The Hindu’s Editorial – Blogosphere Journalism

The editorial of today’s Hindu talks about Blogosphere Journalism. Being an avid blogger, I am personally excited about The Hindu writing an editorial on blogging.

Though the first few paragraphs are very formal and define blogging and it’s components. The last paragraph comes as a saviour of the editorial. That’s where they have put in their opinion about blogging. The most important being the probable acceptance of blogging as new journalistic approach. Also it’s been quoted that most international news organisations have started to have a sedate version of blogs in their websites.

With Hindu starting to approve the idea of blogging, we can probably expect a hindu online blog in the coming days. Probably. And thats a guess. Blogger’s get ready.

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  1. Tilo,
    Pleomorphism – the appearance of two or more distinctly different forms in the life cycle of some organisms.

    Pleo is omnipresent. be it the mumbai blogger meet or the chennai version. Right Pleo ?


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