Chandramukhi in Seattle

Thalaivar movie in Redmond.

I don’t say that. Seattle Tamil Sangam‘s website says it all. When the you say, you know the amount of enthusiasm behind that. Looks like they had issues in getting the Chandramukhi potti over the weekend. And so it’s on a weekday, a Wednesday/Thursday. It’s already a week late from the release and on a weekday. Still, appreciate the people working behind to get the show premiered.

It’s on the Bella Botega Theatres, Redmond on Wednesday 20 April – 7:30 PM and also on Thursday 21 April 7:00 PM. Sulekha comes to use, finally. You can book tickets here on Sulekha. All thalaivar fans are requested to come with a poster of Rajini to make the place feel like home. I’m not sure if I can make it though. Though Redmond isn’t far away, I’m not mobile to move around. Anyone promising a pickup/drop for me to the movie, will hopefully, by god’s grace, get a year long project extension and their green card approved through PERM.

For more on movie premeire at Seattle contact, Sujatha Rajarajan[] at 425-557-8337. Via Raj.

Disclaimer – If the next post is on Kamal, please don’t blame me. It isn’t intentional.

7 responses to “Chandramukhi in Seattle”

  1. F e r r a r i Avatar

    Naina. visil(whistle) adikka theriyumla? Thalaivar paer title card la varum bodhu visil dhool parakkanum. solliputten. aama


  2. Lazy Geek Avatar

    ferrari paiyaa, Naama espertu theriumla. double visilu thrible visilu ellam addippom.


  3. Narasi Avatar

    Seattlea Rajini padam potrathunala rajiniku pera illa Seattluku vazhvanu theriyala.


  4. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Thankiya Kudi, thaniya kudi….


  5. thennavan Avatar

    Thalaivar padamaa kokkaa 🙂 whistle maaththiram illai, oothubaththi, saambaraani appuram karpooram ellaam kondu vandu thalaivar varum podu thalaivaanu kaththigine deebaaraadanai kaattanum.


  6. Bads Avatar

    Where’s the other thalai’s movie releasing….can’t wait to catch it in digital format. Kamal is always kalakal. Hats off to him



  7. govegeta Avatar

    Go see the chandramuki trailer at


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