[Pic – India Glitz] Lady

[Pic – India Glitz]

Lady beside Suhasini – Atho oruthar vellai vaeti kattikittu irukaarulla, avaru kitta thaan Kushboo madam sorry ketaanga. Neengalum poi kelunga, periya manasu panni manichiduvaaru.

Suhasini thinking – Mudiyaathu…kandippa mudhiyaathu.

Me loudly – Right of speech ki jai !! Official sorry listener ki jai !!

P.S And you know all this is a buruda.

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  1. Keerthivasan Avatar

    Lazy .. One Question i had in mind.

    If a celebrity says “No Educated man will expect his wife, a virgin”.. it is completely fine. He/She has freedom of Speech or whatever.

    Let us say, atleast 50 out of 50 lakh educated men think otherwise. How do we say that back to the celebrity… (Why should we talk back to the celebrity.. is because the celebrity cannot keep telling anything and everything because she/he has media. We cant just be listening to everything everyone says..)

    We cant get past the security to make the celebrity listen to us. We cant have media speak for us.. they arent interested about us.

    Im all yes for Freedom of Speech.. But if a celebrity sepaks of the General Public to a mass media, she/he should be open to arguements.. And there has to be some means to it.


  2. RajK Avatar


    I have had the same questions booging over my head for quite a while now.

    Is it implied in all these that all men have sex before marriage..? FOR GOD’S SAKE PLEASE………
    enakku 27 vayasu aavudhu innum “ethayume” paathathu illa…

    So I should accept my future wife if she had “fun” before marriage…? I am not able to reconcile to this kind of reasoning…

    I really don’t know…if anyone will be ready to enlighten me…

    The whole of India is facing these kind of problem bcos..i think…we are on the verge of abandoning our own values and tring to copy something unknown to us. that too these people want it to happen just like a on and off switch.
    Is change so easy?

    Its high time we decide whether we want a modernised India or copy and paste USA. Given that the entire Brahminic media is supportive of the latter, i think voices like mine will fizzle out. But, surely this is a wrong direction…


  3. Chenthil Avatar

    Keerthi, Rajk – The issue is not about the validity of her comments. Do read the India Today article that was cause of all the furore. There is no word about the educated man stuff in that. The allegation is she said it to a vernacular newspaper reporter when queried about the issue. Assuming even if she said that stupid statement – is it necessary to react wildly to her statement. Is the Tamil Culture in such a bad state that a statement by an actress will spoil it? And do you really think if not for the Sun TV coverage & Tamil Murasu journalism this issue would have become so big? Assuming that you two stay in Tamilnadu like I do, you must be aware that those who oppose/protest do only for the sake of TV Cameras.

    What is to be opposed is the practice of asking some one to apologise for their views, however crooked it may be. Asking Thangar Bachaan to apologize for his statement also was wrong. What do you think will be achieved by forcing some one to apologize for his views? Does it change any thing, does the person who spoke his/her mind change his views really?

    Most of the controversies in Tamilnadu are created by media. Do you really believe that a temple was built for Kushboo? Some funny guy decided to become popular and put up a stone and the mdeia hungry for news made it an issue and entire India thinks that actually a temple was built for her. Similar is this issue of Tamil Protection movement. How many of you have actually seen the TPM doing anything constructive other than raking up issues? If you want to protect Tamil, use Tamil more often. You can see BSNL ads all over Chennai – BSNL’ Super Treat, Tamizhagamengum Ore Rate. Where is Tamil in this? Just because they transliterate English words in Tamil does it become Tamil? Why don’t they oppose this – is it because the minister is Dayanidhi Maran?

    Sorry Guru, the comment became a post.


  4. Keerthivasan Avatar

    Chenthil, I agree with you about this wild opposition.

    I was just having a question.. I dont want to agitate, and i dont support any of the current things.. It is lack of tolerance and attitude.

    My question is, A celebrity talks something to a press reporter.. (forget the sanity part in Kushbu’s speech.. lets talk in general). She/he is not talking to a press reporter. She / he is talking to YOU AND ME. We cant be poor and exploited by just listening to whatever crap they talk about us to ourselves.

    I dont want to oppose any celebrity. This is how i want it to look like.

    I wrote a comment on Lazy’s blog. You wrote to explain me what you thought of. Now Iam capable of explaining you my perception.. we have equal opportunities here..(thanks Lazy).

    But the celerity has a media, and she/he talks to Us through media.. but never receives a Talk-back, no matter how insane the talk was.

    Only this is my concern.


  5. Chenthil Avatar

    Keerthi, that’s why we have blogs – to talk back at the insanity of others :-). Seriously though, Tamilnadu thinks too much about celebrities. Why should we respond to inanities? If you feel that she is talking ill about us to ourselves, boycott her. Plain simple – stop seeing her Jackpot Gameshow in TV, avoid her movies and show your protest. Once people who are offended by her stop seeing the show, it will be yanked off TV and she will become a has been. I don’t have the TRP figures, but I feel that the show has gained in popularity after this issue.


  6. sen Avatar

    Its a intresting perspective.Yes there should be someways to let them also know about your views.But imagine what you are talking about one view of a celebrity which might result in an answer of million of views by the common man.But when there are people who are not ready to even listen to the one viewof celebrity and want you to humiliate and make her go down and be ashamed for that view.how are we going to go to the next stage of millions of different views by a common man.First we have to make sure that one can express there opinion without fear and head held high.Then only, there will be questions and answers and new ways.Otherwise we will still be talking about the morality preached 5000 yrs ago.

    I wish you had stood up and expressed your opinion strongly about this rather than making a joke out of it.


  7. Girish Avatar

    question about pre marital sex.(directed in general)
    1.if man is virgin,woman is not,or woman is virgin and man is not.listen..u dint have sex before marriage ..its ur freakin choice..if she had it..its her freakin choice..u have no right over anybody’s past..u should be concerned about the present and the future.u should be a man enuff to accept that ur wife has had sex.end of story..grow up.one cannot impose one’s choice of lifestyle over others…u have to accept people for who they are.
    kushboo stuff..cmon…there are so many tamil people out there with aids and so many tamil women have unmarried sex..why this hypocrisy..this is not my tamil culture..proclaiming suhasini or kushboo as non tamil..u guys become better tamil..what crap..if u have the guts to name non tamils..stop patronising MGR..or Rajini..lets see u do that..cos they non tamil..and so many more of them..its all double standardness..and as a tamil..i feel sorry for the people who indulge in such cheap politics..if the lawyers and politicians spend the energy and time they are spending in suing kushboo,they could take simple steps in avoiding aids..like educating people..guys grow up..and stop making my culture cheap…for me a tamil is who respects people for who they are and accepts them. i feel MGR and Rajini are as much as tamil as me.period


  8. Nilu Avatar

    I suggest Free Market 101 at the nearest possible venue 🙂

    If your question is, Kushboo gets to talk to me wheras I don’t get to reply, I suggest you take a long hard look at your logic. If you are still not able to figure it out, I suggest masturbating to Kushboo’s image. If still not evident, you might want to write to me :)……(and no, I won’t help you with masturbation)


  9. Lazy Geek Avatar


    There is no reason to blow your top for this trivial stuff. I am very clear on what stand on the issue. If needed I can even post this comment as a blogpost but I think its such foolish stuff that isn’t worth a penny.

