Shankar gets on with Anniyan Promos

Vikram and Sadha in Anniyan
[Pic: Vikatan]

As kollywood gets ready to witness one of the finest summers with many blockbusters lined up, Shankar talks about Anniyan. In his quick inteview[needs user id/password] with Ananda Vikatan, Shankar seems to be happy about the shoot until now.

He describes that when an Indian travels to the foreign nations, more often, he behaves like a the green-eyed monster on their lifestyle, cleanliness and financial growth. Anniyan is an answer never-ending question of “When will India shine?”. He is also happy about Harris Jayaraj’s music. I was also expecting that he would talk about the cinematography of Mani Kandan. There wasn’t a question about that. Shankar also reacalls his experiences with Kathal as a producer.

With movies like Rajini‘s Chandramukhi, Kamal Hassan‘s Mumbai Express, Vijay’s Sachin and Surya’s Maayaavi all waiting to be released on April 14th, Shankar’s Anniyan will also be in this league of hugely expected movies. What more does kollywood want except a race to box-office like this ?

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  1. dumbs Avatar

    I just get the feeling that not all of the movies will be released on April 14th. I suspect people to chicken out in the last minute. Now the question is who won’t?
    Also, Ajit’s Godfather is rumored to release on the same day.
    Lets wait and watch.


  2. Raj Avatar

    Hi ,

    I also think so.Maayavi is having some problems it seems.I don’t think so Vijay and Ajit will have an easy outing when Rajini and Kamal are on song.Shankar will sure have his A class audience by his side.Good time for Ajit and Vijay to test there fan club.


  3. Nitin Avatar

    I just hope Anniyan doesn’t turn out to be like Boys, heavily spent movie, but less in terms of entertainment. And, Vikram is the man, with his new getup. I dont know if even Kamal’s movie will stand up to Shankar’s, because Kamal is doing a comedy,and Shankar is doing action oriented.


  4. Shekar Avatar

    I heard that almost all good films are doing good these, due to CM’s stringent action against pirated VCDs. So if that’s true, They should not chicken out and try to their strength. It’s gonna be a big Utsav for us, fans 🙂


  5. Mukundhan Avatar

    I hope one or the other movie dealy their realse date , i dont want to see a good movie become a flop because of some masala movie becoming a big hit . There is no need for all big movies to clash on the same date , its better to release them on different dates . Thats my take .


  6. curses Avatar

    Yeah, I agree w/ Mukundan.. guess I’ve already sed this b4..

    Why don’t they space out the releases? Why do they wanna eat into each other’s BO collections? 5-6 simultaneous biggies automatically tend to pull down each other..


  7. F e r r a r i Avatar

    There is a song ‘Iyengar aathu azhaghe’ in Anniyan. The picture you have posted is from the picturisation of that song 🙂

    And Kamalhassan is not a person who will be afraid to launch his movie irrespective of whose movies are coming 😉

    And all of you have forgotten one potential blockbuster. Captain Vijayakanth’s Perarasan. The blobkbuster of 2005 is going to be that movie. Wait and watch :-p


  8. Jaiganesh Avatar

    Hi Dude!
    U didn’t read to my earlier comment on your post about Ravi . K. Chandran? Manikandan left anniyan midway and Raviverman cranked the film . So do not look forward towards Manikandan’s cinematography.


  9. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Jai, That’s exactly I was looking for. That info was missing in the interview. the earlier that news is out it is good for the crew. Else it would only harm their goodwill.


  10. Jupe Avatar

    I think the order is slightly different. Godfather, Sachin and Anniyan are expected only on May 1 whereas Chandramukhi and Mumbai express shud be out on Apr 14. Mayavi shud be out on Feb 11 as Surya wants to rush up that AR Murugadoss movie to come out sometime in May.

    Neway LG, like you said this summer is gonna have a lot of foreworks..Ensoiii !


  11. Rathnavel Avatar

    GODFATHER wud be up for April 14 and not May 01. K.S.Ravikumar is very keen on competing with CHANDRAMUKHI, is what the news is.

    Though such a host of big shots are expected this summer, I would be happy if it dosent turn out the way it did last summer, when the success of Ghilli made all others slam their backfoot


  12. Rakulan Avatar

    I’m sure that Anniyan is going to break all records and when it’s coem it’s going to run like a rocket. Even Rajini movie come that day. Anniyan will break that. See Anniyan’s plus. Big hero and National Award winner-Vikram, Big Director-Shankar,Mega Budjet-29 crores, Top Music Director-Harris Jayaraj, Screen Play of the movie, Lyrics king Vairamuthu and Long Shooting Days. So so many plus in Anniyan So it is going to be the blockbuster of 2005.


