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Who’s the real lazy ??

A year back, I was working at Chicago and while being there, I had recorded a voicemail welcome message on the phone, at my desk.

My friend currently works in the same building and incidentally at the same desk. Today when I tried to reach him, I heard my own voicemail welcome message. Two things here. One, my voice hasn’t changed a bit. Its still anti-SPB. Two, who’s the real lazy ??

15 thoughts on “Who’s the real lazy ??

  1. I made a peculiar formatting arrangement in a document more because I was bored……I find it stillbeing mantained meticulously. This happened 16 YEARS ago


  2. Senthil – ;-))))))) now it seems like a true echo !!

    JB Singh – Wow. Their laziness is much better than my friend.

    Kannan, Cricket by itself is a domain. When I see cricket i can write. watching only nascar and golf in US, none can comment on cricket. so am i.

    narasi, he will also read this and come over to kick me.


  3. I guess the comment submission module knows the fact that “Senthil oru thadava sonna adhu 3 thadavai sonna madhiti”


  4. hmm… its a debatable question, though he is no doubt lazy for not erasing ur voice… i found you to be less lazy to record it ..

    You can delete only if you had recorded it.
    probs u can re-christen urself as LLG (less lazy geek)..



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