Kodambakkam, Conservative-ya-Kanjoos !!

This has been a question to many of us, at least to me, for a long time. Why aren’t these highly paid actors/directors of Kodambakkam, don’t invest their money back in Kollywood. Except Kamalhassan who has a string of failures and success with his own money, not many popular celebrities invest in Tamil cinema. Let’s take at least the top two of them, whom I think should be doing it. Obviously, it’s their money and in a capitalistic economy, we have no say on who wants to invest and who wants to sit on their money.

Having seen this dude, whose factory is just churning out movies, actors and directors, I’ve a long time crib that we haven’t got a Ram Gopal Varma for Tamil. Thats one primary reason why I never liked RGV. I felt the pressure of him taking over Bollywood to new extremes that Tamil cinema couldn’t even dream of. Kollywood has some of the best of the best in Indian Cinema. From Mani Ratnam to Kamalhassan to Illayaraja to Rahman to P C Sreeram, there are at least a hundred very talented cinema people. But is it just because bollywood has a bigger market than Tamil movies, we are lacking behind in many technical/business aspects of cinema. I don’t think so. I think we have a bunch of people who are purely selfish and just too timid to invest back from where they have earned.

Either we should be going in for the studio system like in Hollywood or create an company like Factory to manufactures movies like Chinese goods. We don’t have both. We only keep shouting like what is said in the previous para, From Mani Ratnam to Kamalhassan to Illayaraja to Rahman to P C Sreeram, there are at least a hundred very talented cinema people. Case in point, 2005 sucks for Tamil cinema. Kollywood could be feared as an endangered species if this trend continues. So what do we do ? Hire a bunch of people who know cinema selling. Not the MBA types. (Especially now, we don’t believe many MBA schools !!) Someone multi-skilled like KB’s assosiate Ananthu would do. Actually we need Ananthus in dozens. Rope at least two best people in the cinema industry. Even one could do for that matter. Float a production company called Pattarai( the Tamil word for factory/workshop) or Chennai Kalaignargal(Artists of Chennai). Get Ambani or Tata to finance the production house. Ram Gopal Varma has tied up with Ad-labs/Reliance for 100 crores. Get at least 50 crores. Kick start a small budget but high tech picture. The best one we have seen in this category is Kakkha Kakkha. Get Goutham Menon to direct a movie on the first copy basis. He must be surely stringent in spending and would finish a Kakkha Kakkha Part 3(Part 2 is Vettayadu Villayadu). Give some rest to Harris Jeyaraj. Request ARR to tune in the music. Get the film rolling. Make sure the title song is the hot selling tune in the market. The film could be a sure shot hit. Now call Balaji Shakthivel, Murugadoss and Dharani. Hypnotize them to forget the costly dudes like Vijay, Vikram, Surya. Kamal and ofcourse Super Star(we don’t have 20 crores on hand as of yet). Hand over 2 crores to each of them alongwith a production assistant. Tell them they can play with it and if they don’t come back with a good movie, no producer would book them for the next 5 years. Now call KS Ravikumar. Get him the Chimbu, Dhanush and Sidharth’s call sheet. Give him 50 lakhs. He would come back in 15 days with a sure shot success flick. Don’t release it. Wait for Dharani’s movie to be ready. Now release Dharani and KS Ravikumar’s on consecutive fridays. Go on like this with the rest of them. After you are done with one round, try to locate independent talents. For more consultancy, I can fly down to Kodambakkam, for a meager $100 a day.

I am sure that was sucking paragraph of mere fiction. We could do that or realistically do something constructive. Make Mani Ratnam, Kamal Hassan and Rajinikanth (optional Shankar) produce 3 movies a year for the next 3 years.

