நேத்துக்கூட தூக்கத்தில, பார்த்தேன் அந்த பூங்குயில,

நேத்துக்கூட தூக்கத்தில, பார்த்தேன் அந்த பூங்குயில,
ஊத்துகுளி முத்தெடுத்து சேர்த்து வெச்ச மாலை போல
வேர்த்துக்கொட்டி கண் முழிச்சி பார்த்தா,
அவ ஓடிப்போன உச்சிமலைக்காத்தா
சொப்பனத்தில் இப்படித்தான் எப்பவுமே வந்து நிப்பா
சொல்லப்போனா பேரழகி சொக்கத்தங்கம் போலிருப்பா
வெத்துக்குச்சி இல்லாமலே காதல் தீய பத்தவைப்பா !!


Nethukooda Thookkathila, Paathen Andha Poonguyila,
Oothukuli Mutheduthu Saerthu Vecha Maala Pola
Vetthukkotti Kan Muzhicchi Paathaa,
Ava Odippona Ucchimala Kaatthaa
Soppanathil Ippadithaan Eppavumey Vandhu Nipaa
Sollaponaa Paerazhagi Sokkathangam Polirupaa
Vathikucchi Illamaley Kaadhal Theeya Pattha Veppaa !!

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  1. Hi Guru,

    My 2 cents….May I offer a suggestion of typing in tamil using e-kalapai or latha ? you can paste that as image here .. Make it easy to read tamil in tamil than thanglish

    General comment


  2. my 2 cents….May i offer a suggestion of typing in thanglish, like u do now.It’ll b easier 4 all your readers including the non-tamils.

    general comment 2


  3. Being a non-tamil, its hard for me to appreciate the stuff you put out there in tamil. Cant you be a bit considerate and give a rough translation of the same? Or maybe, at least explain the context of the same.

    I am sure that non-tamil readers of your blog will thoroughly appreciate it.


  4. Hi General comment 2 ,

    General comment here… howz writing in tanglish increases readability for non-tamils ….if you can read tanglish guess you will be able to read tamil :- ) .. Is it just me or ???

    Hi Chandra ,

    Loosely translating this is very tough considering we will miss the beat here… This is picked from Asai film .. Hero is singing abt his girl coming in dreams .. This is first song in http://www.raaga.com/channels/tamil/movie/T0000020.html

    Good one lazy !! & thanks for the quickie


  5. To the last poster..
    There are a lot of tamil makkal…who have a problem reading tamil..but can very well understand it and can even speak it!


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    Offcourse (grease)monkey is trained to fix( http://www.userscripts.org/scripts/show/1480 ) this problem. But not all firefox users has greasemoneky or this script installed.


  7. ” Chenthil, Hariharan spells it as Vethukuchchi and hence the same slang. You vathikuchi is Ajith’s Vathikuchchi Pathikkathudaa!!”
    I suggest you listen to the song again mate..Hariharan sings Vathikuchi and not Vethukuchchi ..


  8. LG

    I have not seen anyone getting “muthu” in oothukkuli.. only vennai there . . its thuthukudi mutheduthu …..


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