Kalvanin Kaathali

kalvanin kaathali

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  1. Somu Avatar

    But the audience seem to be liking it… havent seen it yet, but at the BO the movie is rocking… while a movie like Dishyum which is really good is only having a lukewarm response.


  2. Nilu Avatar

    I actually saw half the damn movie. Somebody,please!!


  3. Country Brute Avatar
    Country Brute

    Vikatan’s Reviews have always been spot on! Unlike its major competitor, Vikatan has never given good marks to a crap movie just because it will rock B and C. I think, this must be appreciated!

    Note : Vikatan in the only Tamil magazine [as far as i know], which has the guts to give marks in exact numbers, rather than categorizing movies into Good, better or NotGood!


  4. Cipher Avatar

    Saw the movie sterday,it was bad but Vikatan has blown that out of proposition.It wasn’t as bad/vulgar as they hv written it….

    I disagree with Country Brute.Vikatan’s standard on film reviews has declined drastically during the last few years.There was a period when a film given 40/100 was great in all areas now thats not the case….


  5. Lazy Geek Avatar

    I however didn’t like the way they reviewed Boys. There was nothing on that page except a single word, in the biggest font available, CHEE !!


  6. kajan Avatar

    Country Brute,

    Comments on Vikatan are laughable. Their reviews are nothing these days. There was a time,some 6-8 years back, when I would look at it first to determine a good movie from a bad one. But today, I usually don’t even read their reviews. Their numbers don’t mean anything. Maybe, they were hit more by the use of Kalki’s popular novel title then the films content.

    Anyhow, there is an audience for every kind of film.


  7. My Name is Billa Avatar

    There was no review for Boys in Vikatan. And when they reviewed the film “New” they would have felt guilty for not reviewing Boys. So gave some justification also in the New review.

    Kalvanin Kadali is far better than NEW.


  8. vikram Avatar

    just days back -in one of my comments to LGs block-i had referred to SJS as “$%^” obsessed guy”(a coincidence?!) and i am just proved rite!!

    i don buy the argument that since the film is doing well in BO,it is “good”.(even a porno film -if it were allowed to release without kathri-will smash BO–can we term it “good”?)

    and i don think vikatan’s film review standard has come down(tho i feel it is a bit biased when it comes to writing review for kamal’s movies-may be madhan has a hand in it!!).
    awarding more marks does not mean anything– i remember a time when I was in 9th or 10th–my dad wud ask”english(subject)la evallavu da?” and i wud say ard 80 and he wud exclaim – “anda kaalathla naan school padikkum podhu-languagela 60kku mella poda maataa!!”.so does this mean that our standard of education has come down?!!

    and coming to SJS-i feel sorry for this guy-cos i feel he is a reasonably talented director/actor.but i can not understand y he is going overboard on glamour,single/double meaning cheap dialogues,kavarchi songs.
    and at the end of the day he wud says-“idhu kudumbathoda paaka koodiya padam”!!(probably for him -kudumbam=husband+wife).

    but waiting to see a “decent” movie made by SJS.


  9. Karthikeyan Avatar

    And also, they are screening SJSuryah name with the title MULTIPLE STAR..
    Is there any movie, he can do with double entendre…
    And also a dialogue “Oruththan Azhaga erunthidakudathe” about himself..Che..Thalaiezhuththu Thamizhanukku ithellam parkirathukku..


  10. Karthikeyan Avatar

    And also, they are screening SJSuryah name with the title MULTIPLE STAR..
    Is there any movie, he can do with double entendre…
    And also a dialogue “Oruththan Azhaga erunthidakudathe” about himself..Che..Thalaiezhuththu Thamizhanukku ithellam parkirathukku..


  11. Krithika Avatar

    IMO, this is the best review they’ve written in the recent times. Unbiased. (Remember they hailed SJ Suryah as the Jim Carrey of Tamil cinema!!! That was for “New”, I think, but I could be mistaken here) And regarding the titles of Kalki’s books, “Ponniyin Selvan” was equally lousy. I dunno about “Parthiban Kanavu”


  12. raaapi Avatar

    jus now watched the movie on my laptop during a flight journey..
    Not as bad as NEW..but still S.J.Suryah maintains his standard – the crude,irritating,self-eulogising track!
    9-tara surprisingly has acted way better than her earlier movies.
    Not much of skin show at all.Infact I cant recollect anything sticking out as cheap/vulgar.A boring movie,nevertheless


  13. Ramesh Avatar

    Was that supposed to be one of the greatest movie of our times..?. What does vikatan expect from SJ Surya movie anyway..?. I’d say i liked his first 2 movies. Even that – some of my friends ridiculed my bad taste 😦 when Kushi got remade in Hindi.

    He was scared s***less when New bombed in Telugu. But then… the tamil one made him lot of money – imagined himself as the next Bagyaraj – and became nuts. Anyway there are too many stupid movies, actors/directors doing great in Tamil inspite of any trash they are capable of [yes, i mean Vijai/Perarasu/Murugadoss vagaiyarakkal…]. So… whatever..!!

    But i see no comparison of Kalki’s titles – and even liked the other two. Radha Mohan – like Sasi – is a decent director. And so is Karu. Pazhaniappan. Poor guy, his “Sathurangam” never saw the light.