Mani Ratnam, who owns and runs Madras Talkies, has been making movies ever since he moved out of GV camp. After directing Roja, for K Balachander’s Kavithaalaya Productions, all his flicks were partly/fully produced by him. With the banner of Aalayam and Madras Talkies, Mani Ratnam chooses to make films that interests him. With an external producer, there would be pressures and compromises needs to be made on various levels, from story to even shoot locations. While he makes, one film a a year, I think he should be using Madras Talkies as a base to produce good movies that would sell and at the same time heighten the level of Tamil cinema. I don’t see any fun in making one movie in two years and nothing in-between. There seems to be a huge gap between his consecutive flicks and he should be encouraging new talents and project them through his popular banner. While he has produced few films including Dhasarathan, Naerukku Naer and Dum Dum Dum, gimme more Mani Saar !!

Rajinikanth, the eternal superstar of Tamil cinema, is rumored to be paid in crores of rupees, which Indian cinema wouldn’t have dreamt, until now. After Valli, Rajini Arts, his production house hasn’t produced a movie yet. Why not now ?

Agreed, Kamal Hassan has been dumping his money back in Tamil cinema. Raj Kamal’s latest Nala Damayanthi failed. But why should he stop there ? Why not sure shot, tight budgeted flicks with the help of upcoming directors like Cheran, Susi Ganesan or even the talented Selva Raghavan. With Kamal Hassan as the producer imagine a Selva Raghvan flick. Won’t that be a dream date with kollywood ?

I should get some sleep. I’m dangerously blog dreaming !!

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  1. Ram Shankar Avatar

    hi guru

    the problems is the tamilians themselves seem to undergrade decent tamil movies

    take Ghajini or kakkha kakkha for example
    both were very good movies unfortunately it seems that our people seem to find more flaws in our movies rather that to appreciate good movies

    i was reading a blog by a Hindu newspaper journalist (can t recall his name,sudhish,i think) who wrote the flip side of review on the movie Ghajini though i thought the movie was a good one is all aspect (of course you cant run away from some masalas) and yet this dude was bashing the movie

    perhaps i think the most important thing for us is to accept improvements not just finding flaws.
    why do we have to go hoo-haa on some cheap bollywood flicks or hollywoods ones when we have immense potential

    we have 2 tamilians who recived nobel prize,so what the heck..change the mentality first

    thank you


  2. S.K.Ramachandran Avatar

    New to your blog. You sure know the magic of saying things in a unique way …..
    Nice posting.


  3. Bala (Karthik) Avatar

    Good post, keep them coming.
    Like violence breeds violence, mediocirty breeds medicority, [the hype and hoopla about 200 day-celebrations notwithstanding]. We need some back-to-back quality stuff to sustain the momentum.


  4. Maran Avatar

    Nobody do honest work straight from the heart nowdays. It’s all about how to make money for the producer.


  5. silicon sillu Avatar
    silicon sillu

    i dont think its only the problem with actors, even producers are greedy, no producer has a vision, sometime ago there was sivasakthi pandian, kunjumon and someothers who were active producers, now no one is there similarly, one reason is actors salary is too much.

    also everyone assosiated with films want to make bucks. imagine u go to railway station to shoot a scene, u will be heavily charged by the officials there, they will say”neenga mattum kodi kodiyaa laabam panreenga” to justify, but u go tu us or some other place, u need to get only permission from them, no need to pay, they will say”afterall u picturise our country’s bueaty’


  6. Zero Avatar

    Bollywood has a much bigger domain to deal with and hence can afford “experiments” much easier than Kollywood. I still think the audience (to which you and I seem to belong) which craves for some “good” movies are still in minority in T.N. and perhaps, the so-called multiplex audience is also missing. If we had all these, there are talents everywhere to show up with some good efforts, IMO.
    Talking about RGV and the pace in which his factory churns out movies, well.. he is an one-of-its-kind case (needless to say how much I admire him!)!!
    BTW, I can’t describe how much I disagree with Ram Shankar.


  7. Zero Avatar

    and about Kamal producing (& directing) small & simple flicks, I think thts the best thing he can do now… but somehow Kamal just doesnt seem to go nowhere in that direction!


