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Happy Birthday Dude !! – Kamal Hassan

Kamal as Velu Naicker
[Pic – bizhat.com]

No yaps, no cribs. Just a birthday wish to this gentleman on his 50th birthday. Am saving many more such wishes for the coming future that will reiterate Kamal Hassan‘s name in the History of Indian Cinema.

Happy Birthday Mr – Krishnaswamy, Nalla Sivam, Chappani, Guna, Velu Naicker, Senapathy, Abay Kumar, Saketh Ram, Shakti Velu, Kameswaran, Virumandi, Appu, Udhayamoorthy, Satyamoorthy and the list goes on.

35 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dude !! – Kamal Hassan

  1. Happy Birthday Thalaiva…As long as you are there, hope still prevails in Thamizh cinema…Till then God save us from Giri, Arasatchi and co:


  2. Happy B’day Kamal!
    I thot the channels’d be flooded w/ Kamal’s movies today. cha..

    neways, Happy B’day!

    It’s singer Karthik’s B’day too… Ungalukku therinjurukum Prabhu! 😀


  3. Manoj, I did leave it wantedly. I know he will one day but then let’s wait until he completes it.

    Curses, Yeah I know it’s singer karthik’s birthday. Hi recent Kann Pesum Varthaigal in 7G rocks bigtime.

    BTW, did you know it is even singer srinivas’s b’day today.


  4. How could you forget these characters
    BTW, can you guess the films? 😉


  5. can we get it further better???

    mella kamal picture konjam scroll down pannaa rajini picture.

    lazy..engeyo poiteenga !!


  6. Lazy-

    How about posting some pics of the TNagar Deepavali shopping scene…….. sitting miles away in the US, I really long to see some TNagar sights….. can you post some pix for the benefit of far-away chennai/tnagar vasis? Appreciate it very much. Thanks


  7. Wow, that picture of Kamal felt like jumped out of the screen when i first saw it.Lazy nice picture. Virumandi will be shown in Malaysian paytv on tuesday.

    Btw Lazy and Raj i started Deepavali countdown of some sort in my blog by posting pics leading to Deepavali. Check it out.


  8. OK! I’m a true Kamal fan no matter if I get these right or wrong. But these are my answers….

    Johnson – Sigappu Rojakkal
    Balakrishna – Sagara Sangamam
    Chappani – 16 Vayadinilae
    Vaasu – Ek Duje Ke liye
    Rangan – Chippikul Muthu

    Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    Also include the classic – I think this is by far the most critical of Kamal’s work in acting, story and direction.

    Ofcourse the name is Saketh Ram – from the masterpiece “HEY RAM”!!



  9. happy b’day kamal,

    we wish to get more quality movies from you.
    Buzz ! Mumbai express to be launched in 10 days.
    Kamal – lead character name – Avinasi.

    Chandramukhi – Anniyan – Mumbai Express all set to go on April 14th. Thats Competition for you.!


  10. few names i remember

    Aadhi – Kuruthippunal
    Krishnaswamy – Mahanadhi
    Nalla – Nallasivam – Anbe Sivam
    Ram CM – Ramachandramurthy – Panchathanthiram
    Thenali Soman – Thenali
    Selvam – Nammavar
    Indrajeet – Kalaignyan
    Udhayamoorthy – Unnal Mudiyum Thambi

    i like Ram CM the best. it had some charm


  11. hey..

    regarding ur list of characters..

    “Happy Birthday Mr – Krishnaswamy, Nalla Sivam, Chappani, Guna, Velu Naicker, Senapathy, Abay Kumar, Saketh Ram, Shakti Velu, Kameswaran, Virumandi, Appu, Udhayamoorthy, Satyamoorthy and the list goes on.”

    is this list ordered based on ur favourites?
    just curious. I love when Krishnaswamy tops (and i know he wud top in ur list too). but nalla before saket ram?


  12. Srihari – Partly Yes/No. However, Krishnaswamy and Nall Sivam are top 1 and 2. I started writing in the order and I started thinking so deeply that I started writing all the good characters that came to my mind in order.


