Azhagina Azhagi Osthavaa !!

Shreya for Rajini's Sivaji

Looks like it’s final. Shreya will be Rajini’s paethi…sorry…sorry pair for the next flick Sivaji. Seems like even this time, Aishwarya couldn’t make it. I’m happy, for Rajini.

Is Shankar searching for a good actress or a cutie ??

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  1. F e r r a r i Avatar

    Good choice. And a relatively new face as well. Shankars heroine choice in Anniyan was bad. Good, he chose Shreya for this movie to act with Super Star 🙂

    Dasavatharan heoine pathi next post aa?


  2. kamalsuryafanclub Avatar

    >>>>Rajini’s paethi..
    proves that this site is a akhila ulaha kamal fan club site


  3. hemanth Avatar

    Guru, pls tell me this is just a joke or Shreya being tagged has got something to do with the Story.


  4. Jacky Avatar

    They should change the title to “Enakku 20 Unakku 60”.


  5. Bala (Karthik) Avatar

    “Seems like even this time, Aishwarya couldn’t make it”
    ROTFL!, Lazy, idhu ungalukke ten-much a therila????
    Rajini has been trying to get Aish say yes for all these years but obviously its been a big NO all the time….. Its Rajini who couldn’t make it……


  6. thatha Avatar

    finally some humor here 🙂
    first it was with nan(shakeela)yantara now shreya for Big R


  7. Kreshna Avatar

    Come on…..Rajni always goes for the unexpected…Anyway Kamal fans just for ur info…the young Asin been choose to play opposite kamal for Dashavatharam…So stop ur jokes…Even that young sneha acted with kamal in that MBBS movie…..So stop mocking at our thalaivar… Kamal is not in his 30s by the way……


  8. Somu Avatar

    I was just watching the “Nee varum pothu” song from Mazhai this morning… She seemed confused while dancing…

    I just hope she gets to do just a kutti not-so-important role like nayantra in CM…


  9. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Hemanth, I think its true. Thats why I was waiting for an announcement in Hindu or another newsdaily.

    Prabhu, Semma joulls pola irukku 🙂 enjoy.

    kamalsuryafanclub, I’ve been telling since long that both these dudes should act for their age. I wished kamal played a middle-aged cop in Vettayadu Vilayadu.

    Jacky, Thalaivar fans are already ready to pounce. be ready.

    Bala, seriously i don’t like aish playing star with rajini. if she is running away, chee chee indha pazham pulikkum.

    thatha, i am sure you enjoyed nayanthara in c’mukhi. patti kita sollanum.

    Kreshna, True agreed. Both of them need a change. If you ask Rajini personally, he would reflect this same idea. but it’s because of the film business he fears to tread that path. kamal konjam over thaan agreed.

    Somu, I hope too.


  10. Chenthil Avatar

    My post was part inspired by this one Guru. 🙂


  11. aNTi Avatar

    Thalai… thalai.. thevai illama nakkal :p

    Paakaren, aduthu vara dasavaratham post la idhe madhiri nakkal adikkala naa, saavum varai unnaviradham, right here, unga comments section la 😉


  12. the mottai boss Avatar

    Hi guru,

    U got a great blog. I am adding u to my blogroll. Visit mine when u get a chance.

    Take care


  13. varun Avatar

    azhagaai irukiraai paavamaai irukirathu :-((



  14. Breaking News Balaraman Avatar
    Breaking News Balaraman

    I haven’t seen any of her movies, but from whatever I saw on TV, she looks a bit to be in the Vamp-a-la-Ramya-Krishnan mould.


  15. Phoenix Avatar

    I sincerely wish Rajini stays in the industry as long as he can to unearth such beauties to tamil movie auidence…


  16. aNTi Avatar

    Niruthu Niruthu..nakkal niruthu…
    Niruthu Niruthu..nakkal niruthu…

    Poraduven Poraduven,
    pasi ennai kollum varai poraduven

    Niruthu Niruthu..nakkal peychai niruthu…
    Niruthu Niruthu..nakkal peychai niruthu…

    Poraduven Poraduven,
    pasi ennai kollum varai poraduven

    [Thalai…naan sonna poraattam aramichiduthu ;). Neenga Dasavatharam pathi oru post pottu andha post la idhe maadhiri Kamal a pathi nakkal a oru comment podara varaikkum, indha porattum needikkum ! Idhhu eppadi irruku 😉 ]


  17. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Anti thalaiva, Naama ellarum thalaivar katchi thaan. Athukaga ithu konjam overa patuthu. athaan konjam nakkal 🙂

    BTW, I thinking and have also blogged before that Rajini and Kamal should be acting for their age and not for the whims and fancies of producers/directors.

    Unga poratathai vaapus vaangareengala. Already rendu moonu porattam nadakuthu. Ithulaa Ithu veraya!!

    Finally, Anti sips the saathukudi juice from Guru. Shubam 🙂


  18. Reflex Avatar

    Aishwarya has lost her charm, atleast I think so. I think Sivaji should look for some other face than Aishwarya. As if she is the only beauty in the whole Universe ;). Guru, this is just my view.


  19. kamalsuryafanclub Avatar

    aNTi kku jay!!


  20. Bala (Karthik) Avatar

    “kamalsuryafanclub, I’ve been telling since long that both these dudes should act for their age. I wished kamal played a middle-aged cop in Vettayadu Vilayadu.”

    Kamal DOES play his age in Vettayaadu Vilayaadu.
    Wait till you see “Prey And Play” this Pongal!!! 🙂


  21. Sathish Avatar

    I was abit surprised by the announcement too.
    But quite happy actually.Everytime when the media is speculating about his movies or actress, he always proves it wrong by his own way.Thats a hugh plus point for him…

    Shrya looks not that bad(pretty when she wears sarees)…In case she is already appearing in the fair & lovely commercial which is now shown on Sun TV.Remember Ramya Krishnan made here re-entry through Padayappa. Heroines on Rajini movies always have a good careers after that. Hope Shreya has it too..

    And yes you’re right friends..Me too find Aishwarya boring. She seems to be only interested in Hollywood movies and gives us bad movies like Bride and the Prejudice. She can just stay there.

    By the way to Thalaivar fans…This sunday Sun TV showing the Silver jubliee of Chandramukhi plus the making of Chandramukhi.Enjoy it!!!
    Thalaivar rules……


  22. tilo Avatar

    Am I the only one who sees a fashion glitch here?


  23. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Tilo, I know what you are talking about. Someone already send me a personal email 🙂


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