. may be, open office is more compatible with MS office with the newer release.. if i had my way, i would make everyone use open office.. it may come true, u never know..


  6. IS Avatar

    Yeah, most Linux/UNIX applications allow you to print to PDF.

    But I think the catch that Adobe or whoever licenses the PDF format put in there is that these PDFs are not compressed (presumably because Adobe has a proprietary compression algorithm). These days, though, with the amounts of bandwidth we have, compression doesn’t count a penny, so it doesn’t matter anyway.

    Word is much better than OpenOffice (imho). As for the cost, most universities have low priced student copies. Most offices have Office installed anyway. For most personal use, Wordpad in RichTextFormat should do fine.

    Okay, I don’t know why I wrote all this, but anyway.


  7. vasanth Avatar

    not meaning to hijack this discussion, but how is the performance of open office, does it hog resources? seriously considering it to install on a new laptop….


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