Happy Birthday Dude !! – Subramanya Bharati

Subramaniya Bharathyb
[Thanks to Thiru for the pencil sketch]

Last evening, after the office hours, me and a few of my collegues, unconsciously got into a conversation about Bharati. One of them had brought the Bharathiyar Kavithaigal to office and what started as an informal poem reading session ended up in a conversation of sorts on Bharati. Finally, we concluded that any amount of re-collection of his poems, forethoughts and writings will not substantiate Bharati. For he was always larger-than-life.

His birthday is being celebrated as a four-day Bharati Festival(starting yesterday) at Bharati illam, Thulasinga Perumal Koil Street, Tripilicane. This festival is a great way to remember the man behind these lines –

Ooyuthal Seiyom Thalai Saayuthal Seiyom
Unmaigal Soalvom Pala Vanmaigal Seivom

10 responses to “Happy Birthday Dude !! – Subramanya Bharati”

  1. Raj Avatar

    Hi LG,

    Is this ur favourite piece of Bharathi’s works ? This is my favourite piece!Thanks for reminding his b’day.


  2. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Raj – There are many of my favorites. These ofcourse top them.


  3. Prabhu Avatar

    Is it coincidence? I was listening to the song kaakai siraginile nandalaala and came to this page.

    Bharathi is one other reason for me being a very very proud tamilian!!


  4. Chenthil Avatar

    Guru, check out this month’s Thisaigal.com, they have a special issue on Bharathi. Has some really good articles, especially the poem by Sirpi.


  5. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Thanks for the pointer Chenthil. I did browse through a book by sirpi on Bharati called ‘ Bharati Kaithi Enn 25’, a fictional autobiography of Bharti by Sirpi. Are you referring to the same Sirpi.


  6. Chenthil Avatar

    The very same one, except it is Kaithi Yen 253


  7. Keerthivasan Avatar

    I bet if Barathy had been with the same attitude and fire he had those days, he would have been the best blogger.

    BTW, my favourite besides all his fiery words are his soft ones.

    “Mechi Unnai ooraar Pughazhndhaal, Meni Silirkkudhadi..”, His Chinnanchiru Kiliye might sound like an ordinary song, as we are more familiar to it.. but My dear friends.. listen to it in the voice of Sudha Raghunathan..

    No husband can compose a song, more better than this, about his wife.. Guys please listen to the lyrics if you get them somewhere..


  8. Ajay Avatar

    For sure he is the top “poet with fire”, rightly christened “MagaaKavi”! I have a collection of his poems sung by various artists and various composers…which I compiled.. In terms of composition, Illaiyaraja is the ultimate who gave a good revival of the genious’ work. Last of the gem is “Nirpathuve nadapathuve..” and my fav. is “KaakaiSiraginile..” [Raja’s old compos..]

    Talking about “Kavi’s”, I guess people who etched with us effectively after MagaaKavi are ‘KaviPerArasu’ Kannadasan and ‘KaviArasu’ Vairamuthu.


  9. Sree Avatar

    he is eternal. I take pride in being related to him.

    My favourite, other than Kaakkai Siraginile, is of course Nallathor Veenai Seithaen.

    Just watched the movie ( again! ) with my boyfriend’s mum. And couldn’t stop the tears.


  10. Sundaresan Avatar

    Kavignar Vaali is no indifferent from KaviPerArasu. He works on a different plane. By the way Bharathi incarnated Lord Krishna as Kannama in his song ‘Chinnachiru Kiliyae Kannamma’.

    Nice web Lazy Geek. Way to go!


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