7 Rajinis & 10 Kamals

As for the remuneration, Rajnikant’s formula is a combination of a fee plus a share in profits, it is learnt. In that respect, he reportedly took home anywhere between Rs 15 cr to Rs 20 cr. That has already made him the top earner among stars, not only in India, but also Asia, next only to Jackie Chan.

And he is now said to have worked out a 50:50 profit sharing formula with AVM Productions for Sivaji. That is sure to increase his earning potential to anywhere between Rs 20 cr and Rs 25 cr and catapult him even higher.

I’m going bonker bonks. 25 cr for just one movie is one hell of a money for an actor. Never seen that before in the history of Indian cinema. The tax officials would be witing to get to the source of this article, Can U solve Rajnikant’s biz formula? from ET.

Meanwhile Karthi mails me with a Kumudam reporter ‘report’ that Sivaji storyline might be a case of 7 look-alikes. Rajini seems to have heard a story during his childhood and goes in search of the rest 6 people who look-alike him. With Kamal’s Dasavatharam news adding 10 roles of Kamal we might get to see 7 Rajinis and 10 Kamals. Get ready for sore eyes.

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  1. Bala (Karthik) Avatar

    If the 7 roles bit is to be believed, then Rajni definitely has to ACT, unlike his movies in the past few years. That’s a good sign 🙂

    BTW, when r the two movies getting released?


  2. F e r r a r i Avatar

    Herohini yaarupa rendu padathulayum. Sollungapaa

    Jothika vendaam paa. paathu aluthu poachu.
    Konjam meera jasmine, preity zinta, Priyanka chopra, Kareena Kapoor, Shreya, Laya, Trisha, Bhoomika etc etc include pannungapaa


  3. Nithya Avatar

    7 roles?!! I really doubt if Thalaivar will don multiple roles and stuff at this stage of his career… Coz each of the 7 characters needs to be given a good chunk of screen time etc… Shut wait n watch…

    Ferrari, unga listla irukkara ponnunga ellam Kamal padathula irukkum dont worry… 10 role, so 10 heroines… ore jalsa thaan..:D


  4. Bala (Karthik) Avatar

    Sivaji – they’re trying to rope in Aish…
    10avatharam – Not decided yet….


  5. Maverick Avatar

    So, 17 heroines aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?

    Rajini oru role panaale neraya vaangara aalu. 7 roles kku indha earnings correct dhaan. kooti kazhicu paarunga, kanakku seriyaa varum 🙂


  6. F e r r a r i Avatar

    Ayyo Aish vendaam. Nowadays she looks bad. Romba artificial aa irukkaa 😦
    Vera yaarayavadhu poa.. err nadikka vaikkalaam


  7. Silcon Sillu Avatar

    kamal dont need 10 heroines, onnu pothum, that romance effect is equal to 10 heroines.

    iam happy that after long time rajni is going to do what he knows very well, style, speed, savaal, no politics, superb director……

    after hearing the 7 roles bit, i cannot think any other better story line for this film

    for 10avataar, we are not deserved to tell a story line for Kamal, but we all could discuss what shall be the matter in thalaiver’s mind


  8. SN Avatar

    Been reading ur site for a while now. Interesting…

    Just 1 gripe. Too much of movie stuff. adhuvum Rajni, Kamal patthi konjam overaave news. nadicha padam, nadikka pora padam, nadikka-vendiya padam..enuff already! Give it a rest. 🙂

    PS: Dont get me wrong. You sound intelligent (idhu, customary soapu 🙂 and there is a whole other world outside.


  9. silicon sillu Avatar

    i disagree with SN

    rajini kamal films are rare and they are chasing their retirement time, so u can expect to get discussing likethese in future, in past also we ppl didnt discuss as we were kids !!!

    also, rajni, in a kushi mood after cm also in a laert mindset not to repeat a baba, and kamal, the tiger which got hurt with mumbai xpress, eppovum paaichal poda readyaaga urumikkondirukkum Puli

    situation is like this, its best time to discuss, LG cari on these stuff


  10. raapi Avatar

    what next?Captain in a dozen different roles??
    Can’t even imagine a matrix-like fight in which 12 Vijayakanths fly and kick the villains a$$es left n right!LOL
    Kezhavanga tholla thaangala..Hope they start donning roles suited to their age n looks.


