Surya and Murugadas join hands for Gajini

Surya as Gajini

Nope, that’s not Van Damme. Surya. Our Kakkha Kakkha Surya. Looks classy right. One more example that tamil cinema has come off age. Gajini to be directed by Murugadas is being starred by Surya and Asin(Hasin). Surya, the latest household name of Tamilnadu and Asin, the offlate dreambaby of Kollywood, is just a lovely combination for Murugadas to capture in Gajini.

From thursday, the city has been decorated with huge poster’s of Surya in a black winter cap, shot in three angles. Near panagal park, the huge banner displays Surya smoking with his hardboots, just like a cowboy action movie. Will defintely click it tomorow on my digicam.

This is Murugadoss’s third venture. Infact fourth, including the dropped venture of Mirattal (*ing Ajit). I loved his first flick, Dheena. Though Ramana, his second flick was impressive, was a little over-rated. Still, Murugadas is one of my beliefs in Kollywood and I firmly believe this dude is one of future pillars of Kollywood. I just couldn’t believe that Dheena was his first flick. Though it had a little slips in screenplay, was mostly engrossing, especially the romance between Ajith and Laila was well told, on-screen. If only he could make Gajini with the same class of Dheena and also Ramana, it would take him to heights.

Surya and Asin in Gajini
[Pic : Vikatan.com]

Vikatan reports, that Gajini is an action movie with Surya as Sanjay Ramaswamy, one of the top 5 rich people in the world. There is more story told in the report. I have no clue why would they reveal so much of a movie even when it is pre-production stage. But then, it does increase the curiosity levels in the kollywood. Before Gajini releases we will have few flicks where the protagonist is one of the top 5 businessmen in the world, 1 of the top 5 beggars in the world, 1 of top 5 nutcracks in the world and so on. Murugadas will be astonished to see such co-incidence with his contemporaries. All due to this story leak even before the movie is shot. Follow, the Mani Ratnam stlye dudes. Make people wait for storyline and see the hype during the movie release.

Anyway, here’s wishing all the very best for the Gajini team.

13 thoughts on “Surya and Murugadas join hands for Gajini

  1. Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought Mirattal title was changed to Gajini with Surya taking over Ajith’s place


  2. Vimal, Probably but I’m not sure. My gut feel was that Gajini was a new one.

    They nowhere mentioned it was Mirattal was re-named as Gajini. Moreover, Mirattal poster(which was similar to the Minority Report) has no relevance to this Gajini poster. Maybe it was purposefully changed this time.


  3. Just came out of Satyam Cinemas ! The movie “Ji” sucks a hell. I left the movie at interval, no story and nuthing.

    Ajit’s market is down……Surya will rock and keep rocking !!


  4. Lazy, looking forward to the other pics of this movie from Chennai hoardings, dude…

    Truly, Surya looks really classy….


  5. yes,very true. i hope thats not the story, more directors should follow Mani Ratnam, and Shankar’s style of not giving any details or any info about the movie until it releases. not even in the trailers.


  6. Hmmm! And you rally thought Dheena was a good first film or for that matter a good film! STOP REVIEWING FILMS!!It is inevitable that there are as many bad reviewers out there as much as bad filmmakers, after all everyone is a critic right?


  7. Ramswamy, Personally I thought Dheena was a good film for a debut venture. I did say there were slips but the romance part made-up for that.

    I agree everyone is a critic. But I also beieve that if even if there are only good critics in the world, bad films continue to pour. It’s the order of the nature. So would you re-consider your order of asking me to stop reviewing 😉


  8. hey what abt the promo shoots??……….in that pic of surya with the gun ………….it looks a lot like that al pacino’s pic in scarface………….and pls dont abuse sayin i had the nerve to compare surya with al pacino or gajini with scarface………….i am jus talking abt the similarity between the two pics.

    i also feel that surya and asin have an amazing chemistry on screen………….even those pics for gautam menon’s dropped venture were damn gud………….not surprising as both were shot by r.d.rajasekar…………


  9. and lazygeek…………..u never wrote a review on kadhal as it got washed away by the tsunami waves………..and why din u put up that pic(of corse in vikatan) which better than the one u gave of surya and asin………i mean the first one………..


  10. This film will change the tamil cinemas ‘Talai Eluthtu”. A new millenium for tamilan will born. Something different is coming…….Watch out!!!


  11. Hi,this is sapna & ashwini,the great fans of SURYA
    (“ANBUSELVAN”) from udupi wishing u MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY. Khaka khaka was fantabulous.We like to meet u. Plz. mail us.Is it really ur marrying jo plz. send ur wedding card.Waiting for ur card.


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