Rajini moves north

[Thanks – Vikatan]

Yeah, North but not to bollywood. To Himalayas. After having put Chandramukhi on-screen, Rajini takes-off to Himalayas. This time a Vikatan reporter joined him to write a mini-travelogue[by subscription].

While, I would have expected a longer version of the travelogue, this picture of Rajinikanth with the typical red towel reminds me of PithukuliI Murugadas. For the starters, Murugadas as a voice of bronze and has sung some of the most authentic devotional numbers about on the tamil god.

Adutha Padam Eppo !!

17 responses to “Rajini moves north”

  1. Nitin Avatar

    hey LG. After seeing those pictures, I dont know what to say. I cannot understand Rajni. He did chandramukhi, it supposedly beat all records, and is a box office hit. Then he just goes to himalayas, with a pinja serupu,and a bag, and just walks around.His next movie is supposedly a remake of the hindi film Waqt. The hindi version had amitabh, and akshay kumar. Rajni is playing amitabh, and Jeyam Ravi is playing Akshay Kumar’s character. thats what i heard.


  2. Keerthivasan Avatar

    Lazy, Thanks a lot for the Pithukuli Murugadas link. Im a great admirer for all his songs(i have a big collection). The page helped me find more history.


  3. Somu Avatar

    It is rumored that Rajini’s next movie would be with KS Ravikumar… apparently would be the old Jaggu Bhai which he was supposed to do… did not manage to read the entire travelogue from anantha Vikatan, but realized Jayam Ravi is gonna do a short stint in the movie.

    After Chandramukhi, I sure am eagerly awaiting Thalaivar’s next movie… Did u know ? CM is likely to gross a record breaking $10 million, an amount never heard of in the history of Tamil Cinema !!!


  4. ganesh Avatar

    i heard the next film is remake of hindi movie waqt with editor mohan as director and jeyam ravi as the son of rajini .did you not hear abt it .


  5. bads Avatar

    hey guys,
    Rajini is now the highest paid actor in India. As everyone knows, this man has some very good neram. It seems the prabhu’s family was bankrupt before Chandramukhi and now they have become overnight millionaires. I was reading abt rajini the other day in indiatimes. It seems many of his movies were remade from Big B’s movies. That’s where the friendship between the two comes from I guess. If Waqt is remade in Tamil, you’ll see that styles of Rajini coming back and also he’ll portray a father’s role similar to Annamalai and Nalavanuku Nalavan. I actually prefer Rajini to act like these roles rather than usual larger than life masala ones.


  6. Narasi Avatar

    Hi LG,

    I seriously felt very sad after seeing the photos. What he doesn’t have money, fame, popularity, family. What not. He has gone through heights in very short span. It tells us that all the above money, fame… do not bring peace to oneself. Its the inner soul that needs to get satisfied. Rajini still ur a mystery!


  7. F e r r a r i Avatar

    I wish that Waqt remake is a rumour. That was a horrible movie 😦

    Rajni Kamal rendu perayum vachi Mani sir oru padam direct panninaa evlo nalla irukkum! Sigh!!!


  8. aNTi Avatar

    It wants a paid subscription 😦


  9. Somu Avatar

    Ferrari… Rajini can;t play the hero coz Kamal fans would be offended, Kamal can;t play the hero, coz Rajini fans would fume… Both of them cannot play the lead role, coz Mani would have to break his heads to give them both equal weightage… Remember the tiffs the fans (Rajini’s and Mamutty’s) got into when Dhalapathi was released…

    All said and done, that would be one killer movie of the century !!!!


  10. Narayanan Avatar

    What’s going on with Rajini. I bet it is just an excuse to get away from family and have some fun by himself.

    And sure, He looks like Pithukuli Murugadoss. Hope he doesn’t start singing.!!


  11. Jacky Avatar

    He has already sung in Mannan.


  12. Ram.C Avatar

    This itself looks like a cinematic story.. He had visited Rishikesh ‘n’ no.of times earlier, during which I don’t think he entertained any press people to accompany him. Why should he entertain now unnecessarily? Eventhough he is true in his endeavours, people may think that it is a stunt. If his fans, pick up the right thing from this print, then it is OK


  13. Maverick Avatar

    Dr.Ramadoss: Rajini ippdi adikkadi vada naatukkum imaya malaikkum selvadhai naangal vanmayaaga kandikkirom. Namadhu thamizh naatil ilaadha malaigalaa? Namadhu thamizhagathil ilaadha punitha thalangal, koilgalaa? Ippdi patta seyalgal namadhu thamizh naatukku izhivu serpathodu mattum ilaamal, kann moodi thanamaaga ilaignar samudhaayathai thuravaram maer kolvatharkku thoondugiradhu.


  14. Maverick Avatar

    Appdiye andha Dhanush -iyum kooda kootitu poi avana Imaya malai la yengeyaavadhu tholachittu vanthutaa nalla irukkum.


  15. Somu Avatar

    Appo Dhanushoda Aishwariya ? Yenakkuthaana ?


  16. Munimma Avatar

    When I saw this cartoon, I was reminded of this blog 🙂

    I wish he would do something like 6 to 60. That was a great movie. I liked Waqt, not for the story, but for the treatment. Great humor. Will suit Rajini to a T. But I just hope they don’t replace Boman Irani with some loud-mouthed comedian. That would be a shame.


  17. kitty Avatar

    Well, Rajni looks like “pithukuli”! thats all!


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