Neenga Nallavara ?

[Pic – IndiaGlitz]

Mani Ratnam’s seemandaputhran Nanda, his mom Suhasini and Suhasini’s Chitappa Kamal Hassan share a light moment in the Illayaraja’s live concert.

Nanda – Enga Appa Padathila Nadikamaatreenga. Neenga nejamaavey nallavara ? kettavara ?.
Kamal – Theriliyepaa. Aana unnoda first padathila kandippa naan thaan hero.
Nanda – Thoda !! Mudhalla Kaiya Vidunga. Naan success padam edukalaamnu irukken. Neenga vera !!

P.S – Illayaraja’s seems to have rocked the Chennai concert. Those who missed it, have a glance, like me.

P.P.S – India Glitz has a copyright information on their site, which I bumped on only today. It reads, Copyright 2005 IndiaGlitz. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. So I think we (read I) should restrict using their photos from now on. We need an copyright-less kollywood site and whoever knows one, leave a note. Will start using the pictures from there and extend with a huge support. I am also planning to write to India Glitz to allow me use their pictures.

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  1. iyengarkatz Avatar


    so knowing that india glitz has such a policy prohibiting the use of their copyrighted material, why do you still have the picture up on your website?? 😉



  2. Lazy Geek Avatar

    I put up the picture and then looked at the copyright info. I might take it back depending on their reply to my email. But informally, I’ve done what usually is acceptable in the online world. I’ve specified the source and also have given a link to them.


  3. iyengarkatz Avatar


    no offence meant. not trying to play the devil’s advocate etc, but something about that bit you wrote in concurrence with what my dad said in addition to the nayagan reference just gave me the answer to the question why nayagan to me is still a powerful movie as compared to movies like indian, anniyan etc. your response also aided in the final conclusion.



  4. Arun Avatar

    What do you mean by Success movie?!
    Kamal & Manirathnam = Nayagan – People still talk about that movie right! That shows Naayagan is a huge success than any other movie from that period!


  5. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Arun, Yo have to add this in the Junior Vikatan’s Dialogue category. Don’t dwell in it. But I defintely want to subtly hint that several people look at Kamal with different perspectives. As a successful psuedo intellectual or a failed genius. Though Nanda may not have meant anything, it’s me “putting word in his mouths”[ref : PKS]


  6. Prabhu Avatar

    >As a successful psuedo intellectual or a failed genius

    Why should “how intelligent a person is” be always proportional to “how successful he is”?

    Kamal, like Bharathiyar, will probably fall under the “not so successful” category during his lifetime. He should have born after 40 years or may be in a different country.



  7. iyengarkatz Avatar


    another question based off what i asked you first:

    why wait for their reply to think about taking off the picture? shouldn’t it be the other way, waiting to put it on until you get a reply? and what is normally acceptable online is by whose standards? the user’s or the copyrighted owners’?



  8. Arun Avatar

    Kamal, like Bharathiyar, will probably fall under the “not so successful” category during his lifetime – Prabhu, Rightly said!

    Kamal’s most successful Blockbuster movies right from Sakalakalaa vallavan,Thoongathaey thambi thoongathaey to the latest VasoolRaja Mbbs were so unprofessionally done! Lot of film critics will love to credit Kamal for a failed Raajapaarvai,Guna and Anbesivam kindaa movies!

    Guru, I know lotta people look kamal,MR,Balumahendra, differently…since you celebrate art, I think actors like Kamal should be appreciated. Commercial magazines has a tendency to reflect people’s mind but as a blogger, don’t you think you should celebrate the art more than commercial success of it. I know you do…then why those lines ?! I can hear you saying ‘Just for fun…Take it easy dude’. I am trying to 🙂


  9. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Arun, You got it. someone dubbed this blog as Kamal Rasigar mandra thalamai seyalagam. I’m just trying to make nakkal at people, atleast once.

    Katz, Thalaiva !!. You are right. Pottutten ippo enna pannalam 🙂


  10. Nilu Avatar

    As long as you credit them, they cannot do a thing. Even if they sue, they can’t win. So why invent an issue?

    In case you have doubts, refer to the Copyright Act 1976 and the Digital Millenium Act


  11. iyengarkatz Avatar


    no issues on my end. i dont have the copyrights to it. i am only trying to see how people respond to it.


    the law you mention is an united states law. i wonder if it applies to india?

    also, even with that said, the copyright infringement law still holds: Copyright infringement is the unauthorized use of copyrighted material in a manner that violates one of the copyright owner’s exclusive rights, such as the right to reproduce or perform the copyrighted work, or to make derivative works that build upon it.

    In many jurisdictions, such as the United States, copyright infringement is a strict liability tort or crime. This means that the plaintiff or prosecutor must only prove that the act of copying or actus reus was committed by the defendant, and need not prove mens rea. Good faith, standing alone, is no defense.

    but leaving aside all of this. the reason i brought that issue up is because the psyche of human beings is such that what we think wont hurt anyone is always deemed acceptable, even if it is technically or legally not so. so while humans talk passionately about utopian values and of an ideal world, the reality is that we will never achieve it because intrinsically we are not utopian or ideal by creation.

    equating this to movies: in nayagan, velu naickar believes in bending law in order to do good, which in true life is gray and that is how all humans are. we may talk about the need to eliminate corruption, while buying tickets in black and paying extra to beat a long queue. movies like anniyan etc propagate that idealistic view and thereby end up being a mere fantasy, a character at most. that is why the “neengal nallavara illa kaettavara?’ and the response “theriyale” still stands relevant today for that is the crux of all matters. man will always be tied to the moral, ethical boundaries of his mind/heart alone.



