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Happy Birthday, Mr.Feynman!

Guest Blog 8 – Anand Chandrasekharan

Richard Feynman (1911 – forever)
Member of the Los Alamos Project.
Inventor – Quantum Electrodynamics.
Professor at Caltech.
Nobel Laureate.
Bongo drummer.
Painter of still life.
Reader of heiroglyphics.

Here’s my favorite Richard Feynman quartet:

I wonder why, I wonder why,
I wonder why I wonder…
I wonder why I wonder why,
I wonder why I wonder.

Happy birthday, Mr Feynman! Your lectures in Physics continue to inspire as much your poetry will…

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Mr.Feynman!

  1. my god we watch so many of his lectures and interviews in physics class. guy’s insane, he has this really weird accent and a permanent smile. So you cant really tell what he’s thinking.


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