Happy Birthday Dude!! – Vairamuthu


Pachai Kiligal

Need I say more than quoting him from my favorite all time song from Shankar’s Indian. This guy from Vadugapatti in Theni District has already reached Sahitya Akademi for Kallikkattu Edhikasam (The Epic of Kallikkadu), with his magical pen.

Apart from his well known, most popular association with AR Rahman, Vairamuthu is also equally known in literary circles for some of his good contributions during yester years. His first work in Tamil literature called Vaigarai Megangal was a runaway success. His modern poetry called Kavirajan Kathai, detailing the life of Poet Bharathi is also regarded as a great contribution to Tamil literature. I’ve my own set of favorites which includes the autobiographical Indha Kulathil Kal Erindhavargal and Sigarangalai Nokki.

From that Idhu Oru Ponn Malai Pozhuthu in Bharathiraja’s Nizhalgal, Vairamuthu has become a mainstream lyricist for Tamil movies. He and AR Rahman rocked the Tamil music scene for over a decade. My list of songs by A R Rahman and Vairamuthu combo would run pages. They include Pachai Kiligal – Indian, Pachai Niramey – Alai Payuthey, Ithu Annai Bhoomi – Bombay, Kanukku Mai Azhagu – Pudhiya Mugham, Vellai Pookal – Kannathil Muthamittal, Minnale – May Madham and so on.

I can’t stop myself from quoting my most favorite song of Vairamuthu. It’s Pachai Kiligal Tholodhu from Indian. The lyrics celebrate life, the pleasures and sorrows of life and finally quote the joy of life in totality. Unmatchable lyrics combined with that beautiful flute interlude of A R Rahman where Indian Thatha dances clandestinely inside the potter’s mud.

Chinnanchiru Kootukkuley
Sorgam Irukku
Ada Chinnach Chinna Anbil Thaney
Jevvan Inum Irukku
Pattampoochik Kootathukku
Patta Ethukku
Ada Paasam Mattum Podum Kanney
Kaasu Panam Ennathukku

Happy Birthday Vairamuthu !!

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  1. Ravi Avatar

    Guru, agree with you on your lavish praise to Vairamuthu. His lyrics have a unmatched, lyrical quality to them :)!! I agree with you also on the song from Indian. In my humble opinion, his best song is the one in the recent film, Iyarkai, where he pens ” Kaadhal vanda, solli anupu……”


  2. senthil Avatar

    ‘asaiyum kodigal uyarum uyarum ..nilavin muthugai urasum…’
    ‘vaana magal naanugiraal ..veru udai poonugiral”

    but one of my favourite song is from ‘vaanamey ellai’

    ‘aintharivulla jeevan yaavum vaazha villai ya..
    suvai kaana villaya..
    aaram arivu kondom ..athu onre thollaiyaa..

    ‘suriyan merkil veezhantha podhum vaazhkkai ullathu..athai nilavu sonnathu..

    nilavu theiyntha podhum ada vinmeen ullathu..

    and the hair rising line”

    ‘sila naazhigai vaazhum..sittreesal kooda dheebangal thedum’


    Happy Birthday vairamuthu sir..


  3. gnanamani Avatar

    I cannot agree more on any lavish praise anybody gives to VAIRAMUTHU. I am very fond of him and he is the root of my interest in tamil literature.




  4. gnanamani gunasekaran Avatar

    Another great feat by VAiramuthu is that he has bagged NATIONAL AWARD 5 times in his career so far.

    Music for the first by ILayaraja and the rest by ar.rehman

    I am not sure if any other individual for any other reason has baggeed national award five times or more.(kamal hassan -only four so far)

    and VAIRAMUTHU is still alive and kicking.. How many more sir..!!!

    Even sivaji ganesan once stated that vairamuthu has overtaken even kannadhasan and it became a big controversy.

    His “Sigarangalai Nokki” OVIYA character -heroin and “Thanner Dhesam” THAMIZHVAANAN(?KalaiVaanan)- hero character are his ideal creations of the respectiver genders according to him.
    I have read both and cannot contest much with that opinion



  5. Lazy Geek Avatar

    I know senthil, that you would react for this post. And how much we have spoken in length about Vairamuthu wouldn’t have enough space to be described here.

    Gnanamani, I truly like Sigarangalai Nokki – Oviya. That complete book was awe inspiring.


