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  1. We intend to enhance PeopleSoft 8 and develop a PeopleSoft 9 and enhance a JD Edwards 5 and develop a JD Edwards 6.

    Impressive indeed… but, how far do you think they will stick to their guns on this???
    My best guess is, they will slowly but surely kill PeopleSoft and make all the existing customers move to Oracle 11i (or whatever the next edition is going to be…)

    Afterall, wasnt it Larry’s intention to “consolidate” the ERP space and services provided by different vendors????


  2. Larry’s ultimate goal was to win the race against Microsoft and after a long fought battle he bought Peoplesoft.What Next ?


  3. Does that mean SAP has an entity called a “rival” or “competitor”??
    Or is it the other-way??

    Larry Ellison was stubborn on this buy-out and finally achieved beyond the Govt’s blockade. Seems Oracle is really bound to rule beyond “Database Empire”, with this and thier powerful 10g release.


  4. they will slowly but surely kill PeopleSoft and make all the existing customers move to Oracle 11i (or whatever the next edition is going to be…)

    Maharajan, Your assumptions may come true indeed ;-). Just one point of concern why I see that not happening upfront. ERP as it said to be a marriage between the customer and the vendor, I don’t see PeopleSoft customer throwing the product and adapting to Oracle. It might take a lot of time to do all that million customizations.

    Two, Oracle in the given time might inculcate the best of PeopleSoft Workflows and frameworks to make Oracle superior.

    But my personal opinion is that the customers are going to have a better product in the end. So finally the customer wins in this battle.


  5. Does that mean SAP has an entity called a “rival” or “competitor”??

    Ajay – SAP will now have a worthy competitor whose market share formula will be PeopleSoft + Oracle APPS + JD Edwards. This would amount to 35%-40% of the ERP market share. SAP needs to buck up.


  6. There was an interesting analysis that was done out of the whole deal..

    Oracle buying people soft may trigger some customer to go in for other products. So if atleast 30% of the customer who decide to leave opt for SAP, SAP would be making millions without doing any investment.. but oracle could lose a bit here because of the investment..how ironical…


  7. Hi Geek….

    You know i will make my comments and being a PeopleSoft DBA for the past 5 yrs(one more month to go)I should share my thoughts in this forum….First of all this is just a news and not a shocking or worrying one for me. Nothing to panic or worry. I know the PeopleSoft Architecture and in depth details about how PeopleSoft functions. With Oracle as a backend this PeopleSoft ERP is an excellent gift to the end users. The major difference in Oracle is managed by Tables and PeopleSoft is managed by PeopleCode. This cannot be merged very easily. Larry will get the technology and it will take years for him to understand how the relationship is very neatly managed in the Current PeopleSoft ERP. He will wonder how this ERP supports the RDBMS like Oracle, DB2UDB, SQL Server, Sybase at.el. with the help of PeopleCode.

    PeopleSoft customer base is more than 12000 and its very unlikely to move everyone to Oracle ERP or for that matter anyother ERP. So Developers need not worry and they will have more work and as ususal DBA’s need not worry about it at all. Even if customers/Oracle wanted a migration its a good harvesting period for both DBA’s and Developers. In IT industry 5 years is a very long period and this 5+ yrs is a good period for us. We have work. That much we are contended.

    Let Larry supports or develops and other further enhancements to the current product. Its good for us only. Then even a year back PeopleSoft bought JDE…what happened just name changed to Enterprise ONE and the technology remainded same. Only the owner of the product changed to PeopleSoft but the essence remaided same.

    I firmly beleive that one day PeopleSoft name will not be there in the market but the technology used, developed and maintanied by PeopleSoft will remain as it is.

    Its a News…Just News….Good or Bad…will affect us may be after 5 years….

    Good Guys enjoi ur time and its time for Appserver reboot and its Cache clearing for me. Bye.



  8. LG….I got lots of feedback like what Morpheus mentioned. Plus PeopleSoft is great in just one category, HRM. But SAP is like octopus in ERP zone and has a very strong base already.
    Man! SAP pro’s mint money than any other techie in US. Sometimes I think to get into that leaving my current j2ee domain. Shd I? hmmm.. 😀

    Das – Oracle stocks r good buy! as always….right guys..?


  9. I expect Oracle to come public with technical roadmap in first quater next year…I guess the situation will be lot clearer after that…they have promised to support ps 8.9 but nothing about how much ps will be there in next combo product…the roadmap most probably will outline that…


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