Please keep moving !!

Snoqualmie Pass
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On a new year day like yesterday, found some time escape from the usual and drive to Snoqualmie Pass, a skiing facility. Snoqualmie Pass is located some 52 miles east of Seattle and is also called as Snoqualmie Summit. The northeast of Seattle, is filled with mountain ranges and shopping malls(they are there everywhere). These mountain ranges get snow throughout the winter and hence serve as a perfect skiing escapade(read as vazhukki vizhara area). Because I wasn’t prepared to push myself from the top of the mountain and keep falling down like the Roja‘s Arvind Swamy, I was playing with the snow, like a Mani Ratnam heroine. Though I had been to a skiing resort once in Chicago but it was only yesterday, I got myself amidst mountains, covered with snow. Am planning to plan for another week of this slipping down(read skiing) exercise.

As you hear the priest say, after giving you three sips of the theartham, ” Please keep moving !!”, you know you are in a desi temple. Common language. The temple at Bothell was overfilled with people and was full of chaos. Amidst all the chaos, I found some time and place(!!) to meet Raj Kumar, a fellow blogger from the other side of Seattle. We had planned to meet since March but were able to meet just yesterday. What else. Had the lemon rice served as prasadham and drove back in the drizzling rain.

Watched The Polar Express. Being a big fan of Robert Zemeckis and especially being aware of his enthusiasm in animation, I was expecting a gala fare. Zemeckis widely known for his Forrest Gump, was actually the guy who revolutionized the animation industry in Hollywood by having animated characters act with the cast in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

If Sin City was re-telling of the teenage comics, The Polar Express is like opening a children’s book. I was reminded of some russian comics, I read during my childhood. The animation isn’t the same as other hollywood movies. The characters are extremely real. Tom Hanks looks exactly like him. From the wrinkles in his face to his expressions, its just Tom Hanks. Seems to me that all the characters were performed by a cast including Tom Hanks and then they converted the film into animation.

In a time where the spirit of Santa Claus getting diminished, year after year, the movie expresses a noble motive by trying to keep the spirit going. Contrary to the name, the movie doesn’t travel in express speed except for the beginning sequence. That should probably be a reason for the movie failure. Also in a world of Incredibles and Shrek, where animation movies feed the adult, Polar Express is for kids. To keep them as kids and induce the belief of Santa. Certainly a treasure in your house, for the kid in the house.

10 responses to “Please keep moving !!”

  1. Ramesh Avatar

    Polar express is awesome when you watch it on 3D in an IMAX theatre. In fact, that is how it should have been, in the first place…


  2. Lazy Geek Avatar

    True. I missed in the I-Max.


  3. narasi Avatar

    Hi LG,

    Appa ore enjoymentu solunga. I always have a bad thought like what you do in the first day of the year would occupy the same mostly in that year. Its not true. But wish you like this comes true for you.

    Nammakum first day ore enjoy thaan 🙂


  4. Prabhuram Avatar

    Try Chuckanut drive, LG. Its really pretty.


  5. Keerthivasan Avatar

    Coincidence. Watched Polar Express on Sunday and wanted to write about this. Yep, it is a dragging one.. And animations were scintiallating.. but then, i saw this page

    Also chk this about MNS –


  6. suderman Avatar

    Lazy, you MISSED the whole fun…
    damn man, you MUST watch it in 3D IMAX…
    its a totally different experience. the movie was made to showcase potential of 3D IMAx…
    it has to be the BEST movie watching EXPERIENCE ive had all my life!!!
    when i watched it again in a flatter screen at Mayajaal, i dint enjoy it at all because the movie is much more than that…
    the dimension makes all the difference because you enter their world… even if it costs 50 dollars, go for it… dont miss it… take a date along for better results… watch her clasp your arms every turn, every free fall… get on to the rollercoaster… be part of that adventure… Get onboard!! Dont watch from the outside!!!!I guarantee it will be worth your money!


  7. Aravind Avatar

    Not sure if you know… Polar Express is running in the IMAX at Pacific Science Center in Seattle (till Jan 16th). I am planning to watch it tomorrow :-). Am already excited due to the hype and build-up you and Suderman have given.


  8. Krithika Avatar

    It’s time to start a “IMAX in Chennai” petition. Heard that Sathyam cinemas are planning, but lot of good movies already released in IMAX screens worldwide, we’ve missed enough. A second release would be great. Will that *ever* happen here?*Sigh*


  9. superstarksa Avatar

    Thalaiva, your number changed?


  10. subbu Avatar

    LG plz look into this and see if u can come up wid sumthing.


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