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Rahman, Vikram and some Search history

Looks like Vikram’s Coke Podu Ad should be already out on the cable. Directed by Rajiv Menon this should like the Coke Kudi daa Ad he did with Vijay. The Coke Ad really did wonders for Vijay to bring him close to collegiates. I am not sure how it fared for coke. The silly thing was that in ever other movie Vijay appeared with a Coke on his hand. I hope Vikram doesn’t drink only Coke in Anniyan. Some reality please.

A R Rahman is on another world tour starting this year. Also talks about his plans for Tamil films in the coming year.

Gautam Menon talks on Vettayadu Vilayadu. Says Kamal is a 40ish cop. Thats cool.

Google is all set to gather your personal search history. Like A9. A long awaited feature is here finally.

10 thoughts on “Rahman, Vikram and some Search history

  1. Thalaiavr 40ish cop aa? Kurudhipunal la oru 35ish aa irundhaar la. Good good. Looking forward to vv movie!

    ARR reminds me of Bose-The forgotten hero. Guru, the movie is releasing on 6th of may worldwide. There are around 20 tracks in the movie. Did you listen to the songs? If no, please take my word and download them from coolgoose. Next thing you will do is hit the shop and buy the CD.

    Ananda Vikatan had an article on Vikram’s thoughts about peNN. Nice article it was


  2. Coke may not appear extensively in Anniyan as most of the shooting would have been completed before Coke announced the endorsement by Vikram.

    BTW Kamal is donning a double role in Vettaiyadu Vilayadu.


  3. Thalaiva, gave that Gautam intervew link in comments section of your VV post a week ago.


  4. Coke ad is watchable, eventhough I don’t feel it striking as Vijay’s ad did. The actress Shreya reddy & other girl (of ‘unnai saranadaienthaen’ fame) hv done well, eventhough they are not significant in this ad.


  5. ITs about time they put Rajni in a coke ad. IT should be called LAKALAKALAKA COKE POODAVA! CM ROCKS!


  6. Kavitha,

    Have you seen any kamalhassan movie? Strange that you are comparing an one time wonder with a veteran and a giant like kamalhassan!!! That too for realistic performances.


  7. hey its gr8 that ar is gonna compose some more tamil music…also i wish there s another unity of light kinda concerts….me a big fan of mani too(check out my blog for sketches)…hopefullly they should work on another projct


  8. thought we have lost our pride of tamilnadu A R RAHMAN to the world MUSIC, good that he wd be back soon


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