43 thoughts on “Separation is such a sweet

  1. a case of pondati oorukku poyitta
    or is that too obvious a guess

    enna guru veetla viseshama?
    lemme be the first to wish u 😉


  2. Illaena Coimbatore Maapillai-la vara maadhiri Valluvar Koattam-la vaanatha paathu paduthuttu irukkara??

    Or office-la vishamam panni, Magalir Mattum-la Nasser-a katti vekkara maadhiri katti vechirukaangala??

    Oru vaela Kiruba Marathon odina maadhiri ivar Green Horse thaandavo, jalli kattu vilayaadavo poitaara??

    Puli dhaan pesumam, illa manushanukku dhaan puli vaal mulaikuma? Confusion…. 🙂


  3. Halfway through the galaxy,
    i stopped for a glass of water,
    realizing everything is frozen,
    i continued my journey,
    into eternity,
    not infinity…

    – Come back and post something Fast!!! im going nuts here, i dun have many favourite bloggers, and i cherish Tamil bloggers.


  4. He is back to US probably, trying to settle down for another 3 months visit. Welcome back Guru!
    An old friend. 🙂


  5. Do u mean us..?

    well this line triggered many feelings ..yes very true..is such a sweet sorrow..

    seperated from woodlands drive-in talks..

    seperated from cofee joint near udhayam..

    from MIT…

    from Him…

    from Her..

    from that warm friendly smile of yours whenever we meet..

    from gold flakes..

    Will those days come back..? Im really seperated from that …and now i stand alone..though united(family and kids)


    Seperation is such a sweet sorrow..


  6. Can u post dis up for me pls??There was some problem…..

    Hi Abhijeet,
    I love yr smile.
    Ur a gr8 singer n hav a gr8 personality
    Do not worry,we all r there for u
    Only u deserve to become the Indian Idol
    Pls mail me at selina_here@hotmail.com
    Best of Luck!!
    Shivani (from Delhi)
    (N Amit supporters,Amit’s voice is only marginally better than Abhi’s.Moreover he can sing only item nos well.Abhi’s rendition of mohhabatein lutaonga was tons better.N Mere khayalon ki mallika was unbelievable.Amit shud be happy that he has reached the 2nd position.But Indian Idol belongs only to my baby.Besides,Amit is an engg student,he has a bright future but Abhi has done only correspondence.Singing is his life.He cant do anything else.So VOTE FOR ABHIJEET SAWANT!!!!!!!!!!!!)


  7. Separation [from your lazyness?] is such a sweet sorrow. I think you are busy at work and Separted from your daily dose of lazyness…:)


  8. Aaahaa. nalla marketing idea maadhiri irukke idhu. Watch this space for more…nnu koodave poattutu poi irukalaame!


  9. Hes been abducted by aliens, most probably, or maybe even recruited by the CIA to capture sumone. Or maybe ….he entered politics…! POLITICS! thats it, this blog is to pull supporters, and now he did it…


  10. hi geek,

    r u going to stop writing?!!

    thatz not sorrow for us, atleast!!

    thanks & regards,


  11. Hi LG,

    Happy 1st Wedding anniversary. Wish you & your better half a prosperous & bright future.

    All the best in all your endeavours.


  12. Okay, I have a question for you, why is it that you’ve barred all comments from being added onto both the Indian Idol forums (threads) that you have on here?
    “Singing Idols from India” and “Rahul Saxena. Who’s That?” are both not letting me add any comments on.
    It’s really important that what I have to say is read by other people on your forum before the voting lines close tomorrow morning (i.e. 9am IST).
    Please do something – ASAP!


  13. I was the first one at music world today for aapka abhijeet sawant.

    I think i’m in …..with my God ; Oh my god!
    The songs were terrific.His voice is very romantic,much more better than Sonu.I wonder who the lucky woman will be who will get to hear all these lovely songs from you abhijeet without spending all her pocket money.

    Here’s my teeny weeny view on the numbers:

    # Mohabbatein lutaaunga was good as usual.
    # Jaana was a good performance by abhijeet but prajakta’s voice was a bit too dominating – and i felt very jealous. I too can sing and i wish i could work with him.
    # Lafzon mein starts like tu cheez badi hai mast mast- but of course is a nice song for humming.
    # Kya tujhe pata hai was undoubtedly the best- the very best.I feel it suits him very much.His style is focused the best in this song.Absolutely mind blowing!
    # Janam janam was also an excellent attempt.Although he sounds too much like Sonu, my friends think twice before saying this in front of me;i’m the prefect in school you know.
    # Lamha was the second best among his new tracks. The song was difficult and also very beautiful.Only Sonu could fulfill this song as well as sawant.
    # Yaaron Chalo ranks 3rd on my list. Sawant’s throw of speech made me love it. His ‘DIL BOWLE’ & ‘DIL DOWLE’ got me HOLE-HOLE
    # Dream girl was nice.I loved every bit of hi unevenly modulated singing;the opening makes me resolve everytime that i will let my hair grow longer.
    # Ek jahan has a brilliant tune but the lyrics are like Washing powder nirma.
    I keep thinking of going to femina miss india or idol itself.hope to see this sunny boy there instead of the wild Anu.


  14. hi abhi you are just amazing its been great talking to you on phone and ur manager suraj to earlier u used to reply my sms but wat is wrong now plz let me no. waiting for ur reply plz dont do this do ur fan i just wanna be a good fan and nothing more


  15. hey abhi u rock dear! keep it up, a day will cum wen u gonnae b on da top of the whole world! luv yo singin n yo cute smile!


    luv yah,


  16. hi abi ur soooooooooooooooooooooo buff n sooooooooooo gud can u plz write bck i love u plz gud luck with ur future best wishes ifra love yaa plz writebck plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz


  17. Hi abhi,I’m sanggeeta..
    I live in usa, they did not show the indian idols over here but i heard your songs and i love it so i just wanted to know your email address, so i can mail you…


  18. hey abhi,
    I forgot to write that i’m 17 and i am turning 18 in september..i’m not like all the other girls that they want to marry you or something…i just want to be friends…i was born in the netherlands in europe and my parents still live over there and i came over here to study and when i’m done i will go back..

    So musjhe dosti karoge ????????


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