Bought, finally, I mean finally, after a long long wait. Intially when I was looking for a domain two years back, was booked by someone so I had to settle down with Then the domain got released but was locked by the registrar. I had to talk with the registrar and bought it for an inflated price. Thanks to enom for that.

If only IE never had a control+enter shortcut key for .com domains, .com would never be felt as the lovable single child of internet domains. Other domains are now made to look as orphans. I am prey to that shortcut key.

For time being, I’m planning to re-direct to the current site [] itself. You don’t have change bookmarks from your blog at all. To do a permanent switch, I am searching for tools that can change the links on this blog and repoint appropriately to Do let me know if you are aware of such tools.

18 thoughts on “Finally

  1. Let me be the first one to congratulate you on getting the .com extension.

    I always wondered why chose .net over .com. didn’t know that it was registered.

    hopefully, you get lucky and someone will be willing to pay you a hefty amount to get this cool address.


  2. Hey Spidey, Didn’t knew you were the one hiding behind hellyboy nick. Anyway thanks for that. I am not sure even if they pay me a fortune, I would go away with this address. Afterall didn’t I wait years before I got hold of it 😉

    Suresh, Thanks a ton for the review. I didn’t know about that until now. Sometimes mistakes are right, only to do good. Am I sounding like lord krishna. Forgive me for that philosophy.


  3. LG
    I think firefox gives u shift + enter for .net and and ctrl-shift-enter for .org

    maybe u knew this already 😀


  4. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm……

    Just park your domain over ur present domain. So tht both domains will point to same files. No changes will be made. Also ask whether ur hosting service provider gives u this option !

    For example :

    Check :
    Check :

    Both are different domains but point to same server and same files, no re-dierctions. Its called domain parking and ur hosting should support that !



  5. Hi Guru, been trying to fish your mobile number but in vain. Wanted to personally invite you for the cocktail do. Can you mail me your contact number. Have sent you the invite to your gmail.


  6. Ferrari, Not a huge amount.

    Sat, Not so good in Perl. We learn so many languges for projects in just days. Perl might just take 10 days. Doesn’t matter. Will try.

    Anush, Thanks. I did know that already. However .com has stays with people than .net. Agree ?

    Vinay, Thanks a ton. Perfect example. I think my host doesn’s support domain parking. Let me check this option also. As you said will email you for details, if needed.


  7. Kiruba, Have replied to your email. Do check.

    Spidey, Thanks for that. Will try to download. I say try because I’m not sure if the connection would withstand the download 😉


  8. Hi LG,

    Congrats! I saw the post on the mouthshut site. hmm.. LG you are been said as role model for blogging. Going somewhere heights!!Gr8 keep going.


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