  11. Raam Avatar

    It sounds absoluteloy ludicrous that Rajnikant of regional films is getting Rs.20-25 Crore per movie, when national [& international] superstars like Shahrukh Khan are getting a tenth of that [2-3Cr] and Aamir Khan only 7-8 Cr per movie. How do the sums add up??



  12. Ashwini Avatar

    Nithya I second your opinion. Rajini in 7 roles? sounds like a long shot…Considering his recent movies since Rajini has had many co-actors playing equally important roles…if this is the case, there will be more characters in the film…too many ppl to handle!
    Raapi, enjoyed your comment on Captain…Let out a rather loud giggle…sending my colleagues wondering what is so amusing on a Wednesday morning! Time to get back to work.


  13. trk Avatar

    thalaivar oru role-la nadicha 100 role-la nadichadhikku samam -:)


  14. aNTi Avatar

    Raam: Comparing Rajini (or for that matter Kamalhassan or Chiranjeevi) with a SRK or a Aamir Khan is what is ludicrous.
    The fan following for SRK and Aamir is no way as fanatical as Thalaivar’s. The repeat audience that Rajini’s movies command probably can beat SRK’s and Aamir’s combined repeat audience by miles. IMHO, it makes more sense comparing Rajini Amitabh. And I am talking about the Amitabh from the 70s and the 80s.
    The traditional Tamil movie fan has always indulged in hero worship and the leading men have always been larger than life. And the fans usually go to great lengths to show their appreciation of the star by spending money and going to such lengths as to name their new-born babies after them. In comparison, have you heard similar stories about SRK or Aamir?
    But again, I think Rajinikanth is one of the last in this line and even though I am one of those fanatics, I have to say that for the greater common good of Indian movies, its high time we started placing a premium on quality of the movie rather than using crude stunts and gimmicks to draw the audience.


  15. anon Avatar

    Well said, aNTi….


  16. K.Shyam Avatar

    and this is the formal news of kamal’s dasavatharam !


  17. Silicon Sillu Avatar

    Anti’s points are right in some way but if a SuperHit Rajni film is getting 50 crores, then a SuperHit SRK’s film will very easily fetch 100 crores. Its just that SRK has NOT given such a hit recently, but he HAS that kind of market, logically speaking he is known to all Indians.

    Whereas Rajni is not an Indian actor, not even a South Indian actor, we cannot brand him as superstar of south, due to CM was hit in other states, its funny to hear some ppl say Cm collected close to100 crores


  18. Bala (Karthik) Avatar

    “…and even though I am one of those fanatics, I have to say that for the greater common good of Indian movies, its high time we started placing a premium on quality of the movie rather than using crude stunts and gimmicks to draw the audience”
    Well said aNTi, but hope you don’t confine quality to non-Rajni movies alone! Whenever Rajni fans are asked about the gimmicks, they retort saying “Superstar edhu panninaalum super. These things don’t apply to SS movies”. When the same thing is done by Vijay, they cry fowl.
    This double-standard should go…..(Of course Ilayathalavali can’t be compared to SuperStar)


  19. silicon sillu Avatar

    Ilayathalavali ?? Ilaya Tharuthalai sounds far more better. This tharuthalai not even come near to rajni in style savaal and speed

    just see the stylism of rajni in Nettrikkan, simliarly, Vijay “Kinjiththun” syle pannavillai

    I was worrying Superstar itself reduced this stylism in his movies and replaced hell-going punch lines… but iam happy that the Old Style Mannan will comeback in his new film


  20. vasanthi Avatar

    7-roles rajni-can expect kamal to give variety but rajni is more of a star than actor.Though he did a great job in netrikan and moondrumugam. 7 roles seems to be too heavy on him


  21. Venkat Avatar

    Hi Guru.
    Is it just my account, or Blogrolling down at the moment?
    Please Reply…


  22. Superstarin Ko.Pa.Se Avatar
    Superstarin Ko.Pa.Se

    Hey why did they get permission from Prabhu to name the film. Its absurd. Thalaivars real name is “Sivaji Rao”! Sivaji was just Ganesan and rechristened Sivaji Ganesan after his role in a drama.