  6. AshokR Avatar

    students of Meenakshi College claim that his wife who teaches there is an equal scholar. true?


  7. Kruthika Avatar

    Happy Birthday to Vairamuthu Sir!! I am not that great a “Tamil” fan but i have such an admiration for his songs….esp some of his older ones from payanangal mudivadhillai, nizhalgal, etc.

    ppl, cud any of u tell me where i can find the songs of vaaname ellai online???? have been searching for sometime with no luck!! I think that it is one of Balachander’s best movies…an absolutely amazing climax!!!!


  8. Kruthika Avatar

    Happy Birthday to Vairamuthu Sir!! I am not that great a “Tamil” fan but i have such an admiration for his songs….esp some of his older ones from payanangal mudivadhillai, nizhalgal, etc.

    ppl, cud any of u tell me where i can find the songs of vaaname ellai online???? have been searching for sometime with no luck!! I think that it is one of Balachander’s best movies…an absolutely amazing climax!!!!


  9. Tilo Avatar

    Ashok – That is absolutely true. Ponmanni Vairamuthu was a very pleasant person and excellent teacher,.
    However I was a ‘Indi student and did not benefit from this.


  10. Lazy Geek Avatar

    lol 😉 good fun stuff. Thanks for the links Tilo/Arvind.


  11. senthil Avatar

    yea offcourse guru..BTW Gnanamani..I saw your pics..hmm..all i remember is a fragile thin Gnanamani..u r very handsome in those pics..guru..namma padathuuku hero Gnanamani thaan..enna solre…


  12. divya Avatar

    Anbe Sivam???? thts vidhyasagar if I am not wrong?

    I love Vellai Pookal too 🙂 and Jana Gana Mana.


  13. Shiva Avatar

    Many More Happy returns of the Vairamuthu….

    Geek…u missed out a great one …Chinna Chinna Aasai from Roja, fetched him lot of awards and hearts…



  14. Nakkal Nagarajan Avatar

    Since when did A.R. Rehman scored music for Anbe Sivam?

    Lot of people gush over Vairamuthu and his lyrical skill. No doubt he has written some good verses. But we have better people in Kavikko Abdul rahman, Meera, Gnanakoothan, Pazhamalai. No doubt his close association with DMK chief and his celebrity status as cine lyricist made his chances bright for national awards.

    By the way, also those brimming because Vairamuthu’s lyrics are so meaningful and stuffs like that. FYI, take many of his songs and analyze, you can notice they all run like any mathematical multplication table (Chinna chinna aasai, kannukkumy azhagu — bright examples).

    As Naa. Kaamaraasan put it once – Vairamuthu is a mere kanakku vaathiyaar and not a poet.


  15. Nakkal Nagarajan Avatar

    And yes, freshness in his thoughts! Look at the following list, you could notice the themes oft repeating:
    1. Natpu, kaadhal enbathu iru kanngal pola…oru kann adi vaangumbothu, kalangumbothu, maru kann summa irukkuma?
    2. Kattil mel jallikattu
    3. Yaaraiyaavathu santhegapadumpothu, asking either/or type questions only on these points — difft synonyms used – (no fresh thought on uvamai) – poison or payasam, friend or enemy, paal or kallu, sorgam or narakam, living or being dead


  16. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Divya, As you have said it shouldn’t have peeked into ARR-Vairamuthu combo list. Was thinking if i missed Vairamuthu’s good ones and added it up there. I was aware that it was Vidya sagar, but yeah, it wasn’t right up there.


  17. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Senthil, I didn’t get to see his pics. BTW, did he send them to me?

    Nakkal Sir, Apologize me for that err. As I have said in the prev comment, I’m aware of vidyasagar tuning for Anbe Sivam. They got mixed up. Will remove to escape from more any nakkal.

    Also, I have myself criticized vairmuthu for those songs which look like a maligai list. But certainly he deserves a pat for reaching people by those songs. Even Varavu Ettana Selavu pathanna type of songs have existed in tamil cinema much before him. He isn’t the dude(!) who introduced them to thamizh koorum Nalulagam.

    I personally don’t disapprove the fact that gnanakoothan, kaviko abdul rahman and others are good and better than vairamuthu. But this is a about arts and every creator has their own audience, fans and critics.