    If you have been in anytime during the last 4 years, you know this is a part of crapology the political parties are churning out. From Baba to Virumandi to Kushboo to Suhasini, these are political dramas to get a considerble amount of vote bank. hence they blow a ‘paen’ to ‘perumal’ and make issues of mere interviews. remember Kamal gettign pissed off, showing ‘mavaney kaila kedachaa keesiduven’ fingers and sounding like a drunk during his interview with madan in vijay TV during virumandi. Even when a gentleman like kamal can get violent on cameras, you know how they bothered him.

    Keerthi, As Chenthil said celebrities are getting more exposure than required, not only in TN across the world. either become a celebrity like kushboo to make a statement against her or like a respectable citizen just stop watching her programs if you think he statement is wrong.

    but just one sec before you turn off your television, what is it going to make for her. she has made millions already and she is travelling to mettur in a AC toyota. there is no point in shouting at any one whatsoever. never cross one’s karma and i’m not advicing here just reminding you. ulagam oru naadaga meddai.


  10. Lazy Geek Avatar

    good points here girish but i have to say that this isn’t a topic on pre-marital sex or whatsoever. if thats the case you have to first book selvaraghavan on life time imprisonment for showing pre-marital sex in 7g rainbow colony.


  11. NANDHA Avatar

    All u guys who r still virgins at 27& 28 yrs….if u r losers, y do u insist others b too? If ur parents brought u up to treat the opposite sex as aliens, then that is your lifestyle. Y insist the rest of tamilnadu& the world to live their life acc. to your standards.
    U want virgins still living with their amma& appas,will b obedient, adakkam othukkama,will call u neenga, vaanga,will work & earn as much as u do, do the house work, look after the kids,take care of your amma& appa……..the demands just doesnt end.

    The issue is about “putting women in their place”.


    if u want a moral issue to tackle, question all those men who has 2 wives& have affairs in the sly, watch porno on the net when their wife sleeps, commits murder, rape,molestation, beat up their wives,treat wives like glorified servants………. So many issues committed by men that need serious action. Instead such outrage over a LADY WHO SAID IT IS BETTER TO USE PROTECTION IF U HAVE SEX.



  12. md Avatar

    The opposition to free speech in Tamil Nadu shows that Tamils are a bunch of neanderthals. May be EV Ramaswamy had a point when he said Tamil is a barbarian language. Following Chenthil’s apologies, I apologize for being a Tamil guy.


  13. sen Avatar

    what is not worth a penny?.posting your views is not worth a penny?.


  14. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Senthil, I was trying to say that the issue isn’t worth a penny because it isn’t a issue at all. Its is just a violent shout of the politicians to get attention of people while they can hang around with their mistresses. so talking or discussion about this will only give them more publicity. hence make fun and mock at them !!


  15. Hawkeye Avatar

    i think we should check the IPC in general.

    last time i heard sex outside marriage was prohibited by law. maybe i am wrong. but its worth checking out


  16. aNTi Avatar

    Hawkeye: Mebbe it is, but I believe that our IPC’s modelled after the British constitution and that takes some stuff from the Bible and the Commandments (“Thou Shall Not Committ Adultery).

    LG: Totally true. Half these politicians who “protest” are nth order hypocrites. Ellan political mileage vaanga idea!

    Nandha: Hmmm, strong words, but I guess you are right for the most point.

    RajK: Regarding your question about accepting a wife who has “had fun” before – When you are getting to know her better before/after marriage/engagement, assume you ask her if she has “had fun” and she says no. What would be your methodology for finding out whether she is speaking the truth? I mean, if that is going to be a deciding clause for you, then there should be a scientic way of figuring out whether a girl has lost her virginith. I guess you might say that you would look for that much talked about peice of membrane, but I don’t know whether you know that the membrane can be damaged by activities other than the proverbial “roll in the hay”. So my suggestion to all you single males out there is, forget about “virginity”! Its a myth, i mean, the proof is a myth! And we should all grow up. I mean, I am sure that most guys would jump at the chance to be intimate with a gal. So why judge the gals negatively for taking a step that you were plain afraid to take?
    And lets not get “culture” here. Thats another hypocritcal viewpoint that sickens me.


  17. Saravanan Avatar

    Based on the your comments, I infer that you dont agree to either Kushboo’s comments or Thirumavalavan’s(one of the politician opposing Kushboo) comments/action. But you are interested only in talk back with Kushboo. Why not Thirumalavan ?

    As Chenthil said, Kushboo’s remarks are blown out of propotion by the media and the politicians for personal gain.


  18. Keerthivasan Avatar


    I have no issues with Kusbhu. Period.

    Its not about Boycotting and stuffs. And I dont wish any mis-fortune for her.I dont expect an apology too.. as it is just an opinion. Im not even protesting. I simply wanna Face the celebrity and have an arguement. Why ? Because she has communicated to me something that involves me. I dont want to feel dumb by just sitting and gazing around like a Buffallo.

    Imagine “People are…” kind of statement comes from a celebrity. Put your name there. “Nilu is…” (you still keep masturbating at the celebrities image, Nilu ? if yes.. i wish you are spoken-out by a good looking celebrity, not someone like whom Saravanan mentioned)

    Chenthil, Kushbu wont read my blog. Or any celebrity for that matter. You and I can blog. What about a person who doesnt access any medium ? He should be given an opportunity to talkback, when a talk is going on that includes him.

    Either we need a medium, that can take our arguements to the Celebrity, OR the celebrity stops giving loose-talks about the Generic Groups.

    Saravanan, Yes. If thirumavalavan talks about me, I would need to talk to him too.


  19. Adankokka makka Avatar
    Adankokka makka

    Aren’t desi guys here go for cheap sex in strip clubs ? It may not be morally wrong ,no penetration , but it is SEX..

    the whole issue is insane, the politicians out there in TN are jobless, so are you guys here in the blogworld..


  20. anonymouse Avatar

    Basically two core issues here
    1. Freedom to express one’s thoughts.
    2. Premarital Sex

    How can safe sex be twisted to say this is against tamil culture. Is getting AIDS tamil culture? Will these politicians raise up against people who have AIDS and ask them to be removed from TN/arrested?. All a bull load of crap. Thankar Bachan is taking revenge for Khushboo’s proactiveness in arranging a strike against him and these aamam saamis/jalra kootams are being led by the pied piper Thol.Thirumaalvavan.There are so many issues facing the country and all these morons want to do is take some thing some one says, twist it out of context and create hungama.

