Chandramukhi 50 in 250

Chandramukhi 50 days in 250 theatres
[ Click image to blow up. Thanks – Karthi/Daily Thanthi ]

…And thus the theory of being paid more than King Khan is proved beyond approximations.

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  1. Jagan Avatar

    And the theory of ‘Rajini post following a kamal post, in ur blog’ is proved beyond doubt. 🙂


  2. Off Topic Mama Avatar
    Off Topic Mama

    Achucho, – Kadangaaran – Anniyan release 17th’kku postponed’u solranney. Kali Muthiduthu !


  3. Muthuvel Avatar

    Nopes ..this time it’s not a kamal post..but Maniratnam post,it just involved Kamal that’s all.Nayagan belongs more to ManiRatnam than anybody else(IMO).


  4. vasanthi Avatar

    pull arikidhu


  5. iyengarkatz Avatar

    nayagan illamal nayagan irrukuma??? 😉



  6. shant Avatar

    hmm rajni post follows a mani post and then kamal manages to squeeze in….interesting. the theory is proven but not beyond doubt. our sample size is not big enough for that.

    lazy, any take on the ban on smoking in movies?

    also what about mani’s next film? havent heard anythin about it yet..


  7. Bads Avatar


    Any news on thalai’s Vettaiyaadu vilayadhu….It seems to be a hush hush abt it. Especially after Mumbai Express, we need a solid one from Ulaga Nayakan.


  8. Keerthivasan Avatar

    Looks like Vettaiyadu Vilayadu is on Back burner (thats what i was told..). Remember the comment section earlier, where there was a discussion why Gautham and Kamal cant travel together.. (Gautham needs a obidient actor, and Kamal needs a Obidient director.)

    Kamal got busy with the Kannada Sathileelavathi and heard Balachander is producing Kamal’s next tamil movie.

    I only wish, after some compromises, Kamal completes Vettaiyadu Vilayadu with Gautham.


  9. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Shant, scroll down a bit for the post called bubblegums for heroes. it talks about smoking ‘BAN’ briefly.

    Keerthivasan, Hmm….interesting thought about Kamal/Gautam. I think kamal wants to sneak in sathileelavathi kanada version before he joins gautam. I thought the script for VV was ready. And KB producing the next film would probably be directed by one of his sishyaas. I sincerely hope vasant gets to direct kamal. interesting combo !!


  10. adept777 Avatar

    Chandramukhi is a hit..Yes! ..But it is not because of Mr Rajnikanth alone this time..Also I hear that it is a remake of a Malayalam movie Manchitrathazu.. not sure how true that is though..


  11. Somu Avatar

    if 50 days of Chandramukhi can earn this much, just wondering how much revenue would have come from movies like Harichandra, Chandralekha, or a Moondraam Pirai. Well the ticket prices were low in those days, but considering all of them had a 365 days stint, am sure they wud have emerged a bigger hit than CM.


  12. Gp Avatar

    Chandramukhi going 60 days this weekend in Malaysia… and Anniyan is on the 10th here, I hope.


  13. Maverick Avatar

    LOL @ Adept777’s comment. We are talking abt a 50th day for a Rajini movie here and you are talking about where the movie’s story came from :-)) With Rajini movies, those things are discussed within 50 minutes after the movie’s announcement.

    Gp, unga comment padichittu oru nimisham thegachu poitten. Malaysia la ‘Anniyan’ release aagi 10 days aagiduchaaa nnu yosichitten 🙂


  14. see Avatar

    hey guys,
    thalaivar’s chandramukhi going strong in Singapore, still running in theatres here, coming close to the 60th day.lakalakalakalaka.


  15. gbr Avatar

    thalaivar kalikitaaru, thalaiva.Chandramukhina kokka.Fantastic makkals.


  16. Gp Avatar

    hahahahha, Hi Maverick, ok, pardon my Inglish, hahahha….Anniyan will b released on the 10th of June. HHAHAHAHHA. Hopefully, unless something astronomical happens. But i heard anniyan in india is postponed?

    Talking about rajni’s pay. The company in malaysia bought Chandramukhi for:
    1,500,000.00 MYR
    Malaysia Ringgits = 17,185,293.47 INR
    India Rupees . (thats about USD 394,0000). So, i guess w/out looking at Rajni’s pay, the cost of the movie/ marketing is recovered by selling the movie to Malaysia + a few other country?


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