    And if you say that vairamuthu assosiation with kalaignar alone got him to reach places, there are other examples like this even from the list that you have unwrapped. I may not be in position to critize sahitya academi for that. It might be even an insult for the literary organisation like sahitya academy.

    But if you agree this, we will come to terms. Sandaiyum Sacharavum Pullavarin Parambarai Sothu. Athai Matra Yaaralum Mudiyathu. Thanks to thiruvilayadal for the above line.


  18. Nakkal Nagarajan Avatar

    Geek, your points are right! I nakkal-ed to do a naradhar, but you escaped like the very famous joke – “chey, just missed ba”


  19. gnanamani gunasekaran Avatar

    HI guru,u can go to my site by clicking on my name in the comments- You only have given this provision-ha ha-

    Vairamuthu nalla kavingara illaya enbadhil pala karuthuverupadugal ullana. andha topic- dhayavu seidhu ippodhu vendaam-adhu migaperiya aaraaichi- adharkku kavidhai endraal enna, marabukavidhai edhu pudhukavidhai edhu-kavidhaikku ilakkanam thevayaa illaya endrellam pesavendiyirukkum..

    But even the die hard critics of vairamuthu will agree that as a PADALAASIRIYAR he is simply great.
    (Apar form the critics, amoung media personalities I can easily quote SUJATHA, BHARATHIRAAJA,BAALACHANDER,MANIRATHNAM,SHIVAJI GANESAN,KAMAL HASSAN,ARIVUMADHI on this)

    And National awards are for songs and not poems.

    but I personnaly feel, in film songs, in the usage of lyrics,vairamuthu has got superior poetic quality than his counterparts. and that has been duely rewarded.

    Of late his non filmy stuff like KALLIKATTU IDHIKASAM has also been rewarded.I have read the same fully so i cannot comment much on that.

    In one interview , which happend in very early days of vairamuthu, he was asked why he has not done Ph.D in tamil literature. For that he replied,Its true that I have not done Phd But many people have done phd in topics like “VAIRAMUTHU PAADALGALIL KAVIDHAYIN THAAKAM” etc.
    that is the impact of vairamuthu in tamil litearture.



  20.  Avatar


    Nakkal – this and the follow up link – closely resemble your views on V’s lyrics………..
    Do you agree


  21. Vijay Avatar

    Didnt Vairamuthu win a national award for Sindhu Bhairavi??


  22. Sujay Avatar

    anyone know how made movie songs he’s written?


  23. Nakkal Nagarajan Avatar

    And Gnanamani, what you mention is reasonable…he may not be a good poet, but a good lyrics writer…


  24. gnanamani gunasekaran Avatar

    HI Nagaraj,
    I feel vairamuthu is also a good poet.But I will not vehemently disagree with people whos says he is not a god poet.Only thing is that it will go into a lot of arguements covering a variety of deep topics as I had already mentioned.

    But PATTI THOTTI Mudahl PAARALUMANDRAM varai, Ean ulagathil thamizhargal ulla pahudigalil ellam, vairamuthuvin cinema paadalgal virumbapadugindrana,Rasikkapadugindrana..

    KANNADHASAN ofcourse– matrum oar alavukku VAALI are comparable


  25. Viji Avatar

    what stuff like htis Pharma spam -are you goin got clean it up?


  26. narayanan Avatar



  27. narayanan Avatar



  28. Vidya Balaji Avatar
    Vidya Balaji

    Vairam + Muthu..
    oru gem stone irrunthale jollikum. ithula rendu irruntha..
    Inia pirantha naal valthukkal Mr. diamond+pearl


  29. devaraj Avatar

    i want the attakamsam lyrics please please
    sent because i was waiting for month.


  30. devaraj Avatar

    i want ajithkumar film attakasam lyrics please
    sent tome


  31. raj Avatar

    No one denies he is a good lyric writer.. He is good in imagination

    but veterans like kannadasan,Vaali were good at simplicity..

    See these songs

    1) Kanne kalai maane – Kannadasan for Illayarja

    2) Kannan oru kai kuzhandai – Vaali for Illayaraja

    3) Idhu oru pon maalai – VM for IR ..

    At the first instant you will 3’rd song is great

    but slowly if you think and listen to these many times

    first and second will overtake the 3’rd because of the simpleness.. in which Vaali was great than KD in several occassions

    Tharai mel pirakka veithan
    Kan pona pokkile
    amma endrazhaikaadha what a song
    Naanaga naan illai thaye
    Kaalyail dinamum kan vizhithal
    Anbulla maan vizhiye

    & more..