    BTW great post Girish. Thaliyaan:-)


  21. Nilu Avatar

    LoL Keerthi,
    Add “Come Back 101” to your list 😛


  22. vasanthi Avatar

    Khushboo has primarily answered to a question posed to her by a leading magazine which thought she is a celebrity and wanted her opinion. She didnot call for a public meeting and talk about premarital sex. If someone comes and asks you about your opinion( no one is gonna come thats a different issue)-will you not give your opinion whether it is for or against premarital sex-that is no bodys concern-afterall it is my right to say what is my opinion on a particular subject. There is nothing wrong in what Khushboo did.


  23. Nesh Avatar

    I dun gif a damn to watever kushboo said…bt wat is disgusting to see is how people behave to it…so uncivilised…even women…even educated people behave so violently…and yet india boasts to be the most populated DEMOCRATIC country in the world…at least forgt bout kushboo…look at vijay…educated lawyers burning his effigies jus becos of some comedy in sivakasi…


  24. Keerthivasan Avatar

    Nesh. I think these are good examples of Democracy..its just a movie maker can make a movie with Crap comedies portrating Lawyers..and someone can burn the effigy of the vijay..

    both are allowed.. thats Democracy for you.


  25. Hawkeye Avatar

    the whole effigy burning thing is a comedy. they are lawyers they might as well file a PIL. what the hell are doing buring old cardboard puppets.


  26. inlivenout Avatar

    The entire chapter reminds me of a scene in KB’s “Iru Kodugal” – epdi oru chinna vishaiyatha kannu,kadhu,mookku vechu PERIIIYYAAA mattera convert panrangannu ‘symbolic’ca sollirupparu. We’ve been witnessing that scene’s “real version” for the past 2 months.

    I dont know whether to call it sad or funny;but, looking at the issue seriously,we have to face the hard-hitting-truths : “Politics=((ditch)power infinity)”; “Indian Law is not worth a paise”; “The television media has no purpose anymore”; “There are countless no. of illiterate people”; “There are countless no. of literate people without brains”…to mention a few.

    This particular issue clearly proves why India is still a “developing country”. If only they had been Americans,guess Kushboo and Suhasini would have added millions in their kitty,as a compensation for the mental trauma caused to them. But,for that matter,they would’ve been stoned to death in Afghanistan!!!!


  27. RajK Avatar

    Well people, see the following link whether this is acceptable to you ppl. This is truly my view. If not, i have nothing to say. It’s just that i am living in dangerous times. But no worries for me. Majority of ordinary tamilians feel the same. I don’t need to change myself as somebody mentioned above, to marry a “freelance-pro”.

    I don’t want to enter into the core of the arguement, lest lazy may remove my comment.

    Here it is,



  28. Chenthil Avatar

    RajK, read that link. Now let’s argue the assumptions made by PaLa.Karuppiah in that article.

    “Chastity is part of Tamil culture. Natalias and Brindas from outside Tamilnadu will not know about it” – is that an argument? It is more of a chauvinistic statement expected from high school students – my daddy strongest kind of stuff.

    “Tamil Culture formed on Thol Kappiyam an Thirukkural will not accept this free for all stuff” – Thol Kappiyam is a grammar book, not a social treatise as the writer thinks. Thirukkural – do you have it at home. Check out Chapter 133-134 on KaZhavolukkam – explicit about Pre Marital Sex.

    “Only high class woman support Kushboo. It seems that chastity is a hindrance for their modern activities” – Chauvinism


  29. Nesh Avatar

    Ask the indian lawyers to find some useful cases( there r plenty in india) and put corrupted politicians behind bars…its so ironic to see lawyers who r suppose to keep the law n order upright behaving in such ill manner…ask the people to riot infront of corrupted politicans and try to solve education n housin problems…instead of that these people only know how to demonstrate for the most useless things…i’ll betta tape my mouth b4 trying to enter india next time….


  30. RaajK Avatar


    i liked many points there but it was not complete. i was sure you would pinpoint only these. He offered many a valuable points.

    let me tell you this,

    All these ‘free values’ are basically the products of Western Cultural Imperialism.

    ( haven’t you seen the sons of ‘mother of democracy’ blasting bombs….

    and the ‘land of Liberty,Equality and Fraternity burning to flames…)

    This just needs a lot of explanation. I will post a seperate thread on this in my blog and presently i don have time.

    The penultimate paragraph says what i have in mind – just because you have got the mike, don’t legitimise the exceptions.

    It’s the individual women’s chioce to remain faithful or otherwise. But she can never claim that what she does is normal and suggest openly that everyone can do the same and those who don’t accept it are uneducated.

    You can find a Sundar.C and it is upto you and him. But why do you say All educated men must be like Sundar.C ?

    what is the need for a woman to have pre-marital sex with someone and marry another man? You will never know she did it for money or for love. You may ask so what? But, i don’t remember the last time anyone from your demi-gods in the west, leave alone the east, married a…

    All these will lead to this…Anyone who has money can buy sex with almost everyone he wishes. he no longer needs to go for professional pros.. Colleges will become brothel houses where, in a country like india, poor girls who cannot pay their fees would be selling their bodies to pay fees. What happens in Mumbai? the city’s who’s who throwing money at hungry girls’ naked body.

    If these sounded conservative, i have to admit that it should be bcos i am not able to be as explanative as i can be, but the implications are not less severe.

    There are many question involved, but as i said, lazy may not give me permission to hijack his ‘cine blog’.

    For time-being visit my blog…



  31. nandha Avatar

    Raaj k,
    My stream of thoughts expressed in no particular order.

    The reason y i dont disagree with what she said…. This is an era where sexual relations r expected 2 provide personal identity& individual happiness. “sexual liberalism” happened in the 20th century.This system has seperated sexuality from a purely procreative purpose& defined sexual satisfaction as critical 2 personal happiness. Pills, abortion legalisation has all happened & the the demand now is for “CONTROL OVER ONE’S BODY”……
    These r times where exposure2 the best education& ideas,a wider world view thu internet, satellite,& our own travel& interaction with people all around the world r all supposed to make us better individuals, MORE TOLERANT OF INDIVIDUAL OPINIONS.

    If ur grouse is that “I never got 2 do anything but she got to do everything”, then that is plain childish. It is like saying I dont eat nonveg, but all these dirty foreigners do, so they r wrong& dirty.

    If ur grouse is that she dared to voice her opinions…….. .She was asked her opinion on a subject(like all celebreties r asked despite the fact that they r no authority on the particular subject).Right or wrong, she stated her opinion.U dont agree with what she said& wanna counter that, then call a press meet,appear on tv, talk shows, in newspaper columns, radio shows, on blogs,so many venues2 express ur opinion on the matter. BUT NO, EVERYBODY WANTS HER HUMILIATED. A SELF SUFFICIENT, INDEPENDENT WOMEN’S VIEW ON SEXUALITY IS CONDEMNED, SHE IS BEING PAINTED IN THE NEGATIVE& SHE IS MADE TO SEEM LIKE THE OBJECTIFIED SOURCE OF SOCIETY’S DECAY.