  8. Nitin Avatar

    Prakashraj’s Duet produces some good movies. I think he is doing a good job of using newcomers like Prasanna, and Karthik.


  9. arvind Avatar

    Cinema Strategist Excellantae..


  10. curses Avatar

    And when all this happens, make sure u get a nice hefty commission! 🙂


  11. Keerthivasan Avatar

    I guess RGV can make his play, if his Thriller featuring Jyothika is a hit here..

    With producers like Kaja Mohideen and GV who are suffering from Cash-failures, Tamil movie industry feels ok with how it is currently..

    Now i like the comment from Zero. I wish Kamal reads this..


  12. Breaking News Balaraman Avatar
    Breaking News Balaraman

    Ram Shankar:
    This kind of over-sensitivity of Tamizh fans could be one of the reasons that we are lagging behind.No one ever said Ghajini is bad- Every single review I have read had been mixed .I was struck by some of the extreme reactions to my Ghajini review. After searching for reviews on blogsearch.google.com, I only found similar reactions a) Surya + b) Asin + c)Background music – etc. Also to make doubly sure that I was not too wrong I watched it a second time yesterday ;-D.

    I think you got too excited about RGV deal. I don’t think it’s a question of moolah alone. Vasanth was discusssing the paucity of good themes in Tamizh movies in a recent episode of Madan’s Thirai Paarvai – he gave the example of a Bengali movie. The story goes like this – A man marries a woman and finds out that she is flat-breasted during mudhal iravu and then they get separated. She gets married to another man and comes back to see the first husband with her children after many years and so on … Vasanth said the whole thing was handled with extreme sensitivity and the whole movie was unbelievable. He went on to emphasise that there is no real script writing going on in Tamizh Films. I know you are talking about a different category of movies like KK. It just struck me that the problems with the Tamizh Film industry were at a far more fundamental level.

    I wouldn’t bother too much about the Hindi Film industry or Hindi directors getting more funding – the public are not fools, almost all glitzy well promoted Hindi movies have been flops in the recent past.

    And you are forgetting that having human assets in the TN film industry is just that – “human” assets. They are not mechanical/software components that you can mix and match to produce a specific type of movie. Having the world’s best camerman, actor, lyric writer under a single roof may not matter much in reality. Working with constraints sometimes makes people more creative.


  13. subbudu Avatar

    But dont you think if they implement all this, Kollywood will just become another bollywood, which is the last thing we want to see happen?


  14. Breaking News Balaraman Avatar
    Breaking News Balaraman

    Talking about finishing a movie quickly, it seems “Sivalingam IPS” starring Satyaraj will be completed in thirty days. Incidentally Karthik is acting after a long time in this movie as a villain.

    Check out Jnani’s article in the latest Vikatan about the indian obsession with Oscars.


  15. Barath Avatar

    I think the sucess of a movie making should be quantified on the balance that prevails with the art and the bussiness part of it..! as someone already said…there is no point in producing 100 movies to get 10 decent movies…! produce 20 movies to get 15 high quality movies…business will automatically grow..but for the reputation its necessary to put some effort!


  16. senthil Avatar

    Interesting dream.But first of all one doesn’t HAVE to put back the money into the industry.Would you put back the money that you earn from software industry to start a quality software corporation?.I wont unless and until something drives me to do so.The people with a drive to create will put back their money into the industry.

    And we might have a lot of talented peoples.But everybody has the famous Tamilian EGO too.how many of these people are ready to work with each other, they have their own differences and will never synergize for a good cause.


  17. pady Avatar

    As somebody said, mediocrity breeds mediocrity. 10 people shout loudly that 2=3. Tamil audience agrees so. I have been shouting for years how bad Rajnikanth’s movies are ( and same for Kamal or Mani). My friends agree with me in private, but in a big group, they are scared to give out their real opinion. No guts. Problem is I think most dont have an identity. And they dont want one.