    Thalaivarin Kolgai parapu seyalalar.


  23. aNTi Avatar

    Sillu: A superhit rajini film gets the money it gets solely from repeat audiences. Going by that logic, as I said earlier, I am not sure a SRK and Aamir movie command those kinda numbers, because of the competition contemprories from other leading men.
    OTOH, audiences for Rajini movies are drawn from not only his “hardcore fans” but from also groups that swear by the current crop of leading men. So, essentially the only competition that Rajini would get is from someone like Kamal, which is again why simultaneous releases of their movies are quotable landmarks.

    Bala (Karthik): Audiences will always cry foul when someone like Vijay does the “same thing”, because resorting to “already done gimmicks” like those from Thalaivar’s movies is seen as an attempt to usurp Rajini’s position and obvsly that would not run well with Rajini fans like me. So, where does the question of double standard come up? We are only bothered about the lack of originality and are aghast that Vijay / Ajit are trying to piggyback on Rajini’s popularity.
    And when I talked about placing a premium on quality, ofcourse I included Rajini in this as well. I yearn for another Dalapathi. I wouldn’t even mind the gimmicks if the movie had some scope to re-showcase Rajini’s acting poweress that seems to have taken a backseat ever since he moved from the KB school to the SP Muthuraman school in the 80s. With CM, the platform was there , but was sadly under-utilized (or in some ways unutilized)…


  24. Jacky Avatar

    As a matter of fact, a pile Rajni’s stardom was built by remaking Amitabh’s movies in his early days. Velaikaran, Thee, Adisaya Piravi, Pannakaran, Dharmathin Thalaivan, Maveeran, Amar Akbhar Anthony…forgot its Tamil version are some to name. Rajni did copy Amitabh’s mannerisms when the latter played a gullible/innocent man. There have been instances of pure ctrl+c ctrl+v stuff, and at times Rajni has also put in his own style.
    If Rajni can be excused for this, the same holds good for Vijay. And it’s not uncommon to find actors being inspired by their precursors. Infact Rajni’s walking style in Mundru Mugam and Netrikan is a direct lift from Sivaji’s Thiruvilayadal and Deiva magan.


  25. Ajay Avatar

    I don’t know how u can classify Shahrukh and co as International stars..jus becoz they r in Bollywood making stereotypical movies……..


  26. aNTi Avatar

    Jacky: My view is that its time that Rajini went back to doing the older KB kind of movies. The aping Amitabh (I can give you many more instances) started after his movies became potboilers as we know it. And its time he stopped doing such movies.
    You do have to accept that for the average fan, the Amitabh angle is missing. But in the case of Vijay/Ajit, the Rajini angle is very much there for every one to see. So when Rajini did what Amitabh did, it was novel, but when Vijay/Ajit do something similar, it is riled at by the same fan. Sad, but true.
    In fact, only after I started watching Hindi movies, did I realise where Rajini’s “inspirations” came from.


  27. tamil Avatar

    Why are you guys calling these actors as thalaivar’s? What have they done to you other than them making money (close to 100 crores…)? If the previous generation talk about MGR, we can understand because they were not that educated. But the educated, elite ones….very pity. This is the high point you guys can get in life by calling selfish guys as thalaivar.


  28. raghu Avatar

    So as usual Kamal need not act.

    Just come in 10 hair, beard and mush combo styles
    and do some circus. funny .

    The actor has already lost his real image identity.

    If he comes and acts without this pancake makeups, some of the few (left over fans) who are still watching his movies may also abstain from going to the theatre. one of my freind says it as a “personality defect”

    if anybody dress himself in kathakali dress and wink their eyes 3 or 4 times and looks sideways, is it acting ?

    since, Crazy mohan is going to pen the dialogues the film can be titled “NAARASAM”. thatz what strikes me when i hear the dialogues without watching the visuals in MMKR, panchathantram, etc etc

    Seems that rajini also got corrupted by kamal by doing circus makeups.

    some body has mentioned that too much of rajini and kamal in recent times. Yeah i agree.