  13. nandha Avatar

    i dont understand y all the tamil actors shave their moustache? dont they know that their flared nostrils doesnt go with the clean shave look?


  14. m_23_bayarea Avatar

    I think ANNIYAN is going the be the best movie of the year and also in collections, unless Chandramukhi topples it….


  15. RajaRam Avatar

    Defenitely Kamal’s Mumbai Express will be Block buster in quality wise and collection wise. Because he already told that it is pakka commercial movie and will be trend setter like Nayagan,apoorvasahotharahal.Rajini’s golden days already over. shankar is not a man to compare with Legend Kamal.(In his cine history Indian is one and only super hit movie because of kamal fact last movie BOYS is utter flop movie.)


  16. Baba Avatar



  17. usha venkat Avatar
    usha venkat

    Now everyone is aware that music is what makes the film of course cinematography comes next. if these two are good, the film is hit. vikram is the leading hero and favourite of all though vijay and ajit keep calling and naming themselves `naanthan first, naanthan `thalai’ etc. Harris irukka enna kavalai? He sure is going to make u melt and dance in melodies and fasties. He gives importance to picturisation of songs. SO, U GOT IT… IT IS GOING TO BE ANNIYAN. Kudos to Harris, Harris and Harris.


  18. Irfan Avatar

    Hai Dear,

    I think Chandramukhi will not run upto the expectations. As for as Anniyan is concerned it will not be liked unanimously. It will be liked very much only by the A class audiences and the other audiences will not understand it. Anniyan will not touch the feet of Gilli. It will turn out to be a semi-hit. And the other films like Sachin will turn out to be an average film. GodFather will sink at box-office. And Mumbai-Express will not run even in Mumbai. It will turn out to be a disaster. In the first week Chandramukhi and Anniyan will reign over the box-office. But finally they will end in a semi-hit. And Sachin will remain average from first week onwards. And the other two God save them.


  19. suresh Avatar

    of course anniyan will break the record..becouse best music director..anniyan audio will break the record..only harris,harris.
    arul vakke..


  20. raj Avatar

    i think the movie sachin will fulfill people’s expectations for this tamil new year.mumbai xpress will be an ordinary for as my comments abt sachin,the movie is expected to be a colourful delight for vijay’s fans


  21. DINESH Avatar



  22. Krishanthan Avatar

    I think may be Vijayakanth in Perarasu…


  23. Rakulan Avatar

    Hai I saw a lot of different stills os Anniyn they are wonder vikran playing more than fifteen roles. I can tell this from the stills It is going to be the biggest blockbuster of 2005


  24. Dinesh Avatar

    Hai i am Dinesh

    I am Ajit fan. Thala is one of greatest actor
    Thala is one of the next super star.


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  26. Pamaran Avatar

    Anniyan will punish the following soon.

    1.Directors who give over build-up about their films and make films far below the expectations.
    2.Directors who cheat the audience by saying that they have made a high budget film.
    3.Directors who make their Producers, beggars by wasting their money on unnecessary things such as painting a whole village.
    4.Directors who make film without logics.
    5.Directors who believe that they can always cheat Tamil audiences.
    6.Directors who make a remix out of their own old films.
    7.Directors who make the people watch their movie by cutting lectures, not going to their office and wasting a full day waiting in a queue to watch a two and a half hour movie. These kinds of acts lead to unproductively and the respective country will never be developed like Malaysia and Singapore.

    Anniyan will do “Kirumi Bojanam” very soon for the directors who didn’t give enough “Bojanam” to his audiences. He doesn’t like suppliers who don’t care about customer satisfaction.

    Ambee careful!


  27. mellisa Avatar

    U idiot pamaran shut up it seems u havent understood the theme of Anniyan.Its a excellent movie.


  28. Qasid Avatar

    ya mellisa’s right…u shut up pamaran !!
    it seems tht anniyan it self will punish ur stupid ass…


  29. Qasid Avatar

    hi mellisa


  30. Qasid Avatar

    hi mellisa…
    u female ??
    mail me
    looks like were thinking the same thing


  31. prebu Avatar

    the movie very nice…


  32. ssprebu Avatar



  33. Ashok's Blog: Infinite Cavils Avatar

    Anniyan Reviewed

    My review of the movie Anniyan.


  34. Adithi Avatar

    Anniyan takes the cake!!!!!!I have seen it sooooo many times that I have already lost count!!!! Vikram is such an amazing actor.


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