    Lazy, as far as your comments go, the fact that the industry is struggling means, there is a big opportunity and a void. I am sure somebody is going to fill it. And your blaming the big stars for not investing is definitely blog dreaming. Kamal, Rajni etc are more business savvy than we can ever imagine. They know exactly what is wrong with the industry, and are helpless to solve it – unfortunately to do that they have to go against their own fan base. It is the same reason Rajnikanth doesnt want to enter politics. Do what you know best – that is, to intoxicate the public with the same BS…who doesnt like nasha…

    In the US, you have a Tom Cruise or Tom Hanks ( most bankable star ) movie, with a huge marketing budget, failing to break even. That is because of maturity of the audience. The same has to happen in Tamil…the requirement has to come from the audience…and also note that there have been plenty of studies/books etc just on how fickle the audience can be. Most of the time, you never know. Like “Shawshank Redemption”. Considered now one of the classics ever made. But the movie was a box office failure. So what do you do if you are a producer who has borrowed money, have no financial protection like bankruptcies or state/federal protection…you got to use the same formula…u cannot experiment…

    enough of my rambling…


  18. senthil Avatar

    What is the use of doing this?.

    “Now call KS Ravikumar. Get him the Chimbu, Dhanush and Sidharth’s call sheet. Give him 50 lakhs.”

    This is not going to improve the state of tamil cinema in any way. for that matter Balaji, dharani and every other director who u r talking are already making movies, but not under one banner.

    BTW surprised with the amount of lines given to maniratnam.i think maniratnam is one of the safest players in town.who doesn’t mind changing the ending or making bal thackarey and karunanidhi as editors for his movie.Where is the artistic integrity there?.I think super good films and kalipulli dhanu have done more to promote new talents than maniratnam.


  19. ungalnanban Avatar

    Somehow on reading the big para i get a feeling / satisfaction of having a watched a high tech masala movie; just curious; is it the storyline of any of diwali releases?????


  20. Nilu Avatar

    Your statements really do undermine the free market system. The nature of the market dictate the players and out comes more than it working the other way.

    In case you believe your idea of structure is going to turn the markets upside down, there is a man who thinks otherwise, you might listen to – Warren Buffet.


  21. subbu Avatar


    Dont yu think Ram Gopal is mere style than substance.My argument we guys r just high on Classics on DVD but we must not forget that we r still a regional industry in terms of Finace and funds and we must not forget that our constraints r simply huge.

    RGV is simply trying to be a Quentin Tarantino trying to be New wave in Bollywood and thats why he is being hailed as the Class guy in Bollywood.

    How many of his movies had actual class apart from say Ab Thak Chappan.Seriously he even imitates Qt to the extent of producing trashtalking Spooky movies like Darna Mana Hai,Vaastu Shaastra etc.

    Even if yu see the movies that he made it has been cliches on the MOB apart from the occasional Rangeela or Naach.

    This chap simply thinks he is gr8 because he was a video clerk like QT or just beacuse he can make trashtalking mob stories or spooky films.

    When Murugadoss took stuff from memento we acuused him of removing the sheen off a classic but now when Ram Goapl Verma rehashes Sarkar we r asked to watch it wid Indian Sensibilities.

    Anyone who watched sarkar wud know that except for KKay rest all acrewed it up and it doesn’t even come close to Godfather and wer hailing this guy for screwing up Godfather.

    On top of it ppl say that Kamal was xtra melodramatic in Nayakan and that it was a bit over the top when everyone knows that any Tamil guy inspite of seeing a lot of shite wud break up on seeing his son dead.


  22. vijay Avatar

    I agree with Subbu. Its obvious that Tamil cinema needs improvement. But please lets not have RGV as any sort of benchmark. All the guy does is import Hollywood flicks which our directors have proved that they can do better. And worse, half of the films from the “factory” have no quality control like this latest one

    His movies look slick, thats about it. Barring a few exceptions Factory flicks have re-defined mediocrity for generation X, thats all.

    And what is with remaking Godfather, Sholay etc. Leave all those alone RGV, would you?

