Mastering sub-meals on the way

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For an aathu payyan like me, there aren’t many choices on the Subway. Either I go with the foot long bread stuffed with cheese and other vegetables about which I have no clue or I end up drinking just Pepsi producing countless burps. Been eating on this sub-way for a while on what was recommended to me. This time I had a special recommendtion from a friend and it worked well. So if you are sub-beginner trying to catch hold of the rocket science behind a Subway Footlong [Salad Sandwich], here’s the formula –

Roasted Garlic bread
Provolone Cheese
Capsicum aka green pepper
Honey Mustard Sauce
Oil & Vinegar Sauce
Parmesan Cheese powder
and finally
Salt & Pepper

This makes up for a delicious veggie footlong and when combined with a Lays onion sour cream chips + Pepsi, works well. Still, when I came back home I had some sambaar saadham with vendakka curry. Mega Delicious.

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  1. Vinod Avatar


    Did you know that Subway has a Tuesday special? A footlong veggie for $2.99 !! Am just back from Subway after buying one of those and here I see this post!!

    Good one!!



  2. suguna Avatar

    I like Subway a lot.
    We get here in India too


  3. suguna Avatar

    I like Subway a lot.
    We get here in India too


  4. Balaji Shankar Avatar

    Do try the Southwest sauce + Sweet onion combo also. Another option if U r really hungry is, U can ask them to throw in a potato patty along with the sub.
    Having said all this, I agree that nothing compares to our good old sambar + vendakkai curry 😉


  5. ram Avatar

    I second Balaji Shankar’s opinion…do ask for a “veggie patty.” its kinda the low-fat, not-so-oily version of our vegetable cutlet (the closest i could get to a comparison!)….its not too fattening and its quite tasty…


  6. Hemanth Avatar

    Reminds me of my sydney days.. Subway was probably the only veggie outlet you get to see in Sydney (save burger king , but I dont like burgers).. But thankfully, they had a delicious veggie pattie (not the plain potato one) akin to your veggie cutlet.

    My recepie for a foot longer:

    1. Parmesan bread
    2. Veggie patty
    3. lettuce
    4. jalepenos (if you want it hot)
    5. black olives
    6. cheese
    7. caesar dressing
    8. mustard sauce

    get a tall glass of orange juice to wash these down .. you can survive atleast a couple of years with this combo.

    also try various genuine italian restaurants – they will have something veggie to go with.

    bon-apetite !


  7. Krithika Avatar

    “For an aathu payyan like me, there aren’t many choices on the Subway.” For the same reason, I can’t understand what’s so great about McDonalds and Burger King. Nothings seems to work like Thayir Chaadam on a real hot afternoon.


  8. Nitin Avatar

    i have seen the Subway at spencer’s plaza in chennai, but never been there. They probably have a lot more varieties for vegetarians like us


  9. srivats Avatar

    Anniyan songs are out and they arent all that impressive….typical haris stuff….


  10. nithya Avatar

    Anniyan music review eppo coming?


  11. Ganesh Avatar

    Aha Lazy Subway visit pannarambichacha
    Hemanth thats the combo I have,
    Plus lazy did you also try Veggi Paaty with it and gulp the whole with orange,coke or pepsio whatever your choice of drink.


  12. aNTi Avatar

    LG, Subway rocks. I discovered it kinda late since I had to cross two pizza outlets, a Taco Bell, a Wendys, a Burger King, a bagel deli, not to mention a Chinese restaurent in order to get to Subway! And when u are in grad school and are hungry, you just go to the first place that you come across, which in my case was the pizza outlet. When I found my pants were ripping at the seams, Taco Bell became the place to be.
    See if you have a Taco Bell close by and go there. Ask for two Supreme Chalupas and mention “minus beef, plus rice and plus beans”! For $2.38 (in Athens) you could have a meal that would not allow you to have anything else for atleast 5 or 6 hrs! And its not too fattening!


  13. Priya Avatar

    Hello- I wouldnt bet on Taco Bell or any of the Mexican Joints for that matter, coz I think they may cook their rice in chicken stock, Ive got no proof of this tho’. So if you are a hard-core vegetarian, stick with the Subway wrap/sub or whatever its called, go home to a nice hot sambar sadam and vedakkai curry!


  14. aprm Avatar

    My 2 cents on sandwiches

    College students if you want to save a buck or two….If you get pennysaver in your mail box, check the ads. Subway gives you free 6″ snadwiches when you buy a drink or buy1 foot long and get 1 free.

    Also has any of you tried Quiznnos? They have a veggi sandwich which I love. They toast there bread with cheese..the melted cheese bread combo makes it yummy.

    TOGO has two good veggie sandwiches, hummus and avacado/cucumber


  15. thennavan Avatar

    Guru, after appa and amma left for Chennai on Monday, I am back to my bachelor cooking. Ever since I came here, I have learnt to make Morkuzhambu, Paruppu Sambhar, Vaththakkuzhambu, a few varieties of Saaththumadu/Rasam, keerai masiyal and kaais including vendaikkaai, seppankizhangu, urulaikkizhangu, pookkos, vaazhaikkaai, kaththirikkaai, kovakkaai etc. Also some exotic stuff like vegetable pulao, chappati (you can buy fresh and just heat it) with masala made by myself. Also make the occasional Bhel-Puri. Would like to know what stuff you are trying out at home.