    These r times when educated minds r questioning the “double standards& fairness” of “traditional values”, their role in “putting women in the inferior position where she belongs”, male aversion toward women attempting2 ASSERT THEMSELVES& THEIR VIEWS. It is understandable if an illiterate in interior tamilnadu claps at a dialogue by rajni saying “pompalainka adakkam othukkama irukkunam”, but the same dialogue getting applause in a U.S theatre is disturbing.

    Nowhere in her interview did I get the gist that she was trying to encourage women to sell their body.if one wants, one can put 1000& 1 interpretations to what she said, but that is ur problem, not hers.
    Dont want the mnc’s coming to india, dont want the kfc’s, burgers, pizza’s,pepsi’s, cola’s,the satellite channels…. ‘coz they are all western ideas that will pollute our pure Indian minds. we r ok only with bagyaraj’s double meaning dialogues, rajni& vijay giving lectures to heroines on how to dress well & their suggestive& vulgar dancing with scantily clad, buxom heaving, cone breasted, vulgar to the core “item dancers”……….The question is what is right, what is not? More importantly who decides it, who is the moral police?Before v point fingers at someone else, take a good look at our own hypocritical life filled with double standards.


  32. nandha Avatar

    lazy, took up so much space. If u r offended, plse lemme know.Will try 2 takeup lesser space.


  33. TotalNuts Avatar

    Here at last we find someone that completely echoes my views and sentiments.

    People like RajK in fact deserve to live in smalltown tamilnadu…marry a arukkaani-type-chick…with velakkennai, kokki-jadai…et all.. the works u see…

    there ought to be a fantasy-monitor attached to his brain(assuming there is proof of concept on that). The moment he thinks anything remotely sexual about anyone…WHACKKKK…the device…kicks him in the butt…

    well..that thougt aside…the fact of the matter is that…”Virginity” is an oft-overestimated concept. it is purely imaginary and exists only in mind…Virginity is neither a physical barrier nor is it something to be proud of…

    Virginity is a state of mind that starts off denoting innocence and inexperience and evolves into ignorance and stupidity and found very commonly with morons…

    The fact of the matter is…the only people that are “Mental Virgins” after 13 years of age are those that are so incapable of losing virginity at any age or are mentally challenged losers in a moronic society.

    I suggest…that all the Thol.Thirumalvalavan, Dr.Ramadoss(and his moronic son), wannabe CM-YerumaiKaanth and Wannabe Guruvayur Temple Resident J.Jayalalitha and MoothraKalaignar Karuna(oackkk)nidhi…are bundled together on a sad-very very sad-island called deepdepress and made leaders of a population consisting of the likes of RajK and his ilk. Then, one fine day a huge bomb is dropped on that island and they all die a very very sad sexless life thinking about tamil culture and how to police it in hell.

    In the meantime, tamilnadu and the entire world will be much better off without them and their moronic thoughts.


  34. Keerthivasan Avatar

    Totalnuts, Yeah !! Total Nuts. 🙂

    here’s a funny bone.. now nobody blame me for this.. its just pun intended.

    I’ve read this on t-shirt. “Virginity is not a Dignity. Its just lack of opportunity”… heh!


  35. vikram Avatar

    u had mentioned about booking Selvaragahvan for showing pre-marital *** in 7G…(since it is too dangerous to utter that 3-letter word these days!).
    but again – u have to appreciate the proactive (or cowardice for some others!!) that he portrayed sonia agarwal as a settu ponnu(basically a northy) and not as a native tamil ponnu!!
    also he did not have the guts to show that sonia marries the other guy and the two-lived-happily-ever-after!
    and thats where i feel selvaraghavan is too an ‘hypocrite’!


  36. Nesh Avatar

    ponnum marhey alla…pennum marhey alla…asaiyai marhey- baba….lolz….

    Now now…i dun think the arguement shld be about whether premarital sex shld be allowed…cuz that view varies frm person to person…its depends on their level of education…family background…cultural intensity….wat shld be argued bout is whether kushboo deserves the current reaction(violent) from the public…

    Indians are respected for their value of chastity…dun kinda spoil it…


  37. senthil Avatar

    Nothing in the post says anything that you guys are talking about.For that matter lazy himself feels this is a trifle matter, why are u guys breaking your head.


  38. thennavan Avatar

    Folks, let me put this in perspective here. I am against cultural policing too and have written a humor post on it, but I am also proud of my Indian culture and heritage and one of its salient aspects has indeed been about this “karpu” or “chastity” factor. It is in fact erroneous to assume that chastity applies only to women and that is where the root of the social malaise is. Chastity applies to men as much as it does to women and there is again a chastity before marriage (more famously called “virginity” and a chastity after marriage more famously called “faithfulness”).

    Everyone knows and acknowledges that the sexual drive is one of the most powerful of human drives (maybe Sigmund Freud may disagree :-)), but that is not a “license” for promiscuity. In fact there are several social, psychological and physical harmful effects of promiscuity and it is not “all fun” as rolling in the bed is made out to be.

    Just because we have learnt to use more gadgets or know the “power of the Internet” and other high-funda stuff that a “thoroughly-Macaulay-educated-and-brainwashed” set of Indians take great pride in, let’s not look askance at a 5000 year culture whose hallmark has been one of social order (long before your western-oriented Anglo-Saxon jurisprudence took over along with other ills of the former Mughal invasions and the latter British/French/Dutch/Portuguese colonizations). A culture that was far advanced than in many things including hygiene that what your Kimberly-Clark and Johnson & Johnson have promoted in self-interest.

    For example, you do find that westerners come straight from the outside and walk into their homes in their footwear. Has every western society including America got the cleanest road surfaces that no germ can ever stick with your shoes and so you are as scrubbed and clean as after your bath when you do the above? Contrast this with a culture that wanted you to wash your hands and feet (in an older era) before stepping into the home or even now when we don’t wear footwear either at home or into our temples. Contrast people coming with loose hair (in other cultures) after a hair-cut and dipping their hands into their food (a very likely case of transferring not only the loose hair but also the other germs from the barber-shop) with our own where the elders used to insist on going straight to the bathroom to have a shower. This was the same reason why cats were not encouraged as pets too since their falling hair can cause a lot of problems when it gets into your food (and these are microscopic hairs that you can’t even see).

    Aachaaram was nothing more than personal hygiene and cleanliness and your not putting your hand into a common container of food was one of those (after you had made contact with the saliva of your mouth). Women being given “rest” for three days of emotional turmoil in a month was also a concept of concern for the woman who was otherwise shouldering a lot of domestic work. It may be that several of these were twisted to ridiculous levels but that was by people who had no understanding of why these things were followed in the first place.