    Atleast Tamil cinema has’nt joined the recent Bollywood trend of remaking old classics with bad actors. And worse, much like Hollywood now tyhey have started making sequels as well, like Dhoom 2 so on, as if the number of remakes isnt enough. Originality is at a premium in Bombay despite them having the potential to attract the best talent from all around the country.


  23. Arjuna Avatar

    I guess u missed the point: Rajni was the producer of Arunachalam, Padyappa and Baba 🙂


  24. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Whoa !! Whoa !! Whoa !!. I had a good sleep but I think whatever I spelt before that was a little mis-understood.

    My idea is not to make a benchmark out of Ram Gopal Varma. And for that reason, he is not the only film maker who should be inspiring us to make better movies in Kollywood. This post is on the business called cinema and not the art of cinema making.

    We should agree business is a vicious circle on the trade cycle. So as RGV’s “factory” truly churns out flicks on a monthly basis, he gets the cashflow to make movies. By allowing fresh talent to make good flicks, he is in a way injecting some good talent into the mainstream bollywood and also makes sure he is making some money. I applaud this quality of RGV.

    As someone one pointed out, tamil films business is literally stagnant. There are not many active producers. Partly because of KanduVaddi issues. We are literally stuck with the ego of being better than bollywood and tollywood. And kollywood’s recent movies are not even comparable to our own flicks taken two years back.

    All I’m asking for is a momentum thats needed. Agreed we might make enough crappy flicks but as time goes, the best will stay. All kollywood needs is a good kick backed up by enough money, as we enter 2006.


  25. Arjuna Avatar

    Personally I feel selvaraghavan is just piece of crap! He doesnt not know what he is taking – just a confused guy! Directors to look for are Bala,Cheran, Linguswamy and Goutham Menon along with the great Maniratnam.


  26. Sundaresan Avatar

    Good Post, LG..Btw, was it Dasarathan or Chathriyan produced by Mani?…


  27. subbu Avatar

    Dasarathan was produced and he scripted Shatriyan.


  28. subbu Avatar

    Dasarathan was produced and he scripted Shatriyan.

    For info,Arinthum Ariyamalum director Vishnuvardhan was the guy who played the young vijaykanth in Shatriyan.


  29. tamil Avatar

    By doing what you said will not improve the quality of movies? Like in Hollywood, most of the latest ones are packaged well, marketed well but are crappier than ever. Less ticket sales proves it. It might improve the process of producing the same crappy movies.


  30. Bachelor Avatar

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  31. Prasanna Avatar

    Hey guru! Howdy! Me fine, busy with some good work and college. Long time!

    But I have this nagging point in mind. I was really amazed with your admiration for Selva raghavan.

    I have not seen even one film of his. His trailors turned me off… didnt think I would like his sense of life.

    But I have seen a lot of scenes from his 7G and KK.

    Such uniform incompetent acting. Be it sonia agarwal, or ravi krishna… or his father.

    Am I the only one here?

    I am amazed at the praises bestowed on him! Such bad acting in his movies and he is called a great guy!

    Yes, agreed I will look at his films one day.

    But he better be a super duper director to make me forget the bad acting.


  32. F e r r a r i Avatar

    I was reading the comment by Ram Shankar. Interesting 🙂 Problem with tamil movies is not that they are being under rated. It is actually over rating. Kaakha Kaakha and Gajini are decent movies. Period. But there is nothing in those movies to go gaga over and say like they redefined tamil cinema!

    And Lazy,

    I agree with curses. Marakaama consultation fees vaangikoanga from TFM for this 🙂


  33. Ramadoss Magesh Avatar

    Hi Guru,

    I visit your blog quite regularly(though i never left a comment before) and am quite impressed with your interest in Tamil Cinema.