  16. Nitin Avatar

    yea, aprm. Quiznos is the best, but probably not healthy,but it tastes soooo good. Subway is the healthier choice.


  17. lavsubbu Avatar

    Hi Vinod,

    April 27th is Wednesday. Did you have the veggie-sub on Tuesday or Wednesday ?


  18. sat Avatar

    Subway, for all its popularity, doesnt give very good subs. I prefer the Quiznos to Subway anyday. Apart from toasted subs, they also give guacomale, which I love, and it adds a unique taste to the sub.

    True, even now subway has started toasting its subs, but I never too the right combo of vegetables. And since thats the closest one, I have to live with it. Thanx for the suggestion.


  19. Vijay Avatar

    Well, these are the advantages of starting a blog. Free veggie food recommendations from everyone, keeping also the cost in mind. I think Lazygeek is settled for the rest of the year 🙂

    Taco Bell actually has quite a few palatable options. Here are some:

    Mexican Pizza with beans and no beef

    Cheesy fiesta potatoes(Potato fry with melted cheese and sour cream on top, preety god side dish)
    Grilled stuft Burritos(substitute beans for beef)

    Baja Chalupa – substitute again and ask them to double-steam it for you – it comes out warm

    Baja Gordita

    And all these apart from your usual Bean Burritos, Tacos, 7-layers and Tostadas which I grew tired of long time back.

    Of course all of the above may not be available at all outlets. The beans in Taco bell food items is a filler.

    Also if you go to Burger King or Subway, you can ask for vegggie patties on your burger or Sub, which is made of corn and resembles a meat patty. It fills you up like anything..

    Lazygeek, if you are even somewhat calorie-conscious I would recommend you get water instead of coke/pepsi all the time. Pepsi can easily make you put weight. Also cut down on Pizzas/french fries/Lays. Get one-third fat Lays if available. Even a couple of the items I have listed above under Taco Bell are killers, that is if you care about calories, weight and all that stuff.


  20. Vijay Avatar

    correction=patty made of soya protein and not corn 🙂


  21. ram Avatar

    enna LG, naange elaam edho Soathuku Singi Adikara Kootam Madhiri Adichu Thallittrukom…nee silent-aa post pannitu odhingittieye Maaple!


  22. Ashwini Avatar

    I am sure you have received enough suggestions to last a long time…but here are mine too!
    Try the same sandwich combo at Quizinos with Honey Mustard (Veggie delight)its awesome!
    Also do you have Schlotzky’s nearby? Try their sour doug sandwiches and Pizza with a dash of Tobasco sauce. They rock!


  23. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Vinod, I did know that they had some special ‘deals’ on tuesday but never looked too much into them.

    Balaji, Somebody did recommend the southwest sauce However the sweet onion was news to me. Will try that.

    Ram, Yeah the veggie patty. I am going to try that the next time.

    Kirthika, said that well. thayir rocks. These yougurt can’t stand thayir though.

    Anti/Priya/Aprm, Huge recommendations. Thanks.


  24. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Vijay, Thanks for that long list of recommendations. But I have to say I didn’t write it to get recoomendations. I can be honest in writing my blogs. If I needed therecommendations I would have asked for one as I had done before.

    Also look at this way. If we had 10 recommendations its just recommendations for all who read and not just me. Correct 😉

    BTW, just loved you calorie conscious list. Just fits me. As I type thisI’m gulping a blue colored can of Pepsi. the lazy geek you say !!


  25. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Ram, Pothumaa…maruppu letter ezhuthitten.

    Ashwini, This evening I heading for Quiznos as there are just too many people recommending quiznos.


  26. Kanchadalayadakshi Avatar


    One of the coolest things about the US is its multiethnic nature. Why restrict yourself to sandwiches and pizza?

    You should try “ethnic” foods which are quite yummy, and dont allow your tongue to fall asleep.

    Start with these ideas, then explore each cusine to find out what you like

    Here are a few ideas.

    Lebanese/Greek/Middle Eastern:
    falafel – vadai
    hummous – chickpea paste with seasonings
    dolmathes/dolmadakia – stuffed grapeleaves – with rice and other vegetarian ingredients

    Ethiopian :
    Injira – a kind of aappam made from ethiopian wheat
    Sambusa – samosa
    Pilli-Pilli sauce – a sauce with chilis and onions
    alicha wot – ethiopian dal

    Sabzi Polo – rice with dill
    Baghale Polo – rice with dill and lima beans
    gormeh sabzi – WARNING> this has veal in it, so only order it if you dont mind ordering it with meat taken out
    doogh – buttermilk
    anything containing ‘bademjan’ in the name – brinjal based dishes
    osh/ash – lentil soup

    Vegetarian Tofu Soup – its such a big deal, its a great experience just to go watch the fuss they make over the meal.
    kimchi – oorugai
    Check first if they have vegetarian tofu soup
    bibimbap- delicious! Rice, veggies and curry served in a “hot pot” made of stone. The food continues to cook as you eat out of the bowl. Again, check to make sure they can serve you vegetable bimimbap

    This is just a start. If you like more ideas, there’s plenty more I could recommend.