    Coming back to this topic, do you all know that a recent research unearthed that when you have sex with a girl who has had sex with others, in effect, YOU HAVE HAD SEX WITH EVERY ONE OF THOSE WHO HAS HAD SEX WITH HER? Since many of you who hold “progressive views” prefer the “western-research-oriented” approach to vet any argument, go ahead and look it up on the web. AIDS is not nature’s way of getting back at promiscuity; that is the erroneous “fear of retribution” belief. AIDS is actually a precursor to many other such yet-to-be-discovered health risks that are going to come when humans arrogantly push the limits of what they are morally supposed to do on earth, particularly when it comes to matters of the flesh. Krishna said in The Gita about moderation in everything being the key to your overall well-being. Let us start off with our VIEWS first (and this applies to either side of the debate) 🙂

    (Guru, sorry to take up this space, but wanted to get this off my chest).


  39. Indian Avatar

    Indians can copy Western people but in core We are still INdians, plz dont forgetit


  40. TotalNuts Avatar

    Like, Khushbu and Suhasini and almost everyone else in Tamilnadu these days, I also Apologize to Guru for taking up his blogspace to vent my ire.

    Alright…U thennavans and indians of the world here. Let me get something off of my chest too.

    Indians have long prided in pushing back their culture as far back as humans can remember. It could well be true that cro-magnon neanderthals have been living in and around the place that we call India today for 500 million and 50 thousand years. They still are. But, that does not make our culture great nor does following whatever our great-granddads did make us great too.

    Somehow, in the land that invented Kamasutra, it has become fashionable for culture-crazy indo-maniacs to carp on pseudo prudent attitudes and how important it is for us to stick to our “oh-so-great heritage”. The fact of the matter is that Indians are truly neither in touch with their past nor have any sense of the reality of the present. Indians are perhaps one of the most illusion-prone species on the planet.

    In fact, the India(or whatever kingdoms existed then) of the pre-British and pre-islamic-lunatic era had people with far more backbone and spunk and opulence and prosperity than any Indian can imagine now. And that era had more scientifically, sociallly and sexually progressive thoughts than the backward primitive conservative tribe that prowls the Indian and world landscapes today.

    Again, It has become fashionable for the conservative mafia in India to compare with the west to show how less decadent we are and how nice a civilization that makes us. Let me ask you, if we were the nation with the most prudes and a nation with such a gloried past and a fabulous culture(specifically Tamil culture), pray enlighten me on the reason why India is second only to Africa on AIDS. Tamilnadu – the beacon of culture as made out to be by all the panthers and monkeys of the state-tops the list in India. We achieved the top spot despite being the least promiscuous culture in the world. Oh that does not happen to us. We are scholarly ostriches searching for cultural pearls deep in the sand when our a** is exposed to the hot sun of reality.

    The fact of the matter is we are the most sex-starved perverted goddamn country in the whole world with the most sickening thoughts that make us one of the most despicable tribes on earth. Is there any other nation on earth where you have heard of “Eve-Teasing”? Well the sickening species that indulges in this act actually prowls only our part of the planet-more so Tamilnadu. And to talk about India’s capital bearing the proud tag of also being the World’s rape capital.

    Indian Culture…Heritage…My Foot !!

    I can go on and on. All you indophiles, keep your hypocricy back home and take a strong dose of reality shot before you carp on the greatness of your culture just because you were born in it.

    The cure for India’s sickness is not hiding behind the false cloak of our heritage. It lies in facing reality, understanding sexuality and maturely coming to terms with it and being a more open, progressive and importantly permissive and tolerant country. Over a period of time, this would make the country a more strong society where everyone understands everyone else’s space, freedom and point of view.


  41. Totalnuts Avatar

    And thennavan. All sex outside marriage is not neccesarily the way you portray. There are other concepts called love where some beautiful moments occur. Neither does that make someone promiscuous nor does it make all people that stay with one partner saints. You have a very very narrow point of view.

    Whatever it be, NOTHING. I mean absolutely NOTHING gives the society the right to “moral-police” its population. NEVER. What adult people do with their mind, body and soul is their own business and any culture that interferes in someone’s personal liberty and space is no culture that belongs in today’s society. E.g, Taliban, Dalit panthers, assorted monkeys of tamilnadu etc, the Indophile Culture Mafia that you head from the United States etc.


  42. thennavan Avatar

    TotalNuts, I can say only one thing. You have Totally Misunderstood 🙂 me in your disagreement since I have no issue with our “Kamasutra” past and actually want Indians to be more expressive about their sexuality. I actually think we became all this because the current crop of prudes have not yet understood the REAL INDIAN STAND on sexuality in the past. But, that does not mean that anybody goes ahead and sleeps with anybody THROWING ALL KINDS OF SOCIAL NORMS TO THE WIND. In fact, I say that only because we have not interpreted Vatsyayana correctly only, we have allowed ourselves to sink into a sexually starved (and consequently perverted) society that has now the second highest incidence of AIDS in the world. So, we have got to fix the root of the problem but that has NOTHING whatsoever to what I addressed on this issue. I pride myself on arguing on the finest points of an issue and what you say is composed of many other threads (many on which I do agree too) that are not exactly a match to what I said. Although I am not a lawyer, I have unfortunately been bestowed with the worst of the nitpicking habits of one when looking at the finele-tuned logic of an issue 🙂


  43. Lazy Geek Avatar


    As Senthil remarked, I’m thinking this is a much trivial issue that what is percieved. But go on, its just starting to bring ut various dimensions to the issue. no getting offended. use all the space.


  44. tamil apologist Avatar
    tamil apologist

    what’s happening in tamilnadu is assault on free speech and is not a trivial matter. it is easy to take it for granted when you have free speech. but millions of people all over the world have lost their lives in pursuit of free speech and other democratic ideals.

    As george bernard shaw said, assasination is an extreme form of censorship. Obviously, there is a dangerous slippery slope here. unless people speak up, the fascist elements who threaten free speech will be further emboldened.


  45. Dark Prince Avatar
    Dark Prince

    Talking about democracy I feel that nesh was right that democracy is abused in countries including India!I find it pointless to even argue what the directors ask teh actors to play.Well..the movies portray what the director feels and the actor just acts it out.If vijay managed to cause such a uproar..he must be the best actor because he managed to act so well to be misinterpreted.As a citizen of the US and a lawyer,I agree that lawyers should use their license for more worthy cases than just wasting their time suing an actor because he ‘acted’well.Well if they want to act as true lawyers..they have more than these case I am sure.No point arguing over basic things like this to me.


  46. Nesh Avatar

    Law of free speech only applies if what you say dont hurt the feelings of others( the majority of the society)…you cannot publish to the mass media a comment, if the comment is considered to be morally negative(this depends on the opnions of the majority) to the society…So what kushboo said may be wrong and she deserves to get sued…bt how the people r reacting to it is even wrong…and uncivilised….


