Whoever stayed awake last night

Whoever stayed awake last night for the US Open are blessed. That old mottai played a game of his life. Even as his opponent Blake was serving for match at 5-4, he came to back to win a thriller. Remembered the ’92 finals between him and the ace master Ivanisevic.

Can’t believe he is actually the one or is he the split personality of Steffi. Agassi they call him. Wow !!

15 responses to “Whoever stayed awake last night”

  1. hemanth Avatar

    Yeah, Agassi did comeback very well, but I’d been happy, if he won over a better player (at this level) than Blake. Was he playing pathetically?


  2. Nitin Avatar

    the first two sets, he wasn’t doing that great, but he did comeback pretty well in the 3rd, and 4th. Agassi is definitely a great player for his age, they call him the legend now. But the player that amazes me the most now is Roger Federer, that guy has the best of all strokes. He can win over the toughest of opponents without breaking a sweat.


  3. Anooop Avatar

    yes Guru, one hell of a match ;-)) inga ESA room la moonu peru sendhu paaathukittirundhom 😉


  4. Shriram Avatar

    I couldn’t watch this match but i do remember the ’92 finals between Agassi and Ivanisevic.

    That was one awesome match !


  5. Barath Avatar

    And they say he is 35?


  6. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Hemanth, Blake wasn’t pathetic but certainly not matching goran’s ace. However, it was a thriller.


  7. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Nitin, your guess could be right.

    Annop, Appidya Pottu thakku !!

    Shriram, it certainly was a great match.

    Barath, Yep, 35 and still going strong.


  8. Roger Federer Avatar

    C’mon guys, Are you kidding. I won the quarters in just 100 minutes. Andre, I guess will last for say 20 or 30 minutes more, that is if he meets me on the last night.


  9. Maverick Avatar

    Unbelievable comeback by Agassi !! I saw the first 2 sets to see Blake outpowering Agassi. I thought the 3rd set would be a mere formality in less than 30 mins. What a comebakc it turned out to be !!!

    Hemanth, Blake might be a lower ranked player, but by no means he was playing any lesser in this US Open. He took out Nadal and was playing at his best.

    Even in the decider set, he had the break of serve and was serving for the match at 5-4 when Agassi broke back and took it to tie breaker to win it by just a point’s differece. Heartbreak for Blake. I feel sorry for him. He played so well in this tournament.

    LG, Know what? When Blake was winning the first 2 comfortably, I was looking for Steffi in the stands. When I couldn’t find her, I told my better half that Steffi would come in by 3rd set and Tamil cinema style la hero yelaa adi vaangi vizhuntha appram, steffi kurala kaettu yezhundhu, thoosiya thattitu vandhu yelaa villains-a dhool kelappuvaaru. Steffi kural koduthaangalaa nnu theriyala, but Andre did something like that 🙂

    But I still feel, the cup is for Roger this time too after seeing the way he decimated NelPandian.


  10. prabhakar Avatar

    This guy is a Markandeyan. Koodu vittu koodu paayira kadhai madhiri. Koodukulle Koodu paanja kadaiya irukku. Stephe & Agassi together as a single soul. Ufff..great match


  11. Krishna Avatar

    The agassi-blake game was intense as it had a veteran fighting for survival against a immensely strong and mobile blake. And yes, it was one of the best. It was awesome to see agassi use the court and his service returns were phenomenal. But, the night before, I witnessed a match – one that resembled the Sanchez-Graf matches in wimbledon. It was Venus vs Clijsters. It was one heck of a game..especially the second set. That match was dominated by winners, outright passing shots with power and precision..It was very fulfilling to watch such high quality tennis played by BOTH players. Picture Perfect.


  12. sensiblystoned Avatar

    there are a handful matches that i could recall from the top of my head which i always thought were classics. but among recent times this was great and (running on eastern time) i stayed awake for the entire match and had to get up very early for my class the next day.


  13. Nitin Avatar

    did you guys see the game between Sanguinetti vs. srichahpan, that lasted for 4hr15min. that match was also good.


  14. Sara Avatar

    Well Agassi’s career ‘graf’ is the stuff of legends.Its been a rollercoaster ride.I for one am a big fan of agassi.One heck of an entertainer.Truly hope he meets Federer in the final and emerges the winner out of another thriller.From his early days to what he is today..well what can one say just remarkable tranformation,maturity.Definetly a great guy for all he is on and off the court.Awesome Andre!!


  15. Maverick Avatar

    Awesome he was!! But as expected the Federer Express just rolls on!! The match was pretty tight till the 3rd set tiebreak. I thought Agassi matched it up with Roger pretty well till then. But what happened in the tiebreak and later is something we are pretty much used to these days. Andre rates Roger as the best he has ever played against and that includes the great Pete Sampras too!!!

    Agassi-Steffi’s kids were so cute. Ain’t they?


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