Bala’s Maayaavi & Shankar’s Maayaavi

Surya and Jyothika in Maayaavi
[Pic: vikatan.com]

The only Maayaavi [Magicial Man] I knew was a comic hero with the same name in yesteryear tamil comics. But this one is the first film Bala’s production house B Studios. The movie will be directed by Bala‘s assosiate Singapuli.

Mayaavi teaser pics in Vikatan seem to have kindled the interest of many as Surya dressed like as an aspiring hero from a village. He looks comical with that thin moustache and that ridiculed hair style. Jyothika looks rejoiced. You know why. The ads today state the film starts shooting today with Rathnavelu handling the camera and Devi Sri Prasad on the tunes.

On the other hand, Sujatha writes in his vikatan column about the 120 cameras, one shot, different frames stunt that Shankar experiments in Anniyan. With that kind of technique, one is certain to believe that Anniyan is also a Maayaavi. The one that I referred to from tamil comics. Read more.

13 thoughts on “Bala’s Maayaavi & Shankar’s Maayaavi

  1. Egjatly curses,

    I also felt that it is prithviraj. What a similarity between those 2. hmmm..ellam siva(kumar) mayam


  2. Prabhu, I know you said that with a light heartedness. Sivakumar is said to be on the most nicest man in the tamil film industry.

    BTW, it’s actually the moustache that made surya seem like Prithviraj.


  3. Who’s Prithiviraj? Looked like Surya to me from the get-go ( mebbe bcoz Ms. Jyothika was by his side)!


  4. Hey I was just kidding. Infact I liked sivakumar more than surya. I still enjoy the movie rosapoo ravikaikaari much more than many other movies.

    BTW the directors name is sort of funny. SingamPuli.


  5. Doesn’t he look like the comical geniues chandrababu? – especially the blue attire shot and crossed legs


  6. nice to hear that jyothika is dubbing her own voice for maayavi like how simran did it for kovilpatti veeralakshmi & kannathil mutthamittal


  7. its nice to hear surya is acting in mayaavi. it will be a very good film if surya act with kamal. like in ambe sivam except he act with madavan.


  8. hurrrrrrrrrrayyyyyyyy!!!!
    its surya again with jo!!!!!

    wish some more to come…

    waiting to watch…!!!!!!!!


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