  47. Manmadhan Avatar

    Well said Dark prince!Precisely my point!Coming back to whether premarital sex should be legalized or not!Is this a fair argument in the first place?Is there any country besides this arguing about this topic?Is this topic worth discussing?Well I am not attacking any race,religion,nationality or any ideas!But it is not fair a topic to discuss because allowing premarital sex is like allowing a child onto a jammed road blindfolded.This akes sense because the childis likely to be attacked by more than one way.Even if the party does premarital sex willingly..the physical and mental abuse remains.Premarital sex may be abused because it exposes the young to danger and unforseen circumstances.The country and the law reserves the right to protect the young just as it does for drug abuse.I see them both equally.Youngsters are the leader of our future..we should protect them and not let them stray free because of the lack of laws available or no law.No countries have failed because of law.Democracy is a privilege which can be taken aware if abused.


  48. Nesh Avatar

    it all depends on whether sex for lust or sex for love…lolz…only childish people care to even talk bout sex…when views about sex is something that varies rapidly frm one person to another…I also agree with manmadhan that allowing premarital sex will make youngsters go astray…and especially a in a country like india…it will end up adding another problem down the list together with the existing problem on corruption….the whites may have sex all day long…whether married or not…or wit the married or not…bt we the asians cannot be like tat…jus becos people belonging to the superpower countries like US say so…we cannot justify allowing premarital sex so easily…


  49. Manmadhan Avatar

    Well considering the different lifestyle of the US and an Asian country like India well-reputed for chastity of woman it is impossible to ever able to change the lifestyle of women.In a country like United States..there is naturally a high level of freedom and may allow the youngsters them to have pre-marital sex.In India it is virtually impossible to think about it.One reason is because India have over-poplulation which US safely does not have.US have enough right policies and laws to defend it’s people if pre-marital sex affects anyone.The people are given a choice.In India it is a time-bomb to ever consider laxing the laws for premarital sex.One reason is because the AIDs victims are still going out of control and it is a laughable idea to even think about laxing the rules.We can never allow pre-marital sex in India by comparing to US or other countries in that sense.Thankx


  50. Hawkeye Avatar


    i am re-iterating this. you are missing the point. if IPC prohibits sex outside of marriage. then kushboo is wrong and she shld go to jail. then the whole discussion is moot.

    is there an onlibe version of IPC that i can see. i am really curious.


  51. TotalNuts Avatar


    You are missing the point as well. If IPC contains a code saying sex outside/before marriage is wrong, then IPC is wrong. not Khushbu. She just made a statement. Why can the stupid dimvits not understand the difference between the realm of what is law and what is social behavioral patterns? No one single person can claim to speak for the whole group until the group is bound together by way of homogenity of character, goal or plain idealogy. Here the entire state of Tamilnadu is far too heterogenous(i hope, i pray) to be painted with the same brush of prudeness, chastity(the most sickening word invented to degrade women) etc.

    We can raise awareness through campaigns and PILs to ensure that the Supreme Court intervenes and changes the IPC and throws it out of people’s bedrooms out on the Street. Which is where it actually belongs. That is where it is supposed to govern and apply. Not in someone’s bedroom.

    This argument is getting to be more and more outrageous !!!

    And manmadhan…Go get your head checked and cleaned some place. Who gave you the idea that everything in the west is decadent and everything in your country is pure(sic) and unblemished? Go get your head checked. I am serious. You will never recover from the shock when you come out of your illusion and discover the truth.


  52. RandomTamilGuy Avatar

    I am bit confused….

    Apart from AIDS, why is chastity a good thing?

    I see the so called chastity do more harm than good.

    1) Girl get raped, its not easy for her to get married cos she is not a virgin any more.

    2) Husband dies. Its not easy for the wife to get married again cos she is not a virgin. But it will be lot easy for a man to get married if his wif is dead.

    I *think* that the conspect of chastity affects woman badly in tamil culture than men hence its not “fair” conspect to begin with so i think getting rid of the notion of chastity is good think.

    I may well be wrong…


  53. nivas Avatar

    hi Guys,
    i see an interesting discussion going on here, so thought of jumping in. I agree with the freedom of speech and that Kushboo should not be victimised. Of course, if what she has spoken is illegal according to IPC, then she has to pay the price, but why multiple court cases? BTW,Totalnuts, supreme court can’t change IPC – only the parliament can do, i guess.
    But the real point i want to make is – how do we assume that Western culture is better simply because it is more popular now? Its long time effects on soceity are yet unknown and it doesnt seem to be doing any good in the shortterm too with increasing divorce and crime rates. I believe home schooling is very common in US due to crime in schools – is this what we call freedom?
    And i have a strong reason to believe that it is not good in the long term. Sexual promiscuity, mindless consumerism, increasing drug use and a media which focusses on sensual titillations are the exact attributes of a future dystopian society in the novel “The Brave New World”. And in my blog post here (http://pseudorandomscribblings.blogspot.com/2005/03/brave-new-world-and-our-future.html) i have explained how our society (western society) can logically end up being there. I consider the novel to be a warning for us -we should heed soon.


  54. Totalnuts Avatar

    It is not in the nature of human beings to be regulated by social order. Social order changes every mile, every minute as you keep moving along a country’s landscape. Wherever and whenever social policing has conjoined with the law and order mechanism, it has invariably been hijacked by a few despots that take it upon themselves to be the enforcing mascots and authority of the same.

    Examples are so many that fingers will fall off counting. Idi Amin did that to regain Ugandan Pride and wanted a Black Africa for Africans. He ended up cannibalising his own people. Then there is the Taliban. Then there are the Christian Taliban in America. People like Pat Robertson of the CCC(Conservative Christian Coalition) would rather take people back deep into the dark ages and de-educate people so they are, you know..easier to “handle”.

    While one single idealogy can be a powerful moral tool, it can also more often than not, lead a perfectly heterogenous society into a deep pit of moral uniformity by a bunch of people that try to gain power based feeling morally superior in a game of oneupmanship.

    While it is, thankfully, going to be difficult to impose any such moral anality on a large section of people in India, still whatever is happening in Tamilnadu points to a dangerous trend with the potential to affect a large enough number of people to be concerned.

    In the spirit of democracy and in the spirit of all the freedoms that we hold dear, it is important that we reject any attempts by the “moral police” and assorted panthers and monkeys to tell us what we should do with our mind, body, soul and as****le.

    In the end, it is all a clear understanding about the domain of our own personal liberty and freedoms. And Finally, To all you doomsday predictors out there – nivas and your favorite book author included: The way humans are screwing with the planet today, your eagerly anticipated doomsday is going to happen anyways some day sooner than later. Better to live as a free people and die as a free people than get shackled by some moral chain that we do not agree with.

    That way when your doomsday happens, at least my aavi will not be thaaving from murungamaram to puliyamaram ya !!!


  55. someone Avatar

    This whole topic is gay.


  56. Hawkeye Avatar


    reminds me of a stephen covey argument that “you cant break the law but you can only break yourself against the law”

    the IPC is neither right nor wrong. Its a law that stands there. You can be right or wrong depending on what you do.