    Just wanted to share some random thoughts on this topic. While you are suggesting at creating a viable investment infrastructure for producing more films(hopefully as a consequence more quality films..) and hoping that the initiative gets propelled by leading actors, directors of the time..its really sad how some of the big production houses like AVM, Kavithalaya run away from producing films in hours of crisis for film industry..like during the 90’s when the industry was confronted with various threats through piracy, high salaries of artistes, cable television..its actually people like R.B. Chaudhary(am glad that a comemnt from Senthil mentions it..but he also mentions Thanu..Senthil-did Thanu also make lot of films that time..i can only remember Rajiv’s Kan Kan..Alavandhan..big budget films am not sure..but Chadudary is one guy who deserves a lot of compliment). I think AVM played a smilar act in the past during late 70’s and early 80’s(sort of golden era of tamil cinema where people like Mahendran, Bharathiraja, R.C. Shakthi were making the transition)..they just vanished from the scene nd gotten back to put the track back into big budget commercial films(Murattu Kalai was their comeback film i think..its an amazing film..no doubt..). In that sense its quite disappointing that Rajni is choosing to do a film for AVM(may be he has personal reasons because i guess he would owe a lot to AVM for establishing to superstardom status..)..started to write the fact how big production houses are not doing the substatntial role in creating that..but ended up sort of doing AVM bashing..but still hope the spirit of what i inetnd to say gets communicated..

    Best regards,

    ps:: I prefer adsing u thro ur real name than by the pseudonym..hope its OK.


  34. kamalsuryafanclub Avatar

    f**ing kamal business has started once more. never praise kamal for investing money back.

    not sure how much producers money he ate up. he told rajni should not have given money back to theatre owners after baba flop.

    touch ur conscience and say that kamal was in no way related to the kaja mohideen incident.

    kamal is a great talent. not the slightest doubt about it. but kamal himself said in hindu b’lore edition, that he has not been milked by the film industry but he is the one who milks, and like a temple bull nandi, he eats, he does his own at the expense of others. “a recluse given the kind acceptance of a temple bull: they can’t milk me — I am mating and eating at my own will and everybody feeds me.”” what i deciphered may be wrong. so make ur own judgements, here is the article
    HIndu Article

    hey so called “classes”, why r u closing ur eyes to mani & kamal. shankar produced kaathal. he said he is ready to produce 10 movies, if he feels they have good storyline.

    come on classies open ur eyes.

    but kamal man is an encyclopedia, no doubting it, i admire him greatly


  35. kamalsuryafanclub Avatar

    hey a href doesnt seem to work here is the hindu article



  36. Jacky Avatar

    A single experiment with Baba and Rajni was crippled for 2.5 years. Did Rajni invest in offbeat movies after Valli? When the majority opted for safe bets Kamal had the guts to invest crores in Hey Ram. Come on give the man some credit for it.
    Guna, Hey Ram, Mahanadi, Kurudi Punal, Mumbai Exp were from Kamal’s home production and they bombed at the BO.


  37. kamalsuryafanclub Avatar

    mahanadi,mumbai express : small budget.

    how abt abhay 🙂 aalavandhan 🙂 poor producers. oh ya producers have to take the blame and suffer right?

    mumbai express ? you know there is also a production house called SaharaOne.

    kuruthi punal. great movie. but dont forget drohkaal.

    me too want to give credit to kamal for his exceptional talent and passion for cinema and his very very versatile knowledge, but guys dont forget to give discredit where its deserved.

    rajni crippled? he rose from the ashes. never underestimate rajni. he is a oneman industry. dont u agree?.

    isnt s/w jobs junk. why dont u guys resign & do some other vidhyasaamana job?. something different?. money baby.u know hard it is to earn money?. rajni is like a varaprasadham for many many in the industry.

    rajni + kamal is great for tamil industry. u hav both options. one makes the other to think different. we are able to accept both their movies. one helps the industry in business, the other tells the industry what movie means.

    “never praise kamal & forget rajni?” under the impression that u r classies. dont forget there are some kind of people called the common man.

    both kama & rajni r great for the industry. both will have their own shitting times. both have emerged from tough positions every now & then. both r doing their best despite all limitations & obstacles.


