Latest, but badly Lazy !!

Tilotamma writes on the renown mylapore bookwala Azhwar in a Madras Musings column, Finding Alwar. Enjoyed the read. BTW, Tilo writes irregularly for Hindu, truly loves Chennai & Books.

Meet the Blogger Fans !! says Sujatha in The Woods[As we nick the Woodlands Drive Inn], much to my envy. I missed it. For those who missed it, like me, there is podcast of an interview with Sujatha. And to hell with Desikan who arranged it when I wasn’t there !!

Chenthil and Sudish Kamath have given raving reviews for Evam’s Indrajit. If you are in Chennai, don’t miss it.

I am not sure if Nilu was inspired by Swades. But he did a Swades. Yeah !! he went back. And he says its to find ‘himself’ [Nilu!! I know, I’m rubbing the wrong side]. But the whole point is, the dude who was rather on-the-face with his comments has softened. I’ve been reading his Chennai Adventures and the way he puts it is rather soft and not the usual Nilu way. Is that what Chennai does to someone radical in thoughts ? I don’t think so. Nilu comeback with your usual gibberish.

Ammani has been making people write good fiction. Her quick tales has inspired and been inculcated by many bloggers. Chandru being the last one as of now. Ammani was also mentioned by Sujatha in his Vikatan column, Katrathum Petrathum. Great going !! I would love it if she called it fast fiction instead of quick tales.

Divya was probably the only one who flew over to Chennai for a blogger meet and went back to meet with Singapore bloggers. That was partly true. Though she flew over to India, it was for her friend’s wedding and also her yearly quota. Read her account of Chennai/Singapore Blogger meet, The Legend of Blog Meets. I’ve asked her for 6 Vithyaasangal between Chennai/Singapore bloggers. Let see what she’s upto.

20 responses to “Latest, but badly Lazy !!”

  1. Nilu Avatar

    Can I blame it on a pathetically slow connection and a degree of acceptance to sambar?


  2. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Yeah thats a Nilu way to comment. But then, I wanted to send you an email about what I noticed. Posted it there to see if I was the only one experiencing the ‘missing Nilu’ syndrome !!


  3. Hemanth Avatar

    Latest definitely Lazy … Add these too to your latest (might not be related to blogging events though) –

    1. Two Coimbatore girls have had the rare honour of having two minor planets named after them by MIT for their contribution to a research work done on Eucalyptus trees.

    2. And about 350 kms from Calcutta, a ceremony was held to invoke the pleasure of the raingods by marrying two frogs off..

    Both these captured prime space on Indian Express today. The frog episode was ofcourse on the top….


  4. Maverick Avatar

    Adapaavingalaa…appdinaa what happened to the traditional way of having a virgin run naked around the village on a ammavaasai night to please the rain gods? Frogs kalyanamaa? Che…kali muthiduchu.


  5. divya Avatar


    Aha! Will deliver the 6 vithyaasangal soon =D (by the end of the week!).


  6. Chenthil Avatar

    Thanks for the plug Lazy. I have tagged you for the book tag meme. Do post your list


  7. Manoj Kumar Avatar

    I was at the bank when i read about the “Marriage of the Toads in West Bengal” in Business Line. They were caught from 2 different ponds, bathed, clothed, carried in a palequin and married. They have picture of a poojari applying bindhi on the female toad. Right next to the bride is the male toad.
    It still hasnt rained. From the looks of it, their marriage could be on the rocks.
    -Manoj Kumar


  8. ammani Avatar

    Fast fiction? Instant stories? 2-minute wonders? Nah, I’ll stick to quick tales 😉
    Thanks for the mention


  9. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Hemanth, lol !! Thanks.

    Chenthil, Thanks and you did it exactly the way I wanted to. The tamil/English split.

    Manoj, Nice details !!

    Ammani, I am sure you have to stick with quick tales. That was just a suggestion.


  10. aNTi Avatar

    Lazy, u have just tickled a sleeping dragon 😉 Nilu, avuthu vidu da! Show them what they have been missing…lol…
    Maverick: Naked gal running through the village reminds me of this old movie…. wait.. Vaikasi Porandhachu.. if I am right!


  11. Chenthil Avatar

    No Anti, the movie is Radhika’s debut “Kilakke Pogum Rail”. Vaikasi Porandachu, in climax the hero and heroine will hide in the caves and when the villagers come chasing, they will throw away the clothes and say now come and kill us.


  12. Ravages Avatar

    Well, I think Ammani’s spread the disease, and I am the latest victim. I like the amazing simplicity, and the potential to pull a O. Henry out of this quick tale thing. I think I will write more.


  13. Ravages Avatar

    How ’bout the name tale-spin for the series. There’s always agoogly at the end of the tale.


  14. tilo Avatar

    Thanks LG, was wondering about the no. of comments on that post. This explains it!


  15. Tilo Avatar

    BTW Lazy is this your quivalent of the Blog Mela?


  16. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Tilo, I ain’t that big. Just found really interesting stuff around. It’s only after posting I saw they were all related to Chennai. Call it Chennai Mela. But hey I have no idea.


  17. Lazy Geek Avatar

    And the word Chennai Blog Vizha was born now. Anybody using it will be sued by me for a zillion bucks !!


  18. Tilo Avatar

    Lazy to use a Bushism – ” You are misunderestimating your power”


  19. Uma Avatar

    There was an article and a picture of Alwar about a year ago in the London Metro. During my numerous moves I’ve unfortunatly managed to misplace it


  20. Tilo Avatar

    Uma – London Metro too? Ammani said Guardian…


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