    As long as the IPC stands ..thats the law of the land and speaks for all the people in the land. Until then “IPC is wrong” is just your opinion and by saying it aloud you could be arrested for “abetting in crime” . (ofcourse all this is assuming IPC prohibits this)

    I’ll be happy if IPC is contested through the proper procedure. whether its changed or not, it makes me believe that the system works.

    I generally am in support of kushboos freedom of speech and do not like PMK talking to her on my behalf. But the IPC makes me hesitate a bit


  57. Chenthil Avatar

    Hawkeye, IPC states that adultery is a crime if committed by a woman. I am not joking.Check this link http://www.indialawinfo.com/bareacts/ipc.html#_Toc496765390

    But in this case Kushboo was talking about Pre Marital Sex, so your argument doesn’t hold good.


  58. Uma Avatar

    HaHa did I read it right, does the law really say something about sleeping with another man’s wife being okay if there is consent from the concerned man! Blah, ridiculous stuff.


  59. Zero Avatar

    Very absurd. I don’t know where it states adultery is a crime *only* when committed by a women.
    But, taking into consideration only the 497th item, the law statement itself assumes that *a man* does it with *a married woman*.
    It says the man “is guilty of the offence of adultery, and shall be punished”.
    The most absurd part is “the wife shall be punishable as an *abettor*”.


  60. raajk Avatar

    these are all british-made laws. we are in the process of changing them for the past 50+ years.
    don’t read too much into them.

    for those who may ask, why so slow…

    remember, these are made during their 200 year rule. that too, by despotism.

    law means social consensus. we cannot make laws like the british did. becos india is our country, we rule it now. Indians are now citizens, not subjects.


  61. RaajK Avatar

    Totalnuts has really gone ‘total nuts’. Please stayback wherever you are. That’ll be a good service you do for india. Just don’t think about India. If you

    are in India, I pity your spuose. (may be you had read too much of British stuff especially novels.)

    I think this person is truly the cliched sexually frustrated and self-worth challenged one. I assume this person to a woman(or like). In a xenomanical

    journey she just bashes about Indian culture and Civilisation. Hello, instead of asking others to check their mind, you check yours bcos it is your own

    frustration that makes you believe that all indians are sexually-starved. Funny.

    She makes many a point about indian culture, virginity et al. Macaulay would be laughing in heaven not thro his mouth but through his A**. I wonder, with

    these kind of xenomaniacal racism, how could she watch an Indian movie at all.

    **** All sex outside marriage is not neccesarily the way you portray. There are other concepts called love where some beautiful moments occur. Neither does

    that make someone promiscuous ****

    This is crazy. Love ? what for? beautiful moments? What was the beauty all about? Go around f*** anyone you find on the street and still marry someone else?.

    Excuse me, are you talking about prostitution? I think everyone has the right to become a prostitute (male/female). But the point is, why do you want others

    into it?

    Complete Xenomanics or Utterly Frustrated Nuts gone total nuts.


    For the Xenemaniacs,

    There is no boundries to desire. Ask a smoke addict or any other addict, he will tell you that the more he takes it, the more uncontrollable the desire

    becomes. Once you are bored with, you seek variety within it. There’s no end to it. Is Bill Gates happy with the money he has?

    Why do Hollywood actors marry 4 or 5 times within 35 years of age? If 4 or 5 is not incompatible how did you get into that relationaship at first? Even after

    experimenting, you find your choice is wrong. that means the problem is with you. don’t search it outside. not everyone is perfect.You will never get the

    perfect. the real issue is if you are willing to adjust.

    In my previous comment I mentioned about what happened in Paris and London. Did anyone notice it?
    Well, recently Charu Nivedita(Tamil Writer) gave an interview in Vikatan in which he(yeah male) went ‘total nuts’ like the one above. He said France is his

    most favourite country in the world because “only there can you find Sex Shops and Schools on the same street. yet, there prevailed a COMPLETE SOCIAL


    And, this was just a week before France witnessed “one of its worst social crisis in the last four decades”.
    This is the way our people go ‘total nuts’. Now that you have seen the ‘social harmony’. How was it?

    Again, what is possibly the reason for the US courts to approve ‘Affirmative action’ inspite of being a ” land of opprtunity”, as de Toquivelle put it,for

    over 200 years ? Hasn’t it benefited everyone?

    oh!!!! How much should I explain in a single comment…??!!! Not possible. Let me make it simple.

    people, Not everything is rosy with the west!

    We all have a fantasy for the exotic. But that should never be at the cost of analysing the reasons. There are western indoctrination everywhere. Our

    ingenuity lies in seperating the best from the rest. If not, Macaulay will be laughing from heaven. The french also said, liberty. Liberty for whoom ? For

    the fittest it is liberty for getting anything he/she wants. For others, it is liberty to be poor.

    The so-called free societies are nothing but the LANDS OF RUTHLESSLY SUPPRESSED FRUSTRATIONS.
    Dear total nuts and the likes, I only hope for the day when NRIs have some SELF-RESPECT and try to give up worshipping your western demi-gods.


    Friends, Let me give you some basics.


    Consider this: If I have more muscles and money, I should have the freedom to use it. It is MY money and MY muscle. If you have it too, dare to use it

    against me. Why call me a criminal and isolate from the society?

    It is simply beacuse ONE’s FREEDOM SHOULD NOT BE AT THE COST OF OTHERS. Every man/woman lives in society. As Aristotle put it, human beings are social

    animals, anyone who is not living in a society is “either god or a beast”. So, there are certain rules of the game. Some collective rules have to be made to

    prevent chaos. This is where Law and morality comes in.


    Law is a clearly specified set of rule prescibing what to do or what not to. No one can breach it. The enforecement and punishment are severe. Even if it is

    decided by 1 or 2 persons in a country’s apex court, it should be considered as the society’s wish. Don’t you think this is undemocratic?. Well, the point

    is, democracy is a matter of degree. 100 % democracy is a myth. (In the land of mother of democracy, there was so much outcry, casualities withing the govt,

    etc. against war. Did it prevent Tony blair from sub-serving the former colony?) ok, lemme not drift away…


    Morality is a flexible form of law. There are no punishment for breaching it. It operates through persuation and ridicule. It is a society’s collective

    experience, telling what is desirable and what not.

    Whenever two or more people assemble at a place, then it is a social situation. You need to behave yourself taking into consideration of others’ presence.

    You are not alone. You can smoke and shout but your smoking should not cause ME cancer.

    No society can have law for EVERYTHING. Customes, norms, etc – evrything contributes to social life. Law cannot anticipate every future situation. society’s

    past experience is the only guide. Keep in mind that a MAJOR PART OF LAWS ARE TAKEN FROM THE NORMS AND MORALS PREDOMINANT AT THAT TIME.


