MSN has a new look,

MSN has a new look, from yesterday. Just incase you haven’t had a look at them. But here’s the interesting news, Gates personally clicked open the upgraded version of MSN Search. Gates also writes a letter to the msn surfers about the re-designed msn site and msn search. The re-designed msn is powered with msn news, msn desktop search and ofcourse the normal search.

MSN has also planned a heavy showdown of Ads to promote the new MSN Search. There might be an MSN Ad on the Superbowl broadcast this sunday. Interestingly, all this and more on a day when Google posted it’s sevenfold increased fourth quarter results. Looks like search arena is becoming a tougher sport.

5 thoughts on “MSN has a new look,

  1. Well, U don’t fiddle-dee-dee with google.. its no joke when its said “google is the programmers best friend” I only hear ppl saying “google it up”.. no one says search the net anymore.. msn has to travel quite a far way, id say..


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