  14. Country Brute Avatar
    Country Brute

    Vikram has given a pakka example of how things change over time 😉

    First, let me agree with one thing, I m a die hard fan of Vikatan 🙂 I m not saying thatVikatan is perfect in their reviews, of course nobody is perfect. But my point is, they don’t give good marksjust because people like it. and i really like that way. Most other magazines including the No1 television review according to people’s taste lolz

    Geek is right, about BOYS review. Shanker’s expression was something like this; “thatti solli irukkalam. ipdi oreyadiya adichirukka vename”.
    But still…
    BOYS DID portray boys as cheap, cheap dudes, which is not always the case. How many of you guys did what boys did in the movie anyway?! at the end of the day, the movie might guide youth in the wrong direction, simply because, according to the movie, “even when u r such a crap person, still u can achieve”!!!

    I have been reading Vikatan since 1998 only, so i think some guys here certainly know vikatan better than me. But my point was simply, they have the guts to go against most people’s [most reader’s] openion. They gave Chandramuki 1 mark less than Sachin & they gave Cheran’s recent movies better marks than Vijay’s recent movies lolz


  15. Country Brute Avatar
    Country Brute

    Ramesh, I totally agree with you on that “vakaiyarakkal” lolz

    But, just wondering… Murugadoss also? hmm… he is the only one who made a film [in the recent times] where Vijaykanth dies at the end of the movie 🙂 Not too bad, eh?


  16. Country Brute Avatar
    Country Brute

    Yes Kajen, very true indeed. There is an audience for every kinda film.

    However, in my view, a good tamil film is something that we can happily and proudly recommend to a friend of a different ethinic group 🙂

    By the way, I haven’t seen Kalvanin Kadhali yet lolz


  17. Museek Avatar

    I’ve seen Kalvanin Kaadhali.. Though it might not be the best film ever made..it is quite entertaining…Nayantara was actually the star of the film..she played her role really well. The songs are a major highlight..which is probably why alot of youngsters go to see it. My fav song is Taj Mahal Oviya Kaadhal..nice picturisation in Bangkok :)And it is not at all that vulgar in comparison to NEW..I really do like SJ Suryah’s style .I mean he is a great story teller..having seen Vaali and Kushi…His ideas are different but he should try hard not to spice it up too much and portray in crude, vulgar ways!


  18. BNB Avatar

    MSM folks also have the right change their views or be inconsistent just like bloggers. It’s only when they pretend to be Gods they deserve to be criticised. Besides MSM folks are under various pressures which bloggers are still not exposed to. I have never understood the logic behind statements like – X said Y, Z years back, now he is singing a different tune. So X is a hypocrite ! Guess what ? I would much rather listen to someone who lets his/her views evolve rather than remain stagnant – And Vikatan has every right to voice their biased, mediocre/good/bad opinion – but they should stop pretending it is anything other an opinion and disclose their personal preferences and tastes. Now that might take the game away from bloggers 😉


  19. Reflex Avatar

    Never saw a vimarsanam like this in the recent past.
    But it is rocking in the box office.


  20. Raasa Avatar

    VIKATAN used the same KK’s pictures in the past weeks, to increase their circulation.. but now they say the film is trash..

    there’s no difference in making a film like or vikatan using the same cleavage foto’s in their magazines.. (that too in glossy color) both are suit to TRASH


  21. Siddharth Avatar

    Pudhupettai trailer could be found at indiaglitz, looks pretty nice. cant wait to check it out.


  22. Chandru Avatar

    I think vikatan review is very good. We should not encourage such films. SJ Surya have a very good talent, but I don’t know why he creating such vulgar and double meaning dialoges. He can concentrate on otherthings. If we encourage this then this will become habit of other directors also. So Vikatan’s review is perfect.


  23. Country Brute Avatar
    Country Brute

    As a magazine U can write a review only after the movie is out lolz

    Even u [magazine] don know what they r cookin until u put it in ya mouth 😉


  24. Country Brute Avatar
    Country Brute

    After reading the Boyz review, I can understand how angry Geeky was when he saw the critics blaming the movie as if they are pure sinless souls 🙂 oh yeh, publicity stunts…

    Yes, up to certain level, the movie was honest in bringing out the mischeif and dark side [if i may call it like that] of boys.

    However, [point No1.] bringing a prostitute to your own house…. (He he he , not even 10 percent would have such guts)
    [Point No2.] not doing anything at all…. (Oh me gosh 😉 its like a saintly monkey sitting in front of ripe fruits… not in ya lifetime 😉 ).

    If these can be called honest movie making, thank god i didn’t fall outta ma chair laughing 🙂

    Just one more thing…. Don understand why KUMAR character dies…. You catch a bus, and any school kid knows that you can always get down on the next stop and catch the lady as long as shez inside the bus! he.. he.. Ohh, somebody wanted him dead and hey, its the director himself :))


  25. Country Brute Avatar
    Country Brute

    True, Vikatan must have written a review for boys too. There are so many points [both technically & storywise] to be appreciated. They could have included their “Chee” comment may be at the end of the review!

    I went to NEW with my family! Even though I was not feeling comfortabe, atleast I could sit and watch.

    Even after reading the famous Vikatan “chee” review, I went to BOYS with the family?! and i found myself almost siting under the chair 😉

    Oh, BTW, I watched UNFAITHFUL with my family & was pretty comfortable. Thats the difference!


  26. Thamizhan Avatar

    Kalvanin kadhali is not as much(I don’t want to say bad) as New.But this guys (Anantha vikatan and others who critisize him) have develped a bad impression on him and looks like they will tell Chee immediately after seeing his name in movie’s title cards.Vareity is needed in films…We cannot have a house full of prayer halls..there need to be a hall,kitchen,bed room and even toilet also .If Tamil film industry is full of cherans then there will not be much of vareity.According to me Surya is bagyaraj of 21 st century.


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