  32. parimala Avatar

    like all songs of vairamuthu.thaneer thesam book written by him.i love that book.really it was very nice.i read it so many times.relly super.


  33. chinna senthil Avatar
    chinna senthil

    Rashya Rayilil
    Raathiri nearam
    Ranappattu panpaadu katha



  34. S. Maheshkumar Avatar
    S. Maheshkumar

    There are rumours of Kavipperu Kavipperarasu Thiru Vairamuthu and Isai gnani Thiru Ilaiyaraja’s rejoining! What Thiru Ilaiyaraja had done to Thiru Vairamuthu in terms of his personal hatred and vengence was the greatest blunder of the so many other blunders he has been in habit of practising! It was a terrible loss to the Tamil Film Musical Literature! The Six years of isolation and solititude imposed cruelly, inhumanly and mercilessly by Thiru Ilaiyaraja upon Thiru Varamuthu (1986-1992) had been only to the benefit of the Bard in terms of Incubation, Penance and Perseverance and to the future Seclusion, Ignorance and Darkness of the Maestro with his Erstwhile Musical Powers Evaporated! Like the Mythical Phoenix Thiru Vairamuthu had gracefully rejuvenated himself and carved for his literary epitome an edifice of remarkable epistles in servitude of our “THAMIZH THAI” who is none other than the Sister of Lord Siva, i.e. Sri Saraswathi Devi. Like Günther Grass, Thiru Vairamuthu, in the footsteps of Bharathi and Tagore et al should aim for the Nobel Prize and in this direction he should continue his work steadfastly in restoring the greatness of the Classical Tamil Language and the Tamils in the modern times! May his Will Power guide him and bestow upon him the Peace of Mind necessary to keep Composed and Gentle in times of crises and offer his Soothing words even to the ones who had tried to dethrone Thiru Vairamuthu!


  35. S. Maheshkumar Avatar
    S. Maheshkumar

    The list of Thiru Ilaiyaraja’s Blunders:

    ‘Thiru / Thirumathi to be prefixed at appropriate proper names’.

    1. Vali (Ever Steady) against Vairamuthu (Rejuvenated).

    2. ‘Malaysia’ Vasudevan against TMS (Fuming).

    3. Janaki (Rediscovered) against Susheela (Everlasting).

    4. Mano against SPB (Relief from overwork).

    5. Chitra against Sailaja/Jency(Not So!).

    6. His Western Classical Masala Mix against Thiruvasagam’s Original (traditional) ‘PANN’ or Tune (epitome of his blunders!).

    7. His “Oththa Ruba Tharaen” against Shankar-Ganesh’s former “Ennadi Muniamma”.

    8. Yogi Ram Surath Kumar against Bhagavan Ramanar.

    9. High-tech Swamihood against the Simplest Real.

    10. His Perfect (?) Music-Notation Script (He boasts in interviews) against that of Beethoven’s.

    11. Former under-estimation of MSV (That he took 3 months to compose “Muththukkalo Kanngal” Song in “Nenjirukkum Varai” in the 1991 Deepavali interview to Doordarshan, Chennai.) against his present shift in stand (that his Music was the Eschewed Saliva of MSV/Ramamurthy).

    12. His intoxicating & dominating “Marma Isai” against Inducing the Curiously Provoked to learn the Art (e.g. K. Bhagyaraj et al) to rid him.

    13. Suppression of his younger brother’s name in the list of those he was grateful to for his climbing to success (in his book on the subject) against the Lakshmana-like deeds of Gangai Amaran.

    14. His Present Fall (due to his uncontrolled egoism) against his Past Achievement (due to his erstwhile alter person now evaporated!).

    … So on.

    Let us Salute the Maestro for his greatest contribution to Modern Music and Pray the Musical God Sri Saptha Swareswara Nadha Brahmam to Shield Our treasure i.e. Isai Gnani Thiru Ilaiyaraja from the Clutches of his Self-Ruining, Ruthless Ego and Bestow Peace upon him so as to carry on with his Musical Mission in Life!


