Chennai’s sad irony

With the exponentially doubling Chennai traffic, I notice a sharp raise of the speeding ambulances.

Should we be happy about the speedy service that these ambulances render or should we sad of the augmenting emergencies/casualities.

8 thoughts on “Chennai’s sad irony

  1. Saar, please be knowing the economic growth associated with same ambulence.Chasing behind every siren can be the additionally speeding advocate/lawyer. If Chennai becomes a leader in litigation, think of the possible boon: rupees into circulation, leading to more and bigger vehicles. Invest in Qualis now. Send baba to competitive daycare that prepares for the legal field.

    Would Chennai traffic be so bad if police enforced laws or those who use the roads develop enough personal character to obey same?


  2. I wish we had ordered chaos (now thats a oxymoron) in Chennai roads. I wish we had space on those roads for vehicles to move to teh far left when emergency vehicles approach!


  3. the roads are big enough and the signs exist…its just that people dont use them or follow them.


  4. Can’t agree with you more YB /Anti.

    As I had seen in the US, any damn vehicle gets to the right corner the minute the hear a siren. And they wait for the ambulance to cross atleast 200 ft from them before they press the acclerator. Those were some real goosebumpers for me.

    Human life is precious. There. Not here, not any more.


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