Rediff Review Righta Thappa ?

Righta Thappa has good reviews coming in. Here is Shobha Warrier’s review in Rediff. As usual she re-tells the story of Righta Thappa in the review. Forget that. Shobha is full of praises for R Bhuvana, the director of Righta Thappa. While, I am sure the movie is going to be good the review makes me skeptical.

From the way the film has turned out, she can call herself successful.

Given Rediff’s recent reviewing talents, I am afraid if this is the feministic thing that’s going on.

P.S – If you hate to believe me, there is this Shobha De advertisement next to the review. Probably co-incidential but then makes for a good joke.

4 responses to “Rediff Review Righta Thappa ?”

  1. F e r r a r i Avatar

    After a long time I read a double meaning sentence, with no matter meaning :-p
    Am referring to the posts title 😉


  2. Srihari Avatar

    Hi Lazy!

    Strange that a review was full of praise on this movie.. I confestt I thought right awat that it is a B-movie!
    And i still am actually very doubtful on the movie… Was it actually made by a lady who has won international awards for her short films?
    Hindu does a charity work of covering news abt (low-budget) films being made by talented youngsters (which otherwise never gets known much.. movies like urumaatram, karuvelam pookkal etc.) and i never found it talking abt “Rightaa Thappaa”.. 🙂


  3. Manoj Avatar

    Nopes Srihari,The Hindu’s last Friday Review carried a review on this ‘Rightaa Thapaa’.As usual Malathi Rangarajan has written the review,and she also praised the movie for being close to reality.


  4. Manoj Avatar

    I’ts not the last one but the previous..the link is here


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