    Please dont encourage old & worn out actors.


  29. aNTi Avatar

    Tamil: Cool down boss…You don’t know any of us personally. So you don’t have to worry about us and please dont act all judgemental.


  30. anti-thalai Avatar

    Anti – Are you saying – what you are saying does not reflect you personally?


  31. Jacky Avatar


    “So when Rajini did what Amitabh did, it was novel, but when Vijay/Ajit do something similar, it is riled at by the same fan. Sad, but true.”

    It’s more of a personal opinion. Vijay movies derived from Rajni Genre like Thirumalai, Thirupachi, Gilli and his other action flicks all seem to do very well at the box office.
    So the verdict is majority wants Vijay to do what Rajni used to do. Do you think he should change just because some hardcore Rajni fans don’t like it?


  32. aNTi Avatar

    What I am saying is that, unless you know someone personally anything of that sort that was said earlier would kinda piss off the person who is being addressed. Normally I would not react, but the tone reminded me of a school master admonishing a student. That kinda holier than thou attitude would not run well with someone like me. And whether or not it reflects me as a person is not really anyone else’s concern. I watch movies for fun and I have the most fun watching Thalaivar on screen. But its not me to take a movie any more seriously than it should be. If Rajini makes more money than me, I don’t care, as long as I spend a couple of hours without having to think of other things. Escapist, mebbe, but again its a personal choice……
    Wow.. this is turning out to be a rant. LG, deletion material if you please.


  33. aNTi Avatar

    Jacky: Ofcourse its personal opinion. I loved Vijay’s movies in the 1997 – 2001 period when he had this huge list of hits, because he was doing his thing with the loverboy roles. And I actually loved Gilli and Thirumalai. But you know what, when I still can get to see Rajini do his thing, why would I want to watch Vijay do Rajini’s thing.
    But as opposed to one movie a year which seems to be Rajini’s pace in the last 5-6 years, here you have three of Vijay’s movies in the space of 6 to 8 months. And that makes for repetition, especially when Rajini is still around.
    But if a majority thinks that Vijay’s doing good (which I think he is doing), then good for him. I have nothing againt Vijay, but Ajit is a different ball game and I dont even want to get started!

    LG: This is turning out to be a good discussion actually. When I get the time, I am gonna do a post on “Why good education has not stopped me from being a Thalaivar fan!” 😀
    Padhi peru, they seem to look down upon people like me as “uncouth idiots”, which we are definitely not. I mean not all of us… 😀


  34. Lazy Geek Avatar


    There are some(infact many) times when I stand outside and watch a good discussion happening. This is one such. Thats why I didn’t interuppt and allowed you to fight it yourself. Thats why I didn’t reply to ‘tamils’ comment.

    Absolutely nothing is deletable. Go on and might be a great idea to do a post on yoru blog as you said.


  35. Jacky Avatar

    Anti, In the last 6 years Rajni has done only 3 films, so if Vijay gives 3 movies a year I don’t think it can be redundant. Besides after Baba and Jaggubhai hiccups Rajni did keep a low profile, probably Vijay used that void to his advantage. I’m sure if it was not Vijay, it’d been Ajith or Vijayakanth. I feel Ilayatharuthalai has some screen presence compared to the other Tharuthalai and Gabtonne. So no regrets!


  36. aNTi Avatar

    Hmmm.. looks like i muffed with that stat. Yup. Its not one film a year. But if I am moved to make that mistake, ain’t it cos there hasn’t been closure yet? I mean, Rajini has never closed the door on his career even during his extended breaks these past few years. So, without closure, Rajini is still in my mind when I look at the others trying to act like him.
    But ya, of the others, its probably Vijay. Ajit was there for sometime, but he was caught in his own hoopla after Vaali. He thought he was reinventing himself doing a movie like Citizen, but he spoiled it by inviting comparisons (all through his own words) to Kamal.


