y.ah.o.o buys del.icio.us

Yet again, Yahoo shows its love for Web 2.0 or is it because Google is already a Web 2.0 giant. Whatsoever, the lovely lovely folksonomy site, del.icio.us was bought by Yahoo.

At first it was the photo revloutionary Flickr and now with del.icio.us, yahoo tried to override it’s own respective applications. Yahoo Photos could have developed to the speed of Flickr and its My Web 2.0 was developed on the same lines as of tagging which was a competing application to del.icio.us.

With Google missing to buy Flickr, it was rumored then that del.icio.us was certainly for Google. Another hit and miss for Google. What next ?

2 responses to “y.ah.o.o buys del.icio.us”

  1. Bala Subra Avatar
    Bala Subra

    technorati :-/


  2. sridhar Avatar

    Ajax timepass from joel spolsky:


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