Illayaraja Live Concert at Chennai – Oct 16

From the Chennai Online report

Ilayaraja said he was putting together singing talents from all over India which is an experiment in bringing the audience closer to sound and beat with special sound effects.

“I wanted to try something very different and exciting. The show will combine a whole set of live elements that are still being put together,” the music director said.

Unquestionably a show to look for.

11 thoughts on “Illayaraja Live Concert at Chennai – Oct 16

  1. not sure if this is the right direction for IR to go now. Something on the lines of more classical stuff would do justice to him.
    If this is a buil-dup towards gaining enou8gh commercial nous to achieve that aim, this makes sense to me. Else, not very sure that I, as a HCIRF, would look forward to this.


  2. Keerthi,
    The date is October 16, Sunday.

    Watch out for the two master-pieces, both of which were performed in his Italy concert in 2004.
    a) 3-in-one, a composition composed of only 3 notes or swaras
    b) Mood Kaapi – An instrumental rendition of the captivating malayalam song “Thumbi Vaa”, from the film Olangal.


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