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Other than polishing my monday shoes and watching three flicks in a row, I did some nice tripping around the suburbs of Seattle to glimpse the forever beauty they had in themselves. The state of Washington is called as the evergreen state and every inch of that is goddamn true. Lush green trees around you would make your ride a comfortable one. Especially if your headphones sing Illayaraja, Rahman or Dire ‘Sultans of Swing’ Straits, your drive would be certainly memorable.

Seattle is the the kind of place you would aspire to plan a honeymoon. Often, honeymoons settle down to be moneymoons. Thats a different story though. If you live in Seattle, you could enjoy that same atmosphere day in and out. I wished to take a trip to Alaska to enjoy it’s natural beauty. But after glimpsing Seattle, I’m certainly happy that I saved bigbucks on that trip. It appears exactly like the Dehraduns and Mussories as described by Ruskin Bond in his lovable stories.

Lake Washington seperates Seattle from the town of Kirkland. And that provides a great view of the Seattle landscape from Kirkland. Kirkland has the smallest of roads and cross flags planted on crossings. Yet it consists of the costliest of condos and a hugely priced real estate. Kirkland and Mercer Island are the small heavens of Seattle.

The Argosy Cruise which takes off either from Seattle downtown or Kirkland, takes you through the long strech of Lake Washington for an hour and half. There is a live running commentary about what we see on the shores, throughout the trip. Lake Washington’s shores are filled up with the homes of rich and famous. You encounter the ultra famous home of Bill Gates, the neo designed house of the Author of Excel/Word and others. So the interesting commentary sounds like a stock quote with number droppings quite often. You also travel beneath the hanging bridge of Seattle which is a freeway called IWA-520. Other than the sour cream and onion chips packets, I heard(?!) they serve good cocktails.

While the cruise was exciting and refreshing just like greenery you see around, it is also a must-go for the visitors. Some pictures of the Kirkland Cruise on the Flickr.

16 responses to “Over the weekend”

  1. Neon Avatar

    How cold is it in seattle in the winter?


  2. Nithya Avatar

    Nice pictures:-) Looks like a lovely place!


  3. arvind Avatar

    great pictures lazy..


  4. Filbert Avatar

    Hi Lazy,

    Just a small correction – It is WA-520 and not I-520. 520 is a Washington State Highway



  5. sud Avatar

    Good pics and those waterfront homes on Kirkland Downtown are not million $. When I was there in August, I enquired and they told me it is about $650K 🙂

    I totally agree about Seattle and its beauty. Amazing, amazing place….


  6. i_f Avatar

    idhu oru kana kalam now on raaga
    incase u didnt know
    one more albumn if u hv mp3 player to hook to ur headphones


  7. kala Avatar

    idhu oru kana kalam is so bad IR can retire or run away


  8. Praveen Avatar

    Kamal in Kannada

    By Moviebuzz
    Tuesday, 17 May , 2005, 15:50

    Kamal Hassan is coming back after ‘Pushpaka Vimana’ to Kannada and the big news is that popular actor Ramesh Aravind is making his debut as a director.
    Kamal Hassan has earlier done films like Thappida Thala, Mariya My Darling, Benkiyalli Aralidha Hoovu and the silent film Pushpaka Vimana.

    According to reliable information this new film is a remake of the Tamil film ‘Sathi Leelavathi’. Ramesh Aravind had also acted in this film. All these years Kamal had refused to give the remake rights of the film as he himself wanted to do it in Kannada.

    Kamal Haasan in a Kannada film!

    By Subhash K Jha
    Tuesday, 17 May , 2005, 12:18

    After a very long time Tamil maverick Kamal Haasan is doing a Kannada film.

    “It’s my first since Pushpak with Singeetham Srinivasa Rao in 1987. Prior to that I had done Benki Alli Aralida Hoovu in 1983. I’m not as fluent in Kannada as I’m in Malyalam. But I manage quite well,” says the multi-lingual actor.

    The Kannada film is tentatively entitled Stree Samanya. “It’s a comedy, a remake of my Tamil hit Sathi Leelavathi which was made into Hindi

    as Biwi No.1. Apparently comedies are very big in Karnataka right now. I play the same role that I did in the original. My very good friend Ramesh Arvind who recently made his Hindi acting debut in Mumbai Express, is directing the film.”

    Kamal Haasan starts shooting for this comedy this week. Right after that he goes into his next Tamil film to be directed by Gowtham Menon. “It’s a slick cops thriller to be shot partly in Chennai and partly in the US.”

    Contrary to reports Kamal Haasan hasn’t started shooting Menon’s film. “I go into it immediately after the Kannada film. So I’m looking at two back-to-back films within the next few months.”


  9. Nitin Avatar

    offtopic, but have you guys seen this http://godfather.ajithfans.com/


  10. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Neon, Not very cold as compared to Chicago which goes to -40s.

    Thanks Nithya/ Arvind.

    Filbert, Yeah WA 520. I made the change already. Thanks.

    Suds, Oh ! really. But thats what the commentary said during the ride. exaggerationnnnn.

    Guru, Who are you man in my face mask 😉

    Thanks for the pointer Praveen/Nitin.


  11. ram Avatar

    seattle raja,

    nice pics…lemme know in case u hv plans to visit S. Cal. I live in Orange County…

    ensaay…nee aadu…idhu un veedu!


  12. Venky Krishnamoorthy Avatar

    Acutally Seattle used to be more beautiful a few years back. Its serene beauty attracted lots of new immigrants to the city .. it is now very polluted and the morning traffic is horrible. Have you been to Mt.Rainier yet?


  13. Sundar Avatar

    Hey LazyGeek,

    Nice pics man… Was thinkin of driving from Cali to Seattle. Lookin at ur site is helping me decide places to visit.



  14. Anand Avatar

    I saw the Kirkland waterfront during the evening time. Those Condos looked amazing. I also couldnt resist taking a picture of them. 🙂

    And have you tried the Crepes at Pike Market? If you havent, go to the Crepe De France (it’s like a Kai Yendhi Bhavan) shop in the Pike Market. The Crepes over there are excellent.


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