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Saturday Blues !!

Bellevue and Redmond (yeah !! the same Microsoft Redmond) are like twin towns nearly overlapping each other set to the east of Seattle. Supposed to be one of the most pricey communities in & around Seattle, which I was oblivious to until I found myself paying rent through my nose. My community, near an array of Microsoft offices is one the picturesque place.

Was driving in the early morning to Redmond. It was drizzling just like any other day in Seattle. The fall colors seems to come out fast and you could spot the whole spectrum from light yellow to bright red leaves. Combined with the wetness due to rain and the bright fall colors, it seemed like a picture postcard shot. Coming from India, anyone would be awestruck by the colors and ofcourse the rain. Though I’ve travelled in a ferry to see the Washington Island fall colors, in Illinois, this morning it was a revelation. Just taking an ‘U’ turn from the home, I could see the dazzling fall colors. Seattle is partly a heaven. Once I visit California I would agree another part of ‘delicious’ heaven is out there. I suddenly remember, Illayaraja singing, Athu Nammoru Pola Varumaa. What a paradox ?

5 thoughts on “Saturday Blues !!

  1. Paradox or coincidence depends on what your definition of “nammoru” 😛

    If you are here for another 10 years the same scene same song you might have a different rant ! 🙂


  2. >>Bellevue and Redmond. Supposed to be one of >>the most pricey communities in & around Seattle

    I find Redmond very sleepy and void of life, Came here only last week, thinking how to ‘go through’ rest of my stay.

    Any way, nice to know you are around, As i work for microsft, chances are that i might see you one of these days, Will carefully look for any indian guy with laptop typing something in, might be you posting next day’s blog.


  3. Lazy,
    The lack of 4 seasons robs us Indians from enjoying some really scenic stuff. I guess its a blessing that we lack. Anyway, Life is a lot more than fall colors. That explains why people, mostly tamilians, are flooding back to Chennai from the far more beautiful Bangalore.


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