  27. ram Avatar

    LG, “good boy!”

    btw, i was thinking of what i’d when i decide to throw dietary caution to the winds…

    i’d go to Olive Garden…order an Artichoke-Spinach dip as an appetizer…then, a Fettucini Alfredo, probably the most explosive calorie bomb on Planet Earth and finish off with Tiramisu, a delectable dessert, esp. for coffee lovers…


  28. sudarshan Avatar

    Visit Queen Sheeba for ethiopian food in Seattle Downhut. I think the food is good and so is the ambience. I have been to Cedars in U-District and I like that place as well. They serve Indian and Mediterranean cuisine.

    On a different note, just some food for thought. If you find time, do visit the Photo exhibition on the Bhopal Gas Tragedy, here is the website

    I have seen the photos and it is heart wrenching


  29. Venky Krishnamoorthy Avatar

    Try sub with the “veggie patti” it is awsome. You can also check out “Quizno’s” which serve you toasted subs and it is much better than the cold subs you get in subway


  30. Vijay Avatar

    “But I have to say I didn’t write it to get recoomendations. I can be honest in writing my blogs. If I needed therecommendations I would have asked for one as I had done before.”

    LG, I just said it in jest, in a general tone. Of course everyone who reads these lists benefit too. Its like a mini discussion forum.


  31. Vijay Avatar

    Ethnic food is tastier and better than your subs and burgers. I like Kancha’s list from Iranian and Ethiopian cuisines. But if you think about it we try to relate every ethnic dish with something closer to our own desi dish to derive satisfaction, like Kancha has done above. I have heard some ppl say that they like Thai or Mexican food because they say its closer to few Desi food items. I like to try ethnic cuisine only if its tasty and not too close to what we have at home or in Desi restaurants. Otherwise, whats the point? And these cuisine restaurants can be expensive too.

    A few more items to try:

    At Romano’s Macaroni Grill, an Italian chain – you can make your own angel-hair pasta with ingredients like roasted red pepper, onions, artichokes, zuchchini squash, spinach etc. flavoured with a spicy Arrabiata sauce. See if your local Italian restaurant has this. Carraba’s, a chain, have this too

    At good Mexican restaurants, try Chimichanga with fried onions, veggies and beans inside

    Quesedillas stuffed with spinach, beans and other choice veggies

    Actually in good Mexican restaurants even the Vegeteranio Burritos are worth a try.

    In thai, you can try curry noodle with coconut milk in a spicy gravy,

    Rama curry – peanut sauce poured over veggies and can be had with steamed rice.

    And their lemon-based soup is one of the best appetizers ever.

    American and Indian restaurants often fail in providing good appeteizers. I cant believe that samosas and bhel puris would often be listed under appetizers. They are appetite-killers. So are all these mozarella fried sticks which are often the only veggie appetizer at American/Italian restaurants.

    Seattle should be having some good Vietnamese and other not-so-commonly found ethnic restaurants. You shouldnt be having problems finding veggies as long as you dont mind shelling out 8-15 bucks for a good meal.


  32. Narayanan Avatar

    I love SUBWAY. My favorite – Foot Long Veggie Patty on Wheat Bread with all veggies. Little bit of Salt and Pepper.!



  33. Venky Krishnamoorthy Avatar

    Hey, If you a “subway” fan, try “veggie wraps”. These are very tasty.

    Also, avoid coke. These are not healthy. I prefer baked chips since the calorie content is less. One issue in the US is, if you outside too often you tend to put on too much weight.
    Also, I always have yogurt, whenever I eat outside. The outside food are very spicy and yogurt helps to keep/clean your system.


  34. Maverick Avatar

    Ippa dhaan yelaa comments-um padichu mudichen. BURPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Master, oru paper masala !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  35. raapi Avatar

    Veggi Patty laam ok…aaanaaa
    Vijii Paati sutta vada maari varumaa :((??


  36. bharani Avatar

    hey lazygeek, long time…so u at seattle now ? ok…liked your review of c’mukhi..and truely, a rajni movie’s fervor is the same whether watched at Sathyam or at an Indian theater at the US…we watched it at Phoenix and had a great time…ok, has been a long time..just thought i’d drop by and say Hi..


  37. kanchadalayadakshi Avatar


    Just a quick note about relating ethnic dishes to our desi dishes. Actually I was just using that technique to make lazy geek interested in ethnic food. I figure once he tries the food he’ll explore and find other delicious choices that cannot be mapped to indian food.

    Here’s a small list of things I’d recommend that are non-desi, but the queasy should probably stop reading right now.

    feijoida(brazilian stew)
    Tuna tatami
    dimsum( chicken feet’s yummy!)


  38. visithra Avatar

    If you’re a strict veg – you might want to be careful with thai food. Everything Thai has Fish paste in it including its soups. Ask first before you order.

    Chinese is always safer – coz they actually observe veg on full and no moon days where they go without onion and garlic.

    If you’re really concious check the type of cheese they use as well.


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