  12. Keerthivasan Avatar

    Lazy, i think we can add pictures on our sites without permissions. Because every single picture has a logo irritatingly placed to spoil the mood of the photo. Thats giving them enough credit for indiaglitz. behindwoods is equally bad in terms of placing their logo.

    Indiavarta is fine without a logo (and copyrights too, i guess). Try it.


  13. Nilu Avatar

    Yes, American laws alone apply here – because Guru cannot be tried for what is a crime in a different country when the act was comitted when he was in the USA.

    While I agree that copyright infringement is a serious crime, you have missed some important points here. Wiki says…

    The Act gives four factors to be considered to determine whether a particular use is a fair use: (1) the purpose and character of the use (commercial or educational, transformative or reproductive); (2) the nature of the copyrighted work (fictional or factual, the degree of creativity); (3) the amount and substantiality of the portion of the original work used; and (4) the effect of the use upon the market (or potential market) for the original work. The Act was later amended to extend the fair use defense to unpublished works.

    I think Guru’s use qualifies as fair use by that yardstick.


  14. iyengarkatz Avatar


    like i said above, i did not touch upon this issue from a copyright standpoint at all. whether guru can or should utilize something is his prerogative. that was not my study.

    but taking this issue a bit from the legal side. let’s remove this issue and look at it from a what if scenario on something else or some other copyrighted material.

    a) if you were to infringe on an indian copyright holder while being in the usa, would charges have to be filed in the usa alone or can it be filed in india?

    b) as an indian citizen, would you be held accountable/applicable to us laws or will your case be reverted back to india depending on where it was filed?

    and as for the four guidelines you have posted, again it is interpretative in nature and can be argued both ways, for fair use is again wording it so that one cannot pinpoint exactly what the nature of it is. the copyright holder could claim it is not fair use when you say so. again it is a perspective issue. the question is only what is the dividing line for copyrighted material online that constitutes stealing/infringement versus acceptable use?



  15. Reflex Avatar

    Guru, Hope u’ll get a special permission to use their pics. ur blog is undoubtedly giving more hits to Indiaglitz.


  16. silicon sillu Avatar
    silicon sillu


    1.if u let someone to say this is kamal fanclub and it is true, then its ur mistake. and this move is not a justification or a balance act to nullifyneutralise that

    2.if it not true then your ‘comments’ on kamal esp the last line from nanda is wrong.

    BTW, i remember u bloggedpraised more on rajniSivai film, and even the chandramuki-BID on eBay. u expressed ur interest in telling lakalaka to your manager, wearing the same suit of rajini. So i feel this is a Rajni fanclub, and will you bounce back something on rajni to prove that this is not a rajini fanclub?

    apart, if u say ‘kamal’ and ‘success’ are two different things, then u have some memory loss problem.

    someone said kamal is in the balumahendra,maniratnam cadre……no he cannot be he is the ONLY person who has bridged commercial and classic cinema, many times and he has manytimes won in that too. if u dont accept that, then u have a wrong understanding or u dont understand tamil cinema at all.


  17. tennailiraman Avatar

    am just wondering if mani’s junior wud be talkin this much!!
    (remember –“yaaru??”-“theva” — in thalapathi!!)


  18. Bala (Karthik) Avatar

    “So i feel this is a Rajni fanclub, and will you bounce back something on rajni to prove that this is not a rajini fanclub?”
    Silicon Sillu, you are spot on!

    Its funny when people who take digs at Kamal saying he is not successful (!?!, long-term memory loss) and appeasing Rajini fans and lapping up his mediocre movies (he has done good movies too, no doubt) talk about stuff like QUALITY etc etc….


  19. silicon sillu Avatar


    in ur 3 line imaginary cnversation, u are also indirectly saying that Maniratnam wont take any successful films/his fims wont succeed!

    anyway……….i take it light and its funny, anyway!


  20. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Silicon Sillu,

    I am just reflecting the perspectives on Kamal that I keep hearing. I agree Kamal like Mahendran and Mani Ratnam has been successful in briding the gap between commericial and artistic cinema.

    So this is just set us cool before we get to talk about Vettayadu Vilayadu.


  21. Prince Roy Avatar

    Fair Use applies, definitely. Lucky you, being in the US and all.


  22. msk Avatar

    hi guru,
    i think the imaginary dialog you have created represents the way people/producers think about kamal and success (at least nowadays). It looks like you are mocking those people not kamal (I guess this is what you mean by ‘making nakkal at people’). By doing so you have not proved that it is not a kamal fan club but only otherwise)

    P.S. don’t mistake me for an anti kamal-fan 😉


  23. shriram Avatar



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