    Culture is a self-sufficient way of life. It is nothing but “a general consensus”. Every culture grows in multiple directions beacuse culture is a

    shared concept. Everyone contributes to it. Over the course of time the most predominant, whether good or bad, continues. It is not static. It keeps changing


    Americans cannot understand civilisations. They are basically former-prisoners and wanderers. It is no coincidence that american culture is “Personal

    FREEDOM, FREEDOM,FREEDOM…Hell to everything else.” If personal freedom is most important why do you have something called law ? That is an infringement on

    personal freedom too. You are not allowing the fittest to survive ! Why do you reward the intellectually fittest and punish the muscle-fittest? Go back to

    aristotle. Even the MOOOOST FREEESTT country cannot survive without taking care of its “social existence”.


    The primary reason for marriage is sex and procreation. Marriage and morality are nothing but a set of EXPECTED BEHAVIOURS to avoid undue sexual competition

    and chaos.

    Social scientists have long before accepted that NO CULTURE IS RATIONAL. Everything is dependent on PERCEPTION. That is how ‘Cultural Relativism’ has


    If sex is a trivial thing, then why is this FAITHFULLNESS. Tell me if there’s a ‘free country’ with ‘free people’ which has legalised extra-marital affairs.

    No man or woman in the world will allow it. If you don’t find your partner compatible, you can dissolve the marriage. None can say that I am in love with

    her/him BUT WE WISH TO MAINTAIN SEPERATE SET OF SEXUAL PARTNERS EACH!!!. That simply is meaningless and an oxymoron.


    Virginity is an extended form of faithfullness. If faithfullness is accepted, why not virginity?. Virginity is INDEED A DIGNITY. It is not a lack of

    opportunity. It is a measure of one’s self-control. It is a hope. It is a virtue.

    For most part of life, the attraction between a man and women is sex. A man and woman (of course both) are expected to be sexually innocent until marriege so

    that after marriage the newly found sexual attraction will help them adjust to their new status. They will become ONE in mind and in soul. They are expected

    to lead the entire life together. This is Indian thinking.


    I know these kinda stuff like ‘my body, will do anything’ ‘ my mouth will say anything’.

    Let us say, you are in a seminar room. There are hundreds of people in the room. Suddenly, you feel bowel pressure. You can 1) Politely get out to the

    washroom. 2) you can shit there itself, making the chair your commode. Why not. You wannna be like animals in sex too right?


    The western culture says, you cannot make the chair your commode. Indian culture says, you should not only shit on the chair but also not liberte flatulent

    gas in the seminar room. This is the difference between faithfullness and viginity.

    It all comes through habit and upbringing. If you don’t have a regular bowel habit, you are likely to release the gas. But don’t argue by saying that

    everyone releases gas and why should not i do it in the seminar room.


    I have every reason to belive that Totalnuts TRULY seem to be sexually frustrated. Come on, that is your problem. You cannot jump to the conclusion

    that all Indians are sexually starved.

    Indian culture and Hinduism have always remained acceptable to new ideas. Starting from the Aryans,it has always incorporated new elements into it. In

    theory, there has never been a major Religion which was more tolerant towards other religions. That is Indian way of life.

    Divorce and re-marriage are accepted in India not only legally but also socially. As i have already said, even your demi-gods in the west will not accept

    that you have sex with someone else and reamin married with someone. And if you are a supporter of extra-marital marriage, you are a social drop-out. Change

    yourself. Otherwise. society will teach you the lesson.


    The ISSUE

    Thiruma or Ramadoss never put a lock to your genetials. They never ever said anything against or for pre-marital sex. It depends upon how our culture

    adjusts to the onslaught of westernisation.

    Kushboo had pre-marital sex(a public knowledge) and NO ONE was really bothered. It is a matter between kushboo and Sundar.C. But she saying that educated men

    should not expect virginity in their future wife IS OUTRAGEOUS. Like totalnuts, she cannot generalize that every one goes for it nowadays. By the way, how

    many people go for the so-called love marriage? Just like she got f***ed on her own will, “the educated man” must also have his own will as to what he wants.

    Like lazygeek,i can simply dismiss Kushboo’s views. But remember this – when I utter something, it’s only an OPINION. When a celebrity says something, even

    if she is an 8th Std. drop out,it’s NEWS. When politicians (particularly, Party Leaders) say something, it’s a POLICY STATEMENT.

    As I said, if the society goes for it in due course of time, it is acceptable. A single filthy whore cannot direct the course of history by her foot in

    mouth comments.

    It is not surprising that news makers and policy makers are at loggerheads. If one of the two news-makers utter irresponsible comments, then naturally the

    other will confront it in his own way. media interview is celebrities’ way, whereas democratic protest is the way of any politician.

    Someone wrote above that – ‘be man enough to accept that she has had pre-marital sex’.

    Reversing the same question, If you had sex before marriage, be woman enough to admit it to the man in advance. Face the acceptance or rejection equally.

    Educated or uneducated, he/she has waited for you, it is only fair that you waited too. If not, marry a person same as you. If both the partners had pre-

    marital sex, then it is not wrong per se for them to marry. But otherwise, it surely is an UNEQUAL combination. Sex is a core purpose of marriage.

    It is the ‘MODES OPERANDI’ which matters.!!!!



  62. RaajK Avatar

    comment cross-posted here:



  63. Hawkeye Avatar


    i am not arguing at all. i am trying to find out information.

    but still i think a man will certainly be sent to jail if he has sex with a woman whom he is not married to (this includes pre-marital). Whether the woman is let go or arrested is a different story but i think 1 party definetly goes to jail.

    usually the way such arrests happen is when a woman complains to the police that a man used/cheated her. whenever “kaathal mosadi” cases are filed this clause will be one of the default clauses that are suspected to be violated.

    let me check this out even deeper.


  64. Hawkeye Avatar

    also chenthil – the link says that the man will be charged with “adultry” and the woman with “abetting adultry”.

    so both will be charged


  65. Sarat Avatar

    The IPC is an outdated document with several laughable sections (esp on ‘unnatural’ sex and porn). How can the Code of law (IPC not Manu) be written earlier than the Constitution? Which takes precedence when there is a conflict, e.g Kushbu?
    75 years ago,Gandhi broke a stupid salt law and gained eternal glory. I think Kushbu should do the same, withdraw the cases, go to Jail and show people how stupid the whole issue is.


  66. Chenthil Avatar

    Hawkeye, Zero – I didn’t make myself clear. As I understood Section 497 of IPC if a man entices a married woman to have sex with him they both are charged as adulterer and abettor. But IPC is quite about a married man having sex with an unmarried woman. That is not considered as adultery. So inherently only a woman who indulges in adultery is punished along with her lover, but not a married man.


  67. Hawkeye Avatar

    ok now i get it 🙂


  68. Zero Avatar

    Yeah, that is what I meant when I said this.
    /*the law statement itself assumes that *a man* does it with *a married woman*.*/
    In my previous comment, I said it is “Very absurd” in acknowledgement to what you said; just that I did not find where it explicitly states adultery is a crime only when committed by a women (though I didn’t clearly put it in words :)).

    Strange that this thread (curse me lazy; I call ur blog post “a thread”) is active even after the damage RaajK did to it.


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