  36. S. Maheshkumar Avatar
    S. Maheshkumar


    IT may Sound Divine by its own Nature that is Tiruvachakam but there is no point in setting the Magnum Opus of Sri Manickavachakar to Symphonic(or Oratorio,etc.) Orchestrations. St. Matthew Passion and St. John Passion of J. S. Bach should not be a Source of corresponding Translation and Transformation as well as Adaptation in terms of Manickavachakam, i.e. Tiruvachakam. Tiruvachakam has its own Metre and Tune as its Composer Ordained it. Any attempt to contaminate this Saint Dictated Sri Natarajar Scribed Work for business purposes shall face the consequences of Ignorance and Darkness. It is better to write by self and indulge in such matters of experimental trials and avoid exploiting the Divine Compositions such as Tiruvachakam, Tevaram, Sri Arunachala Aksharamanamalai of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi, etc.

    If Sri Ilaiyaraja want to Resurrect and Re-establish his Past Glory, it is better to not pose any damage to that Past Glory of his. Otherwise he may expose the Evaporated Person who Actually did the Phenomenal Music and the Other Person who corrupted it for the Lust for Money, etc. These two Alter Personae of total difference could not have gone together for almost a couple of decades and inhabited in Ilaiyaraja’s self so Amicably! It is best to Oust the Evaporated Person’s Baleful Friend who still reigns Raja’s self to ruin or at least shows traces of his existence in order to create further devastation, and spend the rest of life in Rewinding and Reliving the Encounters with the Advent and Lapse of the Evaporated Person, Praying for His Return!

    If there was not anything like Sri Ilaiyaraja’s Lost Past Glory, he might still be in Vogue and continue with the Phenomena that he once had been! While he was at his Supreme, what he did was, according to his own self-commentaries, viz., his Music was like Slow Poison, that it would often make the listener addicted to it. That is why there have been many Ilayaraja Maniacs to this day. But these Maniacs are decreasing, quite relieved of their Mania, thanks to the Person who was Evaporated from Ilaiyaraja’s Misused Mental Domain and thus deserted him now! In the title song of the film, ‘Karagattakkaran’, he was even tempted to boast of & reveal his Real Self, that he sold his Music for the Lust for Money, etc( listen again to the Song “Pattale Buddhi Sonnar…”).

    Dear Sri Ilaiyaraja,
    Please be contented with your Revolutionary Past Glory which will never be matched by anyone else or even by yourself now for Generations to Come! It was for good that you exhausted yourself and created an Edifice for yourself by Overworking. Now is the time to Rest and Relax in Leisure. Be Like the Beacon of Arunachala to the Young Musical Aspirants who tries to follow your footsteps and kindly consent to their queries and be accessible to them unlike in the past due to your busy schedule. Due to Ageing you may tend to be slow but treat it as an opportunity for Incubation and continue to be in Energetic & Cheerful Spirits. In the past you had exerted to eradicate your poverty and earned fame and money. Why don’t you allot your present rest of life in the service of Music for Moksha?
    Tiruvachakam in Symphonic Oratorio should be the First Step in the direction of your transition from Lust Music to the Divine Music. Like J.S. Bach (who is your Most Favourite Western Musical Genius & also for Everyone who understands His Refined, Clever, Swift, Subtle, Absolute, Aesthetic, Eternal,…, Art and, Predecessor to Mozart and Beethoven both by His life and by the Mathematical Perfection of His Music), I wish you Success in your present shift of work and expect on the behalf of all, a Lot of Excellent, Non-Slow Poisonous, Quick Elixirous, Poetic Music to follow.
    Like J.S. Bach’s death bed Composition, the Enigmatic “Art of Fugue”, incompletely concluded with the notes,“ BACH”, as the Master Breathed for His Last in this Mortal World to Infinitely Breath for His Forever Flourishing in the Immortal Heavenly Abode, I once again wish you to do Penance in order to attempt & write such Fugues in addition to your Ever Lasting Contributions to Music in the Future.
    Thank you and others, very much for the kindest perusal of these Remarks Aimed at Reiterating the Flight of the Musical Soul within ourselves from the Viciousness of Lust, etc, into the “NADHA BRAMHAM” and finally Merge & Abide as THE INFINITE+ZERO in Communion, Peacefully & Blissfully in “SRI BRAHMACHALAM”, the Final Abode of the Greatest of the Supreme Gods!
    Yours well wishingly,
    S. Maheshkumar.
    {Improved Version}.


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