Satyaraj, SJ Surya, Salman & Seattle

It’s becoming colder in Seattle. Its raining, windy and pleasantly cold. The kind of iira nilam that one would love to live. They have been telling me that as winter coses it, you would be terrible out of mood, blame it on the absence of sun. But for me it’s becoming the other way. I do enjoy the sun but the cold weather combined with semi-frequent coming of the rains. This evening it was so windy with rain drizzles that I had my spirits uplifted. A different kind of feeling, that for a moment, makes you forget projects, go-lives, status reports, MOMs and what not.

Offlate, I’m voraciously reading and unexpectedly all the books that were in a long library queue are just pouring in. Besides Ashokamitran’s Katuraigal Part 1, I’m having Rusdhie’s Shalimar the Clown on my left hand, Thomas Friedman’s The World is Flat on my right hand and a lovely book that I wouldn’t disclose now. I want to certainly write a post on that special book.

Saw SJ Surya’s Ah Aha and namma Surya’s Ghajini. Ah Aha was loud, ugly and a sick movie. I’m planning to protest against Rahman tuning music for this dude. He has literally screwed up all the songs with crass creativity and glaring colors. The wide angle close-up shot is an overkill. The completely unrelated sentiment scenes seems to be targeted the thaaikulams while he was busy exploring the midriff of Nila. Does he think we are a bunch of idiots, watching his movie ? Ellyei !!

Satyaraj’s Englishkaran is one good movie in the recent times with some common sense. It’s typically a late 80’s flick with a storyline that we have seen a million times, Satyaraj’s satirical comedy rocks. If you can mock at the several happenings of Kollywood and Tamil Nadu politics, with a rehashed storyline, you could cast Satyaraj and make it into a hit, like this. Though we have seen similar movies from Satyaraj, watching truly crappy films from kollywood this year, this was a good time pass. The voluptuous Namitha portrayed as an athlete and she actually runs 100 meters in a tar road before she dies of the kollywood classic poison, arali vedhai. Though I’m not for this nuisance, I’m holding from cursing too much as Namitha Fans Association might actually protest to burn printouts of I ain’t ready for all that !!

18 responses to “Satyaraj, SJ Surya, Salman & Seattle”

  1. Maverick Avatar

    //she actually runs 100 meters in a tar road //

    Now get ready for Namitha Mirza playing a tennis match aganist some Russian girl on Nungambakakm tennis courts in ‘Kovai Brothers’ 🙂


  2. F e r r a r i Avatar

    Namitha has lost 10 kgs it seems 🙂
    Anyways, today is Asin’s birthday 😀


  3. Aravind Avatar

    Are you planning a separate two-minute-review of Ghajini? Also, did you rent “Ah Aah” in Mayuri videos?


  4. brood_mode Avatar

    “Though I’m not for this nuisance, I’m holding from cursing too much as Namitha Fans Association might actually protest to burn printouts of I ain’t ready for all that !!”

    p/o???? good one!


  5. Vikram Avatar

    You havent mentioned anything about Ghajini in this post! What was your perspective on that movie?


  6. Ananth Avatar

    Don’t you think Ah-Aha minus Surya would have been a watchable movie ??


  7. Somu Avatar

    I waged a war when the breaking news review came out in this blog… You having seen it now,I am just curious to know if you agree with all that the review had to say.


  8. srkriz Avatar

    Clever Title for the post ! I finsihed reading it completely ..then was thinking where the connection for Salman Khan & Surya in the complete post . Later realised it was Rushdie & SJ Suryah !!

    May be you wanted S,S,S & S for the title !!


  9. Lazy Geek Avatar

    //Now get ready for Namitha Mirza playing a tennis match//

    Maverick, Can’t see that happen. Again I shut my mouth here fearing Namitha Rasigar Narpani Mandram 🙂


  10. Lazy Geek Avatar

    //Namitha has lost 10 kgs it seems//

    Ferrari, Alavenduththaa maathiri sollara, Enna ithu !!


  11. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Aravind, Yes for both. BTw, saw your blog and you seem to be around too, which is cool.


  12. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Brood Mood – Hee hee !!

    Vikram, Thanks for asking. I thought I could write about it in a seperate blog post.

    Ananth, Good question. Thinking about it, I think it should be a watchable flick if not a stupid flick like now. He actually spoilt the mood even during the start.

    Somu, Thaniya oru post ezhuthalaamnu irukken.

    Srkriz, You got it. After writing I thought a title and I could strike a balance and hence S,S,S & S. Someone actually did notice that. Good.


  13. Tamilponnu Avatar

    Saw Ah Aah… I liked it. I’m glad that someone can write and produce a movie about relationship,insecurities,love,jealousy and understanding. I felt that it was different from typical HERO SAVES THE DAY kinda flix and SJS was realistic. He did go abit crazy with the colors. Thumbs up for the effort.


  14. Tamilponnu Avatar

    oh yea..Namitha

    ((- just threw up inside my mouth.. ))

    Where is she from??


  15. Nitin Avatar

    Namitha supposedly has lost a lot of weight on the Subway diet.


  16. Tamilponnu Avatar
  17. Jags Avatar

    Interesting view on SJ Suryah’s movie. I thought this was a good effort. It is definitely not a bad attempt. I agree with Tamilponnu on this. There is too much of SJ Suryah bashing going on and I think LG you also fell into the same trap. I rented this movie expecting the worst, but it was interesting and funny. I did write about this in my blog ( also.


  18. Cipher Avatar


    Just out of curiosity i googled for “Namitha Fans Association” and as i expected u are on the top 😉
    Namitha rasigar mandra thalaivar Guru Valga 🙂


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