Moved Type 3.2

Over the weekend, I quietly upgraded the Movable Type 2.6 to it’s newest version, Movable Type 3.2. The idea of moving to blogger is on hold due to the great blogger paradox. The blogger paradox is that it allows posts to be exported out of it’s site but doesn’t have an option to import blog posts from other services. Why wouldn’t google grab a coder from movable type and see if he can code their system to get this import thingy working.

Anyway, the new MT 3.2 has a nice professional interface with lots of useful features and impressive plugins. I am sure this would safeguard my blog from the attacks/abuses like the one happened last week. The only thing missing here is a new template. I am offlate falling in love with the minimalist stylesheet and am customizing it for my own liking. As a test, I tried to customize the minimalist into a good template at the guestblog. This is same as what I did to the blogger template at lazygeekdotblogspotdotcom . Have created few banners with Kamal, Super Star, Surya, Maddy and Aayitha Ezhuthu. Do tell me if you hated it.

P.S – Need a good suggestion to tweak the PHP for getting random banners on the blog everytime its refreshed. I tried to use the mt_rand() of PHP and it never worked for me.

Update [05th Oct] – Updated the Guest Blog with the random images script. Thanks a ton to Saravanan for writing the entire script of random images. Works like a cutie. Keep refreshing and see the images change randomly. Do tell me if it looks cool.

13 responses to “Moved Type 3.2”

  1. F e r r a r i Avatar


    The guest blog looks cool. But font size konjam perusa irukkara madhiri oru feeling!

    And what are kozhandhai pasanga like Surya, Maddy doing in a group of Superstar,Kamal and Mani? Vikram atleast ok. But surya and maddy???????????


  2. Manu Avatar

    Why is mt_rand not working ?Can you paste the code here?.

    If you don’t have control over image filenames(say if u host it in flickr) then you can have a table with unique row id’s and a text field containing the URL of the image. Use mt_rand to get a random row number and retrieve the URL.

    This is a generic solution, but if your problem is MT specific i can’t help you.never worked with that.

    btw nice banners 🙂


  3. Krishna Avatar

    Ferrari, Why is Vikram Ok when Surya is not?


  4. aNTi Avatar

    Nice one thalaiva….Though u might wanna set that glitch right. 🙂

    And i see the beginnings of an nice hot discussion here. Let me go get some popcorn! 🙂


  5. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Prabhu, Narathar Kalagam Nanmayil mudiyum 🙂 For that case, I don’t think none of Surya/Vikram/Maddy can be listed along Super star and Kamal in that case. Not that they aren’t qualified but they have a long way to go and prove themselves.

    Manu, Thanks will paste that one line code here. I got your point but even if I have the file names as 1,2,3 and call the rand fucntion, it doesn’t work.

    Krishna, Good question. Prabhu answer please 🙂

    Yes Anti. If that glitch is set, I will apply that template here. Let’s see and are you getting the double butter popcorn. I just got a bag.


  6. Celia Avatar

    Can you let us know what OS and version of PHP you are using? Does mt_rand() return the same number for you every time? May be you can try other random number generators like mt_srand() or rand();


  7. F e r r a r i Avatar

    Let them(surya and maddy) establish a little bit more.Vikram has proved to some extent with excellent performances in many movies 🙂

    And when you talk about giants like rajini, kamal and mani you should equate with other giants like IR,ARR,PC Sriram, thoattatharani, sujatha, vali, vairamuthu, lenin-vijayan etc 🙂

    Surya(I wont include maddy), Radha Mohan, Balaji Sakthivel, Yuvan Shankar Raja, thamarai, na.muthukumar ellarum innum Waiting List la dhaan keerango.

    Endha flavor popcorn? Caramel would be fine 🙂


  8. Saravanan Avatar

    Reduce server load push the random image selection to client side using javascript. I have done this already using a greasemonkey script. 😉


  9. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Hey Saravanan, Thanks a ton for that for the Java script. But to let you know, I tried adding that snipped to my template, without any changes and it didn’t work. Any clue on how to implement it. If possible send me an email.


  10. caleb Avatar

    nice banners! clear and crisp. maybe the colours for the fonts should stand out more?


  11. AjayR Avatar

    My opinion, among the ones mentioned, below link looks better:


  12. aNTi Avatar

    Thalaivar-in pudgaipadam padhiyil vetta pattulladhu. Idhai naan vanmayaga gandikkiren…! 🙂


  13. Ashwini Avatar

    Its great! also has that!


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