  13. Again…
    Performance-wise (Kamal as an actor which only, he is, officially ;)), anbe sivam deserves a place right at the top along with other top roles.

    but, i personally feel, anbe sivam as a movie doesnt really climb up the charts in kamal’s oeuvre..

    now wat did u mean by “favourites” performance/movie? getting a bit too curious i suppose.


  14. happy b’day kamal ,

    marathi suthi vanthu pattu padura , sarasari gostila innum kamal irukuratha ninaicha konjam varuthama than iruku(vasool raja),
    in tamil field,
    kamal ,nasar,nagesh…, remba koraichala than irukanga , ivunga kitay irunthu than namma yeathirparka mudium,eppo AMIRKHANna parunga pakka masala hero , after LAGAN , wow , eanna ma try pannuraru , Plz kamal , vasoolraja mathiri remake film nadika aalu iruku ,
    indian cinema va ulagathuku katta remba koraichalathan irukanga , athula neenga REMBA MUKIYAM , all the best



  15. Hmmm udhaya nee solrathula konjam logic irukku. Kamal has to reduce doing stupid stuff. I thought Kamal is all over, when he kept on taking Thenaali, Abhay, Pammmal K Sam, Panchathanthram. Nalla vela Virumaandi eduthaaan. I dunno how people like Vasool. Enakku avlovaa pidikkala. Kamal has to start taking some really brave decisions if he is going to make any mark. The step to real greatness is not that easy.

    Vikram pinnadiyay vanthuttu rukkaaaan. Vikram shud not be wasted by our directors. He has versatility.he has the energy. Niraya vidhamaaaa avanaaaala nadikka mudiyum. Yeah note my point. Vikram is a potential world hero. We need Directors who can take him there.

    BTB.. Cheran’s Autograph will be screened in NewYork Film Festival. It was also screened at Montreal Fest


  16. As you alll know Sthyasaibama has just credited the STAR of Tamil Cenima Industry with something which he deserves. I really admire the pool of talent that he has. Hats off to you Thamizha….


  17. many many happy returns of the day n may god grant u more with all ur wishes. no donkey can ever take ur place again darling punnagai mannan


  18. happy bday kamal…among all tamil actors in the industry u shine above all else…gud luck to u in the future and a huge gud luck and congratulations wit mumbai express!!! i cant wait to see that movie april 14…GUD LUCK SIR AND KEEP UP THE GUD WORK!!! 😀


  19. The best definition for a best actor is to just say your name ‘KAMAL SIR’every body would feel the meanimg.
    we love u sir


  20. Kamalji u r the best forever no one can be as u are now.From my point of view u r better than Nadigar Tilagam SIVAJI GANESAN.The young actors now as Vikram,Ajith,Surya,Vijay,Simbhu and etc r following ur style of acting…..what else i have to say…..Maybe there r a lot of kings in indian cinema but u r the KING of kings.Mumbai xpress is a treat for ur fans.Its a different comedy story never been taken by any one in indian cinema.I am waiting for ur’VETAIAADU VELAYAADU’.Pls give us a bonus treat for this year.Pls continue ur hunting in tamil cinema and give more super duper hits in future.We will be with u forever and ever KAMALJI.

    Ur truly fan——–ASHIK————–


  21. Hats off to our ulaga nayakan. He is India’s best actor. Big B is just fortunate to be a Hindi star and so he is making it big but quality wise, our man is right at the top. We are comparing haasan to the likes of Pacino and Hanks.



  22. dear kamalji
    neengal anbe sivam , hey ram pondra opattra nigaratra thirai padangalai pannuvatharkku ungal adippadai noekkam yenna?
    therindhu kolla migavum avaludan irrukkirome

    another question: naduvilae sodhappallaaana sila padangalum seygirreeegal (like mumbai xpress) is it ur own way of mocking the rasanai of tamil movie buffs


  23. plz frens help me … i want to know who played the characther of daughter in kamal’s ‘Mahanadhi’? i mean the characters of the small girl b4 she entering prostitutions. thanx.


  24. u r my favorite actor. i like how u acted in Indian when having a double role. u r the best star ever!!


  25. u r my favorite actor. i like how u acted in Indian when having a double role. u r the best star ever!!


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