  37. aNTi Avatar

    LG: Thanx.. but u could put in your opinion too 🙂


  38. tamil Avatar


    Why are you taking it personal? I did not mean YOU. I just posted my observation based on the comments here and others. I did not ask you to change. If it bothers you so much then it is a problem. Based on your comments, an actor entertains 2 hours per year and we call him thalaivar for his principles (ofcourse, based on his on screen/off screen presence). That’s very deep. No doubt our next CM will be the other thalaivar Vijaykanth.


  39. aNTi Avatar

    Tamil: I kinda took it personal cos of the use of the word “you guys”. So, if you did not mean to address me, cool then. And as for calling him Thalaivar, personally speaking, it is in no sense political. And as for Vijaykanth (or for that matter Rajini, if at all he has similar aspirations) harboring political interests, they are all under the delusion that anyone could be a MGR. But, why not. I am sure, MGR rode on is charisma alone and picked up the guiles along the way (if Iruvar was true to life, my surmise is right). So mebbe Vijaykanth or Rajinikant could do it too. But I won’t be one those voting for either of them.


  40. karthikeyan Avatar

    de foolish raghu, kamal is the greatest in the field of tamil cinema and of the greats of world cinema too.


  41. raghu Avatar

    karthikeyan ji,

    “oolaaga nayagan or olaara naygan”.

    you can even say “9 planet nayagan”. As long as there something called “mouth” you can say anything . therez nothing wrong in it.

    Most the time he olaarifies when speaking nothing and is follows “CONFUSIONISM” in both in speaking and movie making.

    kamal’s last good hit was a decade back. almost forgot. Based on his recent mega movie hits, i would say the VV and dasaratham would cross 100 Crores turn over . Sorry 100 “Crows” turnover. So many crows sitting in the theatre.

    plz dont use harsh words.this a just a forum for fun and entertainment. Also sometimes truth and facts.

    “Comedy paathi Komaalee paathi eerendum kaalantha Puytheeyum naan”.

    sorry itz “naan” not kamal.

    dude’s, plz stop encouraging our respected old actors padmashree kamal ji & padma bushan rajini ji.

    with due respects

    bye for now


  42. silicon sillu Avatar
    silicon sillu

    ellarum thaan ularugiraargal

    Padayappa : Athigamaa kovapadra pombalayum athigamaa aasaippadra aambalayum…….

    Baba: veetla iruntha payyan kettu poiduvaan, velya ponaa ponnu kettu poiduvaal

    Chandra Mugi: kalyanam aagaathavanukku oru kavalai, kalyaanam aanavanukku 1000 kavalai[note here: rajni too is an kalyanam aanavan]

    Raghu( @ lg.net): dude’s, plz stop encouraging our respected old actors padmashree kamal ji & padma bushan rajini ji.


  43. J. Rajni Ramki Avatar

    hi..hi… onsite, offshore… engengukm sivaji matterthaana?


  44. Donny Avatar

    Your site is realy very interesting!


  45. Maverick Avatar

    “kamal’s last good hit was a decade back”


    neenga ‘Vasoolraja’ paakaliyo? It was a better hit than many movies released last yr. I believe it featured in sify’s/rediff’s and sun tv’s top 10 hits of 2004. PKS, panchanthantiram(in cities) n virumandi which were released in this decade, were hits too.

    btw, i believe there’s absolutely nothing wrong in ‘encouraging our respected old actors’. Hollywood has more aged guys playing protagonists than our tamil cinema. Al Pacino, Harrison ford n dustin hoffman still have a huge fan following. Can they ever act opposite a 40 yr old female? Never! All James Bond girls are just 20 plus. And what about Clint Eastwood/Arnold Schwarzenegger??? Moreover, except actors like Surya, Madhavan n Vikram(to an extent), the younger actors really suck.
    Vijay padam oru dhadavai paakkaradhukku rajini padam 100 dhadavai paakkalam.’Ilaya thalavali’…lol thats a funny title..:-)



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