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I Promise entertainment for the entire family – Signed by Kamal Hassan on the faked 500 rupee note poster up the stage.

Now you wanted to know who the marketing guru was. None other than our own Kamal Hassan. It’s probably now the media is pronouncing that Kamal is on his marketing exercise for Mumbai Express. But ever since he started featuring those un-edited Behind the scenes of Mumbai Express, he has started to market, in-directly.

Again, it’s appreciative of Kamal to push theatres on going-digital. He quotes that shooting the movie digitally saved him over a crore rupees on the film cost. While PC Sriram experimented with digital
film making in Vaanam Vassappadum, Kamal is taking it up in a big way, inspiring producers to go digital. Its high time Mani Ratnam and his wannabes shift to digital shooting for their upcoming films. I am not sure if all the labs at kodambakkam are equipped to do digital processing but I’m hoping that this will trigger of a trend to upgrade to digital film processing and digital film projection. Just like how Kurudhi Punal and Thiruda Thiruda urged theatres to upgrade their audio systems to Dolby/DTS.

Kamal Hassan’s production house, Rajkamal Films, is also venturing into the audio marketing and that hints me on the special music done by Illayaraja. With Mumbai Express being an entertainer and Singeetham directing it, Kamal must have got real quality time to experiment on these things other than the plot/direction/camera. Yet another interesting trivia is that Mumbai Xpress is the first film from south to have been digitally censored.

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  1. As Nitin said, everyone should check out http://www.mumbaixpress.com The Tamil site has a small portion of music from the movie running on loop, totally vibrant and different from Illayaraja. Mumbai Xpress seems to be head and shoulders above Chandramukhi at the moment – especially in the marketing department!


  2. Guru, you must have known by now that Kiruba stopped blogging. I called and spoke to him for the first time. Guess he is working thru his priorities for now. How about we catch up over the weekend? You can call me at the number I sent you by email.


  3. Prabhu, I know thalaiva. I’m just thinking how could this happen everytime.

    Venkat, I can’t say anything now 😉 It happens man. It is surely not intntional.

    Thennavan, I did read his post y’day. Will certainly mail him. More than a blogger he is a good friend of mine. Anyway I don’t treat this as something bad. And I know that feeling, well.


  4. HD filming is currently not up to the quality of film, but the projection quality in India is suspect anyways. Will theaters other than large ones like Satyam maintain digital projectors?

    Thiruda Thiruda was not in DTS if I recall correctly. The first Indian film in DTS was Karuppu Roja, but the first DTS hit was Shankar’s Indian.


  5. Dragun, I was meaning to say that films that Kurudhi Punal and Thiruda Thiruda, with the musical mastery, literally forced the theatre dudes to got for Dolby/DTS.

    You were right about Karuppu Roja but it was a Mani Ratnam film that was first advertised to go with DTS . I am not sure which one but KR made it first. Was Indian on DTS. I am not sure.


  6. Thaliava .. Orla illainalum enga irundhu pudikiringa news ellam … ?? have you seen that trailer of MX in this link … show the quality of the move .. and creativity of the team …! my leave application for tamil new year week end is already approved by my manager … ore .. padama pakaporeen la ….

    the Link http://www.mumbaixpress.com/


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