The PST Paradox

There is some ghost on this blog. This is the nth time unintentionally a Kamal post follows a Rajini one or viceversa. On Saturday, when I was writing the Rajini post I was determined that the next post was not going to be on Kamal. Somehow the Nayakan post one sneaked in. Save the blog from the ghost. Laka Laka Laka.

Living in PST timezone has its own share of dis-advantages. The prime time on cable starts by 5:00 pm EST which is 2 PM here in Seattle. By the time I reach home at 7 pm the New Yorkers are into the second round of sleep. Hence, the cable sucks after 7PM PST. The good thing about it is that you get to see the replay of those afternoon shows. On today’s Oprah replay, Tom Cruise declared his head-over-heels love for Katie in public. It seemed like Dhanush declaring his love to his group of friends. I’ve always admired Tom for his controlled acting but today he was his true self. Un-controlled.

Steven Spielberg who was on a recorded interview to Oprah wished Tom Cruise on his love and spoke his latest flick starring Tom Cruise, War of the Worlds. They also played a lengthy teaser on the movie. Mark your calendars, War of the Worlds opens on June 29.

Sunny Deol’s new movie kicks of a huge controversy. Following the bomb blasts in two theatres of Delhi which were screening the movie, cities all over India stop screening the movie. Chennai joins the list.

The economic transformation of India since liberalisation is real, but it will be a while before the average middle class Indian tosses her Lakmé aside for a Lancome, or trades in her handmade salwar-kameez for a Ralph Lauren pantsuit. After all, why shouldn’t globalisation speak with an Indian accent?. My favorite Shashi Tharoor writing that on his Hindu Column details on Who is this middle class ?

Bhaskar Ghose writes on Poile Sengupta’s latest theatre work, Keats Was A Tuber. At first I didn’t understand the meaning of the play name. But as I read through, I nodded in acceptance. FYI, Poile Sengupta isn’t Bengali. She is from Tamil Nadu and I happy we have yet another brilliant playwright from TN.

[Pic – Dan DeLong for Seattle PI ]

That guy ?. Yeah he is probably the biggest Star Wars fan of all. Jeff Tweiten, incidentally a Blogger too, was waiting outside Seattle’s Cinerama Theatre ever since Jan 15 2005, waiting for Revenge of the Sith to release on May 19th. He was there camping for 139 days. I’ve heard my dad recollect that people were waiting for more than two days for MGR’s Adimai Penn but this one just beats them to death. George Lucas must be happy for this true fan. Thanks to Ram for the info.

10 responses to “The PST Paradox”

  1. Nitin Avatar

    they have started showing the 5minute anniyan trailer on SUNTV, it looks good.


  2. Karthek Avatar

    The action sequences in the online trailer looks very much like matrix. I hope it don’t turn out to be a cheap knock off from matrix.


  3. Nitin Avatar

    yeah, Karthek, the action sequences in that trailer are exactly like the matrix reloaded. but i think there are some good action sequences that you can see inthe 5minute trailer


  4. Nitin Avatar

    Hey LG, and everyone, if you guys want to watch the 3minute trailer of anniyan, if you fast internet, you can download it from here


  5. Maran Avatar

    Anniyan trailer reminds me of Ajit’s ‘Villan’. Multiple role, multiple religion matrix hero.


  6. Balaji Subra Avatar

    There is an underground gossip that Tom Cruise is Gay. Probably he might sue us, if he heard this quote. But, that was the general rumor before his marriage to Nicole Kidman and started gaining ground after his divorce.

    Now with a big budget production coming out, he would have thought that it might be a good idea to generate some Buzz.

    Katie Holmes has Batman Begins due this summer. Her first big-time mainstream movie.

    I felt he sounded a little bit superficial 😉 (but, I might a cynic :P)


  7. Mani Avatar

    Thanks for info about anniyan trailer guys


  8. mani Avatar

    can anyone say where i can get the spiderman 2 and spider man 1 trailer


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