  38. keerthivasan Avatar

    Lazy, dont you think we need to somehow involve the movie makers or directors or actors .. into this kind of conversation.

    there are so much of questions and solutions here.. what happens to them, if they dont move out of this comment section.

    It doesnt really matter what we think about this.


  39. Jacky Avatar

    “never praise kamal & forget rajni?” under the impression that u r classies.”

    You can’t assume things when you don’t know me personally.

    “isnt s/w jobs junk. why dont u guys resign & do some other vidhyasaamana job?. something different?. money baby.u know hard it is to earn money?.”

    I don’t expect Rajni to act in movies where story takes the frontline. He could’ve well given back something to the industry. He says Mahendran is his favorite but what has he done to revive Mahendran? He could’ve produced a small budgeted movie for him! But Kamal gave back something to the industry – yes the work was sometimes crappy but it’s better to try and fail rather than doing nothing!


  40. kamalsuryafanclub Avatar

    tell me somebody who creates as much money for the industry as rajni. who has given so much entertainment & happiness as him to so many people. its not just abt money.

    rajni we all know has minted money like anything on cm. assume he took 30%of money which is huge. where has the rest 70% gone which is more than double huge. go ask producer,director,joe,nayan,and all technicians. go ask theatre owners. film distributors. man these ppl are also important. u hav to give them fresh lease of life every now & then. he has done his part. dont question him & u know what u never know when rajni becomes a producer. if some director goes to him with a good story, u never know. at this point of time he just is not comfortable to play around with producer stuff. kamal feels comfortable, he produces it but..there is always a doubt that he eats producers money.

    nothing personal dude, sorry if it hurt u.


  41. Jacky Avatar

    KamalSuryafanclub, I’m talking only about giving something back to the industry from where these stars made a meal from it. Kamal has done it. Since you said F*** Kamal and had a few praises for Shankar about Kadhal, I had to say that Kamal has lost quite a bit of his own money by experimenting.
    So Rajni hasn’t found a good story in so many years but has the mind to market that Balumahendra movie to distributors just to save his SIL. Well Well … Nan sollathuku onnum illai 🙂


  42. kamalsuryafanclub Avatar

    so are film distributors, technicians & film owners not part of film industry?.


  43. kamalsuryafanclub Avatar

    typo : not film owners, it should read theatre owners.


  44. Jacky Avatar

    I was talking about creative contribution (promoting new talent and varied content) and not Rajni’s monetary contribution by his own flicks!


  45. Arvind Avatar

    u know what kollywood needs???????????????
    It needs u lazy!..ya a good analyst like u! haha…


  46. Saravan Avatar

    Oops..guru’s blog is busy as always…For the Investors to invest on or make movies of “YOUR” kind, we need quality audience too..the recipient has to be ready enough…in the sense, if i should mention.. when i was watching “Ayudha ezuthu” in bangalore, my neighbour at theatre while commenting on the Napier bridge scene(where these three guys meet)said “kamicha scena en thirumba thrirumba kamikraan,kudutha kaase waste paa”…Another similar comment while watching Virumandi..”kadasi varaikkum kamal nallavana kettavana puriyallai paa”…courtesy, kamal’s little intellectual/complex screenplay. I mention “complex” because our people(majority) expect films to have the same flow that the previous hero centric movies had..Anbe sivam was an admirable movie..but the volume of people to appreciate that movie was less…Thimiru pidicha ponna adakra hero, Emathitta pora heroineku hero thara badhiladinu indha madhiri subjectsa suthiye namma tamizh padangal pinna pattalum thodarndhu adhu than vetri adaidhu…MATURITY venum…Adhu evolve aganum…


  47. ydc Avatar

    Has anyone watched the movie Englishkaaran. I know u peeps will say it’s a crappy movie coz it has all the required ingredients to be branded crap (actors, actresses, director, songs, etc). but my guess is that it entertained all B & C class audience so much that it completed 100 days without any money churned into publicity, ads, etc. I watched the movie twice the same day. when the not-so-rich ppl in TN(don’t need examples for what measly works they do to earn money for a single meal,i guess), who make up the majority, can sit down in peace and watch a comedy flick with some message and go home happy, do u think the movie has achieved his original intent in a very very low budget. If ur answer to it is ‘yes’ then i guess tamil film industry is still doing what is expected of it.

    …and the sophisticated thinkers like u who make up 1% of TN is not what they r targeting. when every girl in TN starts wearing jeans which reveal their panties(not b’coz of poverty but coz of vogue. lol) we can talk abt these stuff. no offense to anyone.

    P.S: i’m a useless piece of shit and misthinker and this is my first post in a blog, so take that into onsideration while replying (and do not quote this). lol.


  48. ydc Avatar

    @ saravan

    Virumandi screenplay – adapted from ‘life of david gayle’

    anbe sivam – adapted from planes, trains & automobiles

    thenali – what about bob, ……….

    i know them myself coz i watched them. for more i do not know:

    maybe, kamal is mature enough to understand the screenplays of these english flicks. but if he assumes that these tough storylines r gonna reach everyone in TN and invests “MONEY BACK” (@ previous posts) into the industry that shows he is a moron and all i can say is cry baby cry.

    u seem to have ur own site, etc, etc. so if u assume everyone shud be at ur intellectual level and demand more maturity from them, i donno what to say. just see the good side of it all. you came to watch a movie by paying some money and the IMMATURE guy sitting next to you is also earning enough to pay the same amount of money to watch it. atleast be happy that TN is improving financially. lol. (that was just sarcasm and nothing personal 🙂 )


  49. Saravan Avatar

    May be i shouldn’t have used the word “Mature”…That isn’t true…the truth is “not all the educated guys are mature, and there are some padikadha panbaalargal too”…we cant clearly demarcate the Mature and Non mature people with the educational background. Our education has failed to influence a person’s attitude/character etc., i personally feel so..the bottomline is taste,opinion and vision differs from people to people. What appears as a junk movie for eductated thinkers is actually a pretty decent entertainer for the other side and the other side’s volume is huge.This factor drives the producers to trust low budget masala movies, they are at least saved from committing suicides…Movie making is directly influenced by the target audience and so if the volume sophisticated audience increases then the number of sophisticated films too


  50. ydc Avatar

    great mature reply there dude. lol.

    P.S: I’m watching Englishkaaran for 3rd time now. It’s just coz of my fascination for a low budget movie that strikes my senses right rather than a movie on a 30 crore budget which plagiarizes scenes from english movies like matrix which makes me think abt watching the actual english movie instead of cheap impersonations. lol.


  51. ydc Avatar

    …and thanks to saravan for a nice reply for my first ever post in a blog.


  52. bhuvana iyer Avatar

    now thinking of diversifying into films,i find artists everywhere, my new inspiration to convert my hubby (amir khan )looking, (felt so very recently),to quit his ceo portfolio in our business ,n try for some better buck in kodambakkam,anybody 2 join my venture like ABCN??
    HO: my current office in M.G Road, Bangalore????
    Note: I can save in art direction , as i m n architect n interior designer,
    our friends farm houses are there for free shoots, only heroine is needed.
    NOw all i need is more guidance to work as above:??!!!!!conjuice or confused?of course a story, director and some crores!!!!


  53. ydc Avatar


    i wud advice u to work hard and come up with a family-based storyline, something which happens in the day-to-day life. if it’s an emotional struggle rather than sentimental crap, that wud be great. If it’s family-based then u can be the heroine of the film.

    You don’t need any songs for the movie. just some gripping BGM wud do which u can plagiarize from some other movie or ask IR to do it for u.

    No Tamil film has been entirely shot using a handycam(except for porn films ofcourse. lol). why can’t yours be the first of it’s kind. just do it before kamal hassan does it. It’ll be really appealing to the younger generation who are hooked to the hoards of reality shows telecast these days.


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