Blogger’s latest release includes updates

Blogger‘s latest release includes updates to their commenting system, which I think is one of the most ought update from the bloggers.

Now you can have your Blogger powered blog with pop up comments and profile image on the comments. This narrows down the gap between Blogger and other Blog software providers like Movable Type and Word Press.

I am eagerly waiting for their next update and I expect it to be blogposts import/export option. If only they provide it in their next release, I will be the first one to move from Movable Type to Blogger. I promise.

7 thoughts on “Blogger’s latest release includes updates

  1. Lazy your current one rocks. Though I know your affinity to google, would be great if you could keep the same one. Its simple at the same time looks good.


  2. Actually, there is still a small improvement that can be done. You have an option of one of the following three as an identity – your Blogger user name, a name & a URL or anonymous. However, if the owner has disabled anonymous comments, you still need a Blogger account to leave comments, you can’t just get away with leaving a name & URL.


  3. Another cool feature would be to have an option to have an email sent back to you when someone responds to your comments. Some sites have this, but if